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Renee Swan held her precious baby girl in her arms, humming softly to the sleeping infant as she paced slowly around the light blue room, swaying to the pattern of her own made-up tune and guided only by the little bit of light coming into the small room from the hallway. Her life was complete. She was married to the man whom she considered was the love of her life, had a bright and vibrant home, and now, a gorgeous daughter sleeping in her arms. The corner of her lips tugged up into a smile at the thought and she leaned down to tenderly place a soft kiss on her baby's forehead. Sure, Renee wasn't too old yet, only still in her early twenties, and most people disapproved of her young marriage, her parents in particular, but she had proved them wrong, Her life was prefect and now, with the child she had always wanted, complete. Her hand gently caressed her girl's face as she affectionately looked down at her before lightly setting her in a second hand inexpressive crib, tucking the thin yellow knit blanket around the newborn.

"Isabella Marie" she sighed, her smile growing even bigger. With one last kiss on the silky-smooth brown hair of Bella's head, she tiptoed noiselessly out of the room, and closed the door slowly. Life couldn't get any better than this, she thought, and daydreams of the future danced throughout her head as she went to find her husband, still humming the sweet tune.