A/N: So this is a thought I have been playing with in my mind for a while and I like it enough to make a story

A/N: So this is a thought I have been playing with in my mind for a while and I like it enough to make a story. This is my first Royai story so…I don't want expectations to be high. ; Also this is more based on the manga…sort of.

Disclaimer: I don't own Full Metal Alchemist or its characters. (Only Disclaimer)


Days spent at the office were scarce. With summer came a tidal wave of field work to be done, and Mustang's crew spent most of their time out on the field then in their offices. Although they were glad to get involved, they didn't completely escape the paperwork which they hoped to avoid. So not only did they have to file reports about the many events occurring in Central, but they had to spend most of their time in the heat while doing so.

Only one person seemed unaffected by the heat and that was 1st Lieutenant Hawkeye. She kept the same appearance even in the summer heat and still held her familiar emotionless front. She also finished her work as swiftly as possible, as the others had tried, yet somehow everyone still ended up with more work. There was a simple answer for this though, and that was a group of rebels causing more problems for officials.

"I don't get it." Roy Mustang said in slight disbelief towards his female subordinate. "Why are these people causing so much commotion?"

"What do you mean, sir?" Hawkeye asked

"I mean, they say they hate the government, but they aren't trying to change anything about it. They are just causing more trouble for us and now we have to sit around all summer and clean their mess." He said sternly.

"Unfortunately, people don't have the same thought process like you do, Colonel." She stated flatly has she continued writing down an assessment of the scene they were standing at, which happened to be an exploded boxcar from a train that was carrying supplies. Havoc walked around the corner and went straight to Mustang.

"Here are the shipment papers you asked for." He said addressing Mustang. The black-haired man grabbed the papers and scanned them quickly and found what he was looking for.

"Just as I thought," He breathed. "This train wasn't carrying anything unusual. Just supplies needed for some businesses just past Central."

"That's odd." Replied Havoc who obviously didn't bother to even glance at the papers he was delivering. Hawkeye rolled her eyes at this comment and they continued walking past the scene. "Hasn't that been the case in most of the explosions?" He asked next.

"Yes, in all of the cases each attack is seemingly random. No connection has been drawn, other than the fact that it all happens in Central." Hawkeye replied coolly.

"They haven't changed their game plan at all. Shouldn't it be easy to guess what kinds of people are doing this?" Havoc asked next.

"With this sort of stuff going on, it would be easy to guess that it is a group of young adults that share disdain for the military. Unfortunately, we have no evidence to tie anyone to any of the scenes." Mustang answered. "Our only option is setting out more officers to patrol the area." With this being said, Hawkeye and Havoc left to carry out the orders their superior officer just suggested. This order would only prove to be useless.


Riza Hawkeye walked alone towards her home. She was still in uniform, but thankfully the sun had set and a light breeze cooled the air from the previous heat. She kept a steady pace during her walk home. She often took the same route everyday as was her routine, but today something was off. Although everything was still the same, Riza felt that something was wrong. This thought only alerted her senses.

She would always walk through a small area that held a few shops, which were open at present time. She glanced through the glass windows noticed that there were more people out then usual. Has she continued walking she noticed movement from the side of her eye. She quickly looked in said area, and saw a few people huddled over in an alley way. This suspicious movement only made her skin rise; her hand wavered over her gun.

She called out to them, but once they caught sight of her they dashed away. She noticed they left something there, she creep closer only to realize what she had suspected the whole time, another bomb. Before she could warn others in the neighboring store, it exploded. The impact sent Riza flying back and hitting her head hard against the ground, as she tried to lift herself a loud ringing erupted in her ears. It was the last thing she heard before passing out.


A telephone was the noise that disrupted Roy Mustang's usual night alone at home. It was fairly late and no one usually called him, this itself sent him back a bit. He answered quickly discovering it was one of his subordinates, informing him that Riza Hawkeye was in the hospital. Those words sent him flying out the door in minutes and soon in front of said hospital. He stormed in finding Master Sergeant Kain Fuery sitting in the waiting room. The young military man glanced up to see his superior officer then immediately stood in attention. Mustang dropped formalities.

"What happened?" He said quickly.

"W-well, it seems like another bombing occurred while Lt. Hawkeye was present. Thankfully though, they caught the suspects." Fuery replied.

"How is she?" Mustang asked knowing that this was the one question that mattered to him most.

"Doctor said she hit her head pretty hard and has a few scrapes but that is it. She should do fine once she wakes up, but the doctor said there might be side-effects from the hit." Fuery said.

"What kind of side-effects?" He asked curiously.

"He didn't specify, but I don't think we'll know until she wakes up." The young sergeant replied sadly due to circumstances.

"I guess we'll wait." Roy sighed quietly as he took a seat and waited silently.


Sleep was beginning to fade away on Riza, and she could feel the harsh light awaiting her in the room she slept. The unfamiliarity of that sense jolted her awake and an immediate ache began at her head. Then she remembered how the bomb went off and she lost consciousness. She sat in her hospital gown and looked around her room and saw a sterile room. It was white everywhere with the exception of some paintings and fake flowers to give the façade of comfort. It was then that Riza Hawkeye noticed that something wasn't right, but she couldn't exactly figure it out.

A nurse walked if front of her room and seemed to make note that she was awake, but she didn't seem to say anything. At least Riza didn't think she did. She watched the nurse walk away quickly in the opposite direction from which she came. She was puzzled that she didn't say anything even though she seemed like she had something to say. Riza thought about it for a moment when someone else came to the door. She looked up to find her commanding officer.

"Colonel?" She said then gasped. She felt her lips breathe out the word. She couldn't hear. It only became more apparent when the raven haired colonel began talking to her. She could only look in disbelief has he continued to talk and she continued not to hear a word of it. It was then she felt the silence take a strong hold over her. She was no longer looking at Roy Mustang and he looked at her curiously stopping his side of the conversation. She drew her hands closer to her ears and then spoke again to man next to her, but her tone was slightly louder then normal which confirmed the following sentence.

"Colonel…I can't hear. I've gone deaf."


A/N: Have you read those stories where the girl goes blind? Well I thought about shaking it up and throwing out a deaf fic. Anyways, I am not deaf so some later accounts will be fairly incorrect, but I'm trying right?

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