Two weeks. Two weeks since my love has been gone. I wonder where he is, if he's sick. I mean you don't just miss two weeks of school for nothing. I've been keeping an eye on his friends. The one Paul, seems a little lost with out him. I even think he got suspended yesterday for picking a fight. I mean, sure, he is usually short tempered, but lately, they've been threatening to expel him.

Who am I kidding. Jared doesn't' even know I exist. He comes in every day and doesn't even pay attention to me. I opened up my notebook. First class of the day. I already know all this. I really don't have that much of a social life. I am extremely shy, which is why Jared doesn't know I exist.

It's only the beginning of the school year, I have 2 more years after this and then collage. The bell rang and kids started coming in to scamper to their seats before the teacher comes. I started to doodle.

Jared loves Kim

Kim loves Jared

I sighed, if he would just notice me. The teacher started teaching class, when the door opened. In comes my God. He looks like he grew at least a foot since the last time I saw him. A gust of wind from the open door blew my notebook on the floor. Jared handed his slip to the teacher and walked over to his seat next to me. He stepped on my notebook that fell on the floor.

Oh, god, please don't read it. Please, don't read it. I started my silent prayer.

He stopped and looked down. He bent and picked it up and read the page that it fell open to. I turned beat red. He glanced up at me, and I looked straight into his eye's. The deep pools of brown and gold swirled. He was handsome. He just stared at me, like he had never seen me before. I blushed even deeper. I wasn't even that pretty. My eye's were too far apart, my hair dull, my lips to thin. I was really plain to look at.

The teacher coughed.

"Jared, would you like to take a seat." the teacher said. It was a demand, not a question.

"Yes, sir." Jared said.

He took a seat, not taking his gaze off of me. I turned to the teacher and tried to pay attention. I could feel Jared's eye's boring a hole in the side of my head. I heard a little noise and looked back at him.

"I think this is yours." He said and handed me back my notebook.

"Uh, thanks." I murmured. I thought he would just go back to ignoring me, now that he knew what a obsessive girl I was.

"Hey, my name is Jared." He said to me. I looked back at him and gave him a little smile.

"Kimberly, but call me Kim." And that is how my dream came true.