Nightwing Nin!

Written by: Nightwing Nin himself!

Summary: Set during 'Dead Duck', and the Uchiha Massacre. Through some way, Darkwing finds his ghost in the Uchiha Estate, right as the massacre is taking place. How will this change the story? First ever Darkwing Duck/Naruto crossover. Sasu/Ten.

Hi, everybody! This is my first ever story on this site, so I hope you enjoy it! And please tell me if I portray Darkwing out of character in anyway.

"Well, Darkwing, this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into..."

Those were the words of famous crime-fighter, Darkwing Duck, as he wandered around the new and strange place he was now at.

"Sigh...curse my foolishness...if I had been paying better attention, then I wouldn't have hit that stupid wall, and I'd still be alive!" Darkwing pouted. "And now...I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM!"

It was true. While the Grim Reaper was trying to get DW to follow him to heaven (or hell), the masked crime-fighter had somehow managed to give him the slip. Unfortunately for Darkwing, the 'slip' was a random portal he crashed into head first, which brought him to the place.

"And to make things worse, I have no idea how to get about your bad days..." DW mumbled to himself. "Well, this kind of place looks like something you'd find in Japan. But I couldn't be THAT far away from home...right?"

Darkwing stopped for a few minutes to think about that.

"...NAH!" He scoffed. "...Then again, stranger things have happened to me in the past...but I have no time to worry about that now! First things first, I have to find a way back to my home, then find a way to come back to life, before Mr. Tall, Dark and Deathly gets a hold of me."

With a plan firmly in mind, he began to walk towards the nearest gate out of the estate.

But all of a sudden, he saw a shadowy figure standing on top of one of the estate's taller buildings. The Red-eyed figure seemed to survey it's surrounding for a bit, before seemingly vanishing in thin-air.

"Hmmm...something tells me that great evil is afoot!" Darkwing said to himself, rubbing his feathered chin. "And as the Masked Mallard, I can't ignore such a thing...I guess I have time to bust one evil-doer before I get back. Who knows, maybe the big guy himself will see this as worthy of me being brought back to life!"

With that, Darkwing began to follow the trail of the mysterious evil-doer. But unknown to him, a young boy that was just right behind him saw the same person...

Nightwing Nin!

"Well...if my tracking skills are still up to snuff...and they should be..." Darkwing said to himself, his sight on his Magnifying glass which was pointing towards the ground. "Then I think that the villain must have gone around this corner!"

Darkwing quickly went around the corner...and soon found himself wishing that he hadn't.

"...My god...what the heck happened here...?"

Darkwing began to feel a bit sick to his stomach as he saw the slaughter around him. There were weapons that he'd never seen before strewn everywhere. Parts of the buildings around him were cracked slightly, indicating that there was some form of a struggle. But most importantly...there was the puddles of blood, and all of the bodies everywhere around him that reinforced the queasy feeling that DW felt.

"...In all of my life as a crime-fighter...I've never seen as much carnage as this...even my devilishy, dashing evil counterpart, Negaduck, never went this far..." Darkwing gulped, now not quite as brave as he felt at first.

All of a sudden, he heard a little gasp come from behind him. He whirled around, and saw a young boy behind him, staring at the slaughter with wide eyes. Darkwing also noticed that the boy shared similar traits with the people that were slain, what with the black hair, and ebony eyes and all.

"W...What is this...?" The boy stuttered. He rushed down the street without warning, trying to learn what was happening.

"Hey, kid! That's not such a good idea!" Darkwing called out. But when the child didn't stop, DW remembered that since he was a ghost, people couldn't see or hear him. "This isn't good...that boy won't stand a chance!"

Without thinking, Darkwing rushed after the boy, intent on doing SOMETHING.

Soon however, the boy came to a stop in front of two fallen people, and his shaking became even more pronounced.

"...Shizu...Auntie Shizu..." The boy said, sounding on the verge of crying.

"So I was right...the boy really is related to these people..." Darkwing said, feeling quite sorry for the youth. "Think about it...coming home one day just to see your family pushing up daisies..."

The boy (who Darkwing was impressed to see hadn't cried yet) thought of something...and became even more worried.

"Mother...Father..." He said, then rushed off towards where he thought they may be.

Darkwing was right behind him.

Soon, the boy came to what happened to be his home, franticly looking for his parents.

"Mother? Father? Are you here...?" The boy said, pausing quickly to take off his shoes.

While he was doing this, Darkwing went through another door, hoping to find the young boy's parents, and then do SOMETHING that would lead the boy to them.

He picked the right door, because he saw two adults that were kneeling on the ground, their faces blank. They had the same black hair and eyes as the boy, so they must've been his Mother and Father! Now...all he had to do was get the young lad into the room and...


Darkwing's eyes widened to impossible amounts, as he saw a splash of crimson blood erupt from the shoulders of both adults, before they fell to the ground, dead.

"What the...?!" Darkwing gasped, before he saw a tall figure behind them, wielding a blade of some sort. His face was hidden in the shadows, but Darkwing saw those red eyes of his right away. 'That's the same guy I saw on the building...!'

But what Darkwing really noticed was the blood that was sliding off of the blade that he held...

The figure put away his blade, and his eyes turned to the same black color that the boy had, just as the door to the room opened, revealing the young boy that The Masked Mallard had followed.

"Mother...! Father...!" The boy said in a tiny voice, finally looking on the verge of crying. The figure turned towards the boy, much to Darkwing's horror, and began to walk towards him. But before DW could warn the boy to flee, said boy's next words shocked him.


Darkwing nearly had a heart attack from that word. ' mean that the guy who murdered all of these people is the boy's BROTHER?!'Darkwing felt the shock take away his voice, and could do nothing but watch as the events unfolded.

"Brother, Mother and Father were..." The boy began...but couldn't bring himself to say the dreaded word. "Why? Why...Who did this?!"

But the boy was silenced by the man tossing a shuriken just close enough to his shoulder to nick it, sending a bit of blood out. The boy, in shock, grabbed his shoulder, and knelt to the ground.

Seeing the boy like that broke Darkwing out of his shock, and made him scream.


But the boy still couldn't hear Darkwing, no matter how loud he shouted, or how much he jumped around. His focus was all on his brother.

"Brother...what are you..." The boy whimpered, feeling the blood seep onto his hand where he clutched his shoulder.

The man remained silent, but fixed the boy with a cold stare.

"What are you doing, Brother...?" The boy asked again.

"...Foolish little brother..." The man said in a slient tone, closing his eyes.

Darkwing had a sinking feeling that what was going to happen next would scar the young boy for the rest of his life...

And that's all for now! Next time, we'll skip ahead to the next morning, when Sasuke wakes up after the tragic night. It is then that he'll meet Darkwing Duck for the first time! And it will change the story drastically. Hope you look forward to it! And tell me what you think so far, please!