This is the final chapter. I know, short story, but you know what is going to come next.

Final Chapter
New Snake

BGM: Metal Slug 7 ending theme

Snake stepped out from the building with his gun in his hand and he saw that the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon. "We sure got everything done in a single night…"

"Hey Snake!" shouted voices which are familiar to him, and they appear to be coming from his fellow Smashers who were running towards him from a door on another part of the building.

"I assume that you dealt with Metal Gear yourself already," Snake said.

"Yeah! Captain Falcon was so awesome like always!" Pichu exclaimed.

"He's always taking the spotlight!" Wario grumbled.

"Can't be helped if I'm the author's favorite," CF told him.

"And we got-a him too!" Mario said, pointing to Morden who was tied up in ropes and being dragged behind them.

"So you got him too," Snake said. "Our mission is a success after all."

"Where is Big Boss?" Pichu asked. "What happened to him?"

"Long story short, I killed him."

Everyone was surprised to hear this. "Whoa! You killed the legendary soldier Big Boss?!" Samus gasped. "I can't believe it!"

"Shows how strong you really are," Marth said.

"I think it was more of luck that did it," Snake said. "But let's not bring this up again…"

Pit noticed Snake looking quite sad and asked him, "What's wrong?"

Then Snake's codec rang and he answered it, "Hello?"

"This is the colonel speaking!" Campbell said. "You did a job well done! A helicopter will be there to pick you up soon."

No sooner after he said this, they felt a strong gust blowing down on them as a helicopter descended. "That must be it!" Yoshi said.

The helicopter landed and a girl came out from the hatch. "I'm Rumi Aikawa from the same unit as the Peregrine Falcons! I'm here to pick you up!" she said.

"C'mon, let's get moving!" CF said. "We'll be expecting a nice rest after all this is over, and bring Morden along too."

Yoshi licked his lips and rubbed his belly and said, "I'm hoping for another great party!"

The Smashers all boarded the helicopter along with their prisoner. However, due to the fact that the helicopter was crowded, Morden had to be tied up and left hanging outside the hatch since there was no space for him. "Why must I be treated like this?!" he cried.

"Take that as a punishment that you deserve!" Snake said to him.

"I'll get you for this! I will!"

Inside, the Smashers gave each other a high five and CF said, "We did it! Now that we have stopped the rebels, the government will surely take off our bounties!"

"Yeah! I can live a normal life without fear anymore!" Pikachu said in excitement.

As the helicopter rose into the air, a bullet shot in from nowhere and cut off the rope that was hanging Morden and he fell onto the ground. "YAH!!"

"What the?!" the Smashers gasped when they saw this.

When Morden fell, some rebels ran up to him and quickly untied him. "General! Are you all right? Let's get out of here!"

"Do it less roughly next time!" Morden shouted to them. He got up and then they quickly ran off as fast as they could. "Let's get out of here!"

"Hey! They're getting away!" Wario shouted.

"After them!" Snake said, and then he jumped off the helicopter and was followed by the other Smashers.

Morden and his men ran even faster than before when they realized that the Smashers were after them. "No! Go away!" he shouted.

"You're not getting from us!" Snake shouted as he gave chase.

And they all ran across the place while the sun rose in front of them, making it look like some epic and classical chase scene you usually see in olden day movies or something like that, if you know what I mean.

In the end, the mission was a success. The world has been saved from the nuclear threat and the Smashers once again proved their power to the world. With a power like this, it's no wonder that the world has been saved over and over. Whether or not Morden was captured again is better off left a mystery for people to wonder. But let's just say that the Rebel Army won't be a threat for now.





The children Smashers were all gathered in front of a computer. "The tier list is out…" Ness said. "Dang, Captain Falcon is the lowest… But like that is going to restrain me. Tiers are for queers anyway."

"Toon Link is my favorite character and he's in the middle, so I have no problem with that," Toon Link said. "But I don't care much about tiers anyway. I play that game to have fun!"

"But I don't think Young Link likes this…" Popo said, giving a scared look at YL, who apparently had a black cloud around his face and all you could see from his face was a pair of glowing red eyes. "His favorite character Ganondorf is way down there too"


Downstairs, the others were all gathered together at the living room talking about the current events. "Feels good that-a we do not-a have to worry about-a bounties anymore!" Mario said, reading the newspaper which talked about their deeds at Outer Heaven and about their bounties being erased.

"I knew you would come back alive, brother," Luigi said to him. "And it's even better to know that I never have to fear about losing you again!"

"I'm so glad about you, Mario!" Peach said to him.

"That-a wuz nothing. I did-a eet with da help of everyone!" Mario said as he passed the paper onto Fox.

"I still can't believe that Big Boss fell, and by the hands of Snake!" Fox said. "After all, did he not tell us that he was cloned from Big Boss?"

"That would mean he killed his own father…" Link said.

There was a moment of silence when they heard this. "I understand his feeling right now, but had he not done this, his father would have caused the world to go into chaos," Ganondorf said, breaking the silence. "There are some things that just had to be done, even if it means striking down someone related to you."

"Where is Snake now?" Peach asked.

