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But first of all I do not own Rebound or Harlem beat Yuriko Nishiyama does, if I did the story would have more romance in it.In case you don't know where this takes place, this is after Sasuke and his team beat the crap out of the Kyushu team at the nationals.

Distracting Talk to more

Sapporo Makoma Arena

" I really could care less about the other team, But congratulations." Exclaimed Miho while crossing her arms she had a frown on her face. She pecked him on the cheek." Sorry that I couldn't make it to watch. So don't be groggy okay?"

Sasuke wrapped his arms around her resting his hands on her waist. Not caring if anyone saw them.

" Doesn't matter, they weren't worth playing against anyway."

Miho snuggled against her boyfriend, enjoying the contact the bodies made. She realised he wasn't planning on breaking the hug any time soon. He did quite the opposite, He put a little bit of pressure on her hips to draw her closer to him.

" I don't think it would be worth watching, they're were pathetic. There defence was too weak anyway."

Said Sasuke while resting his chin against the top of Mihos head.

" Don't tell me the great Sasuke is scared of a bunch of low class players?" said Miho to tease him.

While she wrapped her arms around his middle.

" pf, you dream to much Miho"

To Miho great surprise there was a hint of aggression and frustration on his voice, she pulled away a little and raised her eyebrow. He didn't look at her, he just stared at something to avoid her gaze. Miho sighed and relaxed.

" Okay,.. spit it out Amami"

Her choice of words seemed to snap him out his little stare contest at nothing, and he focused his gaze on her again, His frown didn't cease though, it was like he had trouble choosing the right words. To put it in words.

Miho looked blank at him" whenever a friends is in trouble with himself, I give them to options let them ramble about their problem or I simply distract them." Your choice"

He just looked at her, face blank. And when Miho began to wonder how long he would continue doing that. Not that she minded the position they were in, she actually rather enjoyed it. He said" I never was one for rambling, is still am"

"well, I could have known, he would say something like that"

Miho never got any change to put her thoughts into an smart-ass comment, because a pair of warm lips that belonged to her oh so lovable boyfriend, simply wouldn't let her, Miho couldn't help but think" Who is distracting who here?"

But those thoughts were soon forgotten, because just like basketball, Sasuke was very skilled in making his girl enjoying the feel of his lips on her, so skilled she began making very adorable noise, Sasuke would make sure their were only meant for him.

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