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Summary - Bella has been abused by her father Charlie ever since her mother died when she was eight. She has almost given up hope, Can Edward and the Cullens help her escape before it is too late?...

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I stared into the grimy mirror in the corner of my dark room; what looked back was a ghost of the girl I used to be. I sighed quietly, I could see that a purple bruise had already stared forming around my left eye and knew from my experience that this one would be hard to cover up.

I did the best I could with my diminishing supply of make up to cover up the purple bruise. I then took my hair out of the pony tail it was in so it hung down limp, hiding what was left of the mark and the various others scattered across my face and neck.

After getting dressed quickly I quietly edged my way down the stairs, trying not to trip and wake up Charlie, I did not want to deal with that this morning.


I spun around, wincing as I twisted my stomach and saw Charlie glaring at me. I quickly noted the beer bottles which were littering the floor and I felt my heartbeat quicken, this was not going to be good.

"I…umm…I have to go to school, its Monday" I tried to act confident but my voice shook under his glare.

"You need to tidy up this dump" He roared, his words slurring into each other. Even though he was swaying and obviously drunk it didn't stop me from feeling any less worried. When he was like this there was no reasoning with him, the last time he was this bad he...

My train of thought was interrupted when he started to lumber heavily towards me. I fought the natural urge to run because I knew if I did it would make everything so much worse. I doubted if I would even make it to the front door without tripping.

"D-Dad please, I-I will tidy it u-u-up I swear, but p-please, please don't…" That was all I managed to make out before I felt a large fist swing into my rib winding me.

Though this had happened many times before I couldn't help but double over from the pain; I slid to the floor trying not to make a noise, not even a whimper, knowing it would only aggravate him more.

Though I tried I couldn't stop the gasp that escaped from my lips. I knew that Charlie wouldn't leave it there, I saw him getting angrier and I tried to crawl away and before I had got anywhere he kicked me hard in the ribs. He kicked me over and over again in the same place and this time I couldn't hold back the screams. I swore I heard something snap and I screamed again even louder but even then he kept going, tears were now trickling down my face. The only family I had hurt me, and nobody I knew would care, this was my last thought before I slipped into darkness.

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