"Snake is in his room, pondering about the latest events," ROB replied.

"Let's give him a moment of silence," Fox suggested. "It's not something you can easily get over. I mean, killing your own father, even if you are created genetically from him… I don't know if I can handle such pressure either…"

"At least the question to why they both looked so similar is answered," G&W commented.


Snake was in his room, sitting at the bed and deep in thought. One of Big Boss's words continued to haunt him in his mind. "The loser will be liberated from the battlefield, but the winner will continue to fight more and more battles!" it said.

"The loser will be free from battle, but the winner will not…" Snake repeated this to himself quietly. He let out a sigh and lowered his face to his palms. He began to wonder if he can ever forgive himself for committing patricide.


At the remains of Outer Heaven, the cleanup crew was over there to clean up the place, and some of them were at the room of the Metal Gear.

"What do we have to do with it?" asked one.

"The government wants to recover it," replied another. "Perhaps they can make use of it again after rebuilding it."

Another worker appeared over the body of Metal Gear and said, "Hey, wasn't there supposed to be this thing called Gamfax inside the body of the Metal Gear?"

"Yeah, and it took the form of a glass orb or something like that. What's wrong?"

"There's nothing inside the Metal Gear… It's hollow… There's no glass orb at all…"






That's the end of the second episode. Indeed, it is shorter than the first one, but the action and plot made up for it, so it's not a bad if you think about it. Alas, the time for the final episode has come, and I guarantee that it will be longer than the first two episodes combined. When will it begin? When I feel like posting it, whenever that may be. Meanwhile, just get whatever you can from the review and I hope you don't get turned down by it.






Special Preview

BGM: His World

It was a night to celebrate…

"Let us give cheers to the 16th birthday of the princess of Soleanna, Princess Elise!"

"She's a beautiful girl at her age," Roy commented. "Imagine what she would look like by the time she becomes queen!"

An old nemesis…

"I am the brilliant Dr. Eggman Robotnik!" Eggman said. "I am here for the power that you possess, princess! I'm sure you know what that…"

And a pie flew into his face.


The power…

"It is a great power… A power that can bring enlightenment…" Elise said. "The power called… Everything."

"But the power is split into two pieces. One was sealed away in my body and the other…"

"They are without doubt after this," Roy said. "If we allow them to get their hands on the power of Everything… Well, I don't know why they want it too…"

The village under a curse…

"You sure this quiet little village has the other half of the power that we are looking for?" Bowser asked.

"That's what they said," Ike said. "Just look for it, okay?"

"Some psycho orange-head girl took Kirby away!" Ness screamed.

"I'm popular among girls, ain't I?" Kirby asked.

"Why are you reading old newspaper? It's from last year!" Wario said to Ike.

"Every year, on the day of the Watanagashi Fesitval, a person would die… This has been going on six years…" Ike read.

Ness began to feel strange. He had this strange feeling that someone is following him and staring at him… But he was sure that he is alone in the hall…

"You cannot break the curse of Oyashiro-sama… It is too late to stop anything… This curse will go on forever, and someone will surely die…" Rika said.

"C'mon! We have to get back to the village before it's too late!" Ike shouted

"Fasten your seatbelts!" Bowser shouted. "I'm driving at top speed now!"

"Poison gas!" Olimar screamed.

"It's unlikely that a girl like you wield that kind of cleaver, you know…?" Kirby said.

Beasts of unknown origins

Everyone watched in shock as a giant monster resembling a toad, but far more demented and terrifying-looking, appeared over the wall and let out an ear-shattering croak that sounded more like a roar.

The water gave way as a giant tentacle rose out and smashed the ground hard, destroying all the things around it. "They didn't say anything about giant octopi in the travel guide!" G&W cried.

A monstrous creature with a body similar to that of a moth's but with a head like that of a dinosaur's growled and slowly walked up to them.

"What is that…?!" Sonic asked. "Doesn't look like something Eggman would make…"

"There's something coming from the sand!" Samus said. Sand flew everywhere as what looked like a giant centipede emerged from the sand and 'swam' after them.

New villains


"Shake mah ass! Shake mah ass! Shakey shakey shake shake shakey!"


"I am not impressed. You have disappointed me."

"Where there is joy and happiness, I will crush them all and bring grief and sadness."

"In conclusion, you are not strong enough to defeat me!"

"Hahaha! I'm going to torture you until you have enough, but I will not stop! I will curse you and make fun of you! How it pleases me so much to hurt the feelings of people and see them cry! Hahahaha!"

"There is no reason to like anything in this world! There is only hate! Hate! Hate!!"

"Inferior beings! You think you can be better than my race? Even if you wait a million years, that will never happen!"

"To s-- then to f-- first or to f-- then to s-- first, that is the question."

The great evil

"We shall destroy this world that is full of disappointment!

"There is nothing in this world that is satisfying!"

"We hate everything in this world!"

"We shall recreate the world to our liking, the perfect world!"

"We are… Gamfax!"

The truth behind Gamfax
Everything will be answered
in the ultimate climax
of the trilogy.

The legacy of Gamfax
ends in…