Chapter 11 – Last Chapter/Epilogue.

(Emeric's POV)

I ran as fast as I could. I could see a dark angel falling in the distance. There was only one of those. I burst through the trees to see his back hit the water. A scream was ripped from his throat but it was quickly silenced as he slipped beneath the waves.

I changed midair and dove into the water. As I swam towards where Fang had landed I could see him sinking in the water. Air was slowly escaping from his nose and mouth. I reached out and grabbed his hand. I worked hard to pull him to the surface.

As my head broke the surface I took a huge gasp of air. I pulled him above the water and made my way to the shore. Pushing the unconscious boy onto the shore I checked to see if he was breathing. He wasn't so I breathed into his mouth twice. I swept my wet hair out of my face and started pressing on his chest like I had learnt when I passed as a life guard as a teen. Fang's head fell to the side and water trickled out. I breathed into his mouth again and he gave a cough and more water came up.

I saw the shadow of Iggy flying above but I ignored him in favour of Fang. "Wake the bloody hell up Fang!" I shouted at him continuing to do CPR. He gave more coughs as the Cullens showed up. Carlisle pushed me out of the way and repeated my process a few times and Fang's eyes finally fluttered and he gazed up at the sky before letting out one of the loudest screeches I've ever heard.

His back arched off the ground and Alice was at his side in less than a second, lifting him off the ground. His cries quieted and he seemed to go boneless in Alice's arms. That's when I noticed his wings. They looked pretty much crushed and he sobbed against Alice, "Oh fuck, it hurts," he ground out.

Alice gave Carlisle a worried look, "What should we do?" she asked looking somewhat heartbroken. This was exactly why I couldn't hurt these vampires. They actually cared for people, loved them.

Fang suddenly seemed to grit his teeth and pull away, "Must get to Max," he growled, "She's hurt."

Carlisle frowned, "Alright, we need to end this, we go in, destroy the place, get Max back and I'll take Fang and get him medical attention for his wings," Carlisle said taking Fang from Alice.

"Like hell you will," Fang growled, "I need to save her."

Carlisle gave Fang a stern look, "Not in this condition. I'll give you a sedative if I have to." Fang continued to struggle to Carlisle sighed and looked at Alice who nodded. He stood up and took off into the forest with Fang. Fang was going to be one pissed off bird boy by the end of this.

We took off for the school. We had to get Max back, if we didn't Fang would never forgive us.

(Fang's POV)

I felt more than saw the needle pierce my skin, I tried to thrash away from Carlisle but Esme held me to the bed back at the house. I growled up at her hatefully and I could tell from her heartbroken expression that she hated to do it but had to. I felt myself drifting to sleep and I let my growls slowly die on my lips.

In my sleep I dreamed, I saw everything, I watched the Cullen, the flock and the wolves infiltrate the school and I felt a pang and not being able to be there, but I saw the danger there and knew that if I had come I would have been a liability, not an asset. Emeric, Iggy and Kari found Max and got her out of her cage and she had minimal damage to her. The Cullens and wolves had gone through and killed all the Whitecoats and Erasers in the building and the flock had set loose as many experiments as possible. I watched with some satisfaction as Alice killed Randle. I couldn't help it, the monster had been a thorn in my side for so long. In the end they had stood outside the building and watched it burn, watching to make sure no one left the building.

As they flew off into the sunset I felt a resounding feeling of a door closing on the past. Chaos no longer reigned. We were not longer flying by life at breakneck speed. The world had slowed, calm had risen, and the world had plunged into the darkness of my dreams. Peace settled, and I slept.

10 years later

The thunderous applause sounded as Jim and I bowed. I smiled, trying to separate the sounds of those I knew from the sounds of the audience. We straightened and the two of us left the stage, grinning as Casey and Max enveloped us with hugs. "Gosh, you two did a great job, I'm so proud of you guys!" Casey exclaimed smiling.

"Good job, once again," Max complemented with a smile, her hand holding onto the 6 year old beside her.

