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Chapter 21


"As I said before, we need to be very careful. We can't let Bella to get hurt."

Though I was organising everyone calmly inside I was panicking. Carlisle's calm façade made everything seem just a little bit better.

"Emmett can you follow the car, and see where he goes. Keep your phone on the whole time." Emmet nodded quickly and ran vampire speed from the room. Edward then turned to Alice "Can you see what will happen?"

"No, he keeps changing his mind on what he is going to do and where he is going to go." Alice muttered concentrating on what could happen.

I looked into Alice's mind and concentrated on seeing what she had seen in her visions.

Any of the options were awful. In the first of her visions I saw Charlie standing over a cowering Bella and then proceded to kick her repeatedly in the stomach, showing no mercy. My anger was rising but I concentrated on the second vision; Charlie was standing near a small house with another greasy looking man, they were talking quietly and then shook hands. And I could see the exchange of money, as if they were completing a business deal. I then saw Charlie roughly shove Bella towards the man before walking off. The look on her face was awful; desperate, as she stumbled towards the men I could see tears streaking down her face. The next vision was of Charlie and Bella in his cruiser. He pulled over to the side of the road, and with no warning he raised the gun and pulled the …

I couldn't stand to watch anymore I was now even more fearful for my angel. How could he do that?

At that moment I was sure my eyes were getting darker, even if it seemed impossible.

"We can't just sit here, we need to do something. Before, before…" I couldn't bring myself to say it. To say the one thing I feared the most.

Just as Carlisle was about to reply the home phone rang. I rushed to answer it immediately knowing the only person who would be calling at this time was Emmet.

I spoke as soon as the phone was against my ear "What's happened? Where is she?"

"That bastard is heading back towards the house; he is about half way there at the moment. He is not driving that quickly so he should be there in about 10 minutes. Edward… what's the plan, we have to do something?"

"I know, Hold on…"

I didn't need to explain what Emmet had told me as I knew my family had heard. I turned to face them all before speaking

"It is probably safest for Bella if we wait until they are both in the house, then we also don't need to worry about others seeing anything either. As soon as he drops his attention, even if it is for the briefest of seconds we need to get the gun away from him. Once that's happened, it will be easy to get Bella, and then we can do something about Charlie… Alice can you see if it will work?"

I could tell she was concentrating hard as she spoke "Not at the moment no, but I agree with the plan. I don't want to leave Bella with him longer than needed."

I nodded and looked around; I wanted to go as quickly as possible, I needed to save her. "Ok, let's go…"


I couldn't stop shaking as I felt the fear course through my veins, I was so scared. Why did Charlie have to come now, he had ruined everything. Now I would probably never see Edward again.

Thinking of this I couldn't hold the sobs back any longer, and I shook as they racked through my body.

I gasped for air and Charlie spun round and glared at me "I said shut up bitch"

He swung his hand holding the gun at my face. My head spun as the cold metal hit solidly against my face. The bruises on my face were just fading but from the intense stinging where the gun had hit I knew I would have a fresh bruise on my cheek.

I tried to stop sobbing so that he wouldn't hit me again but the tears still slid silently down my face.

We stopped suddenly and I looked around, frantically trying to gage where we were. He had brought me back to my house, the hell hole I had had to live in for most of my life.

"Get out!" Charlie yelled in my face.

I was frozen with fear "W-wh…"

He swung the gun round so it was pointing right between my eyes. "I SAID GET OUT." He yelled again

I shakily opened the door and tripped as I got out. Charlie grabbed my hair as I fell, probably yanking some of it out. I yelped and he quickly pulled me inside and slammed the door and closed all of the blinds.

Oh Edward I though, please save me…

EmPOV - (Emmet)

I watched as the car pulled up in the driveway. And I heard Charlie give an order to Bella and then her stutter a reply before he pointed the gun at her face and started shouting.

I then watched as she triped out of the car but because she was shaking so much, that bastard, apparently her father stormed around the car caught her by her hair making her scream from pain and started to drag her to the house.

How could he do that to Bella? To my little sister?

I had to fight against my brotherly instincts which were to go and grab her and run, or to pound his slimy face into the ground. But I knew I had to wait for the others to arrive.

As I was thinking this they had already entered the house and Charlie had shut both the door and the blinds. Even though I could still hear Bella's muffled sniffing.

"Emmett" I heard a frantic voice call from behind me.

I spun round even though I knew who it was. Edward looked like a complete mess as he ran up to me followed closely by the rest of my family.

"she is inside with Charlie. He has closed all the blinds in the front room, but we should be able to go in through the kitchen, there is a back door."

"Ok, we all know the plan. Let's go."

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