Basically this is book 2 of Breaking Dawn from Edward's point of view, and with a few changes. Please review so I know where to go with the next chapter!

"How do you feel?" I whispered into her ear, forever concerned about her.

"I'm ok," she lied.

I met her eyes with scepticism.

"No really, I feel a lot better now." She insisted weakly.

"It will all be over soon," I promised, realising my words could be construed two ways. She bobbed her head in a feeble nod and placed her free hand over the mountainous bulge that was her stomach. Her other hand was interlaced with my own as we lay on the large sofa in my living room. My family hovered nearby, ready to assist when the creature inside Bella next attacked her, but determined to give us some privacy until then.

Bella was almost as anxious as I was, although she would never admit it. She her face was stained with silent tears and her teeth kept a constant nervous nibble on her bottom lip. The hand I held in my own shook slightly every so often. I kissed her forehead with as little pressure as possible, terrified of causing her any more discomfort than she was already in.

She sighed contentedly and murmured, "Sing my lullaby."

I obliged and her eyelids began to droop as she nestled her head against my chest. I sighed with relief as I realised she was not in too much pain to sleep now, as she had been last night.

Carlisle drifted back into the room and knelt down next to the sofa. He pressed the back of his hand to Bella's forehead and muttered, "She still has a fever."

"I know." The heat radiating from her was unbearable.

"Edward…" Carlisle began, looking deeply uncomfortable.

It's not looking good…when the baby's born…Bella might not…it's possible that she…

"No," I hissed in answer to his unspoken words. "She'll be fine. I won't let anything happen to her because of this." I gestured towards her stomach.

Carlisle looked like he wanted to disagree, but thought better of it. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

"It must make it so much easier for her knowing you're looking after her," he said softly.

The knot in my stomach twisted up in my stomach again as I watched my father leave the room and I considered his words. What he had failed to mention, of course, was the fact that it was because of me, because of my weakness, that my Bella was so fragile right now, and in such dire need of looking after.

A low moan broke in through my thoughts and I realised it was Bella. She pulled her hand free of mine and placed both tight around her stomach as she sat up. Fresh tears were once again rolling down her soft cheeks, following the same path as previous ones that had barely even had the chance to dry.

I rubbed her back anxiously and called for my father to bring more morphine.

"Ssssh," I murmured, pulling her into my arms. "It's ok, Carlisle's coming with the morphine, the pain will stop soon."

She shook violently in my embrace, the strength of the thing inside her overpowering her.

For the first time since this awful situation had began, she let out a scream just as a deafening crack sounded. She went limp in my arms.