The little girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes grinned up at me, "Good job Daddy!" she called reaching up to me, and I pulled her up into a hug, kissing her cheek and thanking her.

Lilith stood back a tiny bit, grinning at me in a subtle way only 15-year-old girls could. She was under my custody as my sister, but she was really almost like my first daughter. I set down my daughter and hugged her tightly. "Good job Fang," she murmured, "Can I go to the party on the 17th, please?" She whispered, giving me a pleading look, knowing I was sooner to cave than Max, as she pulled away, just causing me to chuckle. She had become quite the hell raiser in her recent years.

Jim and I had been doing these small productions for years now, doing a range of acting and directing them between our bigger projects. We did documentaries now, starting with one about the school and then going on from there. We had done a few, ranging on different topics of distress in the world.

My wings had recovered from the fall I had taken. Granted, it took a few years, but they had recovered to the point where I could fly. They frequently were used in my performances on stage and the opening shot of our documentary about the School had been a slow close up shot of my (at the time) healing wings.

Jim and Casey were the first of us all to get married; almost 10 months after the school was burnt down they met at the altar and exchanged vows. They have had one kid since then, a boy the same age as our daughter. Casey works now as a kindergarten teacher in Seattle, where Jim, Casey, Max and I live.

Max had become a cop, moving slowly up in the ranks over the years, it seemed she just couldn't keep herself out of the crime fighting scene, and the mother of our child. Nudge moved to Silicon Valley where she become involved with programming for several computer companies, Gazzy and Angel were going to college our east, still trying to figure out what they wanted to do, Iggy and Kari travel with the Cullens, Iggy finished his schooling to become a doctor and worked under Carlisle as his assistant. Kari worked for a company based online, allowing her to live anywhere and maintain her job.

Jacob and Alison had a beautiful wedding and now have two little boys. Emeric and Jacob's pack merged to form one and the two once different packs worked in almost perfect harmony with the Cullens (when they'd been around each other).

Alice came towards me after I had hugged my family and she swept me into a tight hug. I squeezed her back, "Thanks for coming Alice."

"Wouldn't have missed this one for the world," she replied, "The others are waiting, we were wondering if you guys wanted to get take out and hang out?" she asked grinning slightly.

I smiled, glancing over at Jim and Casey who were hugging each other and their son and Max and my daughter who stood together smiling, I grinned at Alice, "Sure, just let me check with them." It was not long before we all left together for the Cullen's hotel. We had decided to walk because it wasn't far, and in the cold night air, I held my daughter's and my wife's hands, Lilith and Alice catching up, talking excitedly, feeling the cool peace set upon the world. A gentle hum of peace was in the air.

I hope you all have enjoyed these fics. I am sorry I haven't been able to put as much commitment into them as I have in the past. Needless to say, life catches us all up sometime; it appeared it was my time to take a wayward journey. I won't bore you with the details, but this last year and a while have had to be the most interesting, intense, beautiful, tragic, chaotic and hilarious time of my life, and I hope and pray it just gets better from here.

I know it was short. I know it was rushed, and usually I would consider it lame. There was no action or real excitement in the writing of the destruction of the School. The reason for this is simply that I had made Fang so emotionally invested in Max, the School and Randle, that what I wanted in the end (besides the completion of this fic) was a reality that sometimes you're not there to help the people you love, sometimes you aren't there in the end for your victory, and sometimes that is completely okay. Fang lived (as seen the 10 years later), he and the flock live past the time when school controlled them, and they were finally at peace. I know this doesn't come out as coherently as it could have, sorry.

I can't say I'll be that writer who is on time with long chapters and a cheery ending all the time, but this time, though all the crap I put the flock and the characters of twilight and my OCs through, they have taken the bad and the good and pulled through, and that has been what I have been trying to say though my writing all along. Ha, anyone who says I didn't put Fang through hell hasn't read my fanfic, and I hope you saw what I was meaning to say. No matter what, you can pull through. Thanks for reading and I hope you feel inspired (even if it's just a little bit….)