Edward Cullen was not popular, but he wasn't an outcast. He wasn't loved, but he wasn't hated. He wasn't included, he wasn't excluded. He just was.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen had been going to Capital High for 2 years now. He was handsome, but he wasn't popular, somehow. Everyone knew who he was, but no one knew him. Except for me.

I am Bella Swan. Popular, Pretty, included. I was always dropping hints to my friends, about including Edward in whatever we had planned, or asking him to join our study group, or whatever. But the response was always the same.

"Edward Cullen was not destined to be one of us. We don't want him, and we don't need him."

Almost all of Capital High would have said I was the group leader, if you had asked. But I wasn't. It was all a show. Amber Cook was, along with her evil minion Heather Gray. They had the brains and wit to lead a group. I had the looks. To anyone who asked, I was a straight C student. To my teachers, I was a straight A. I got A's but I asked to have C's put on my papers. They understood. I wanted nothing more to be out of this group.

But I couldn't leave. Take Michaela Mills, for an example. After she left in 'in' circle, Heather and Amber made her life miserable. She ended up going into a severe depression, dropping out of high school. She changed her name, dyed her hair, and moved to Hollywood. She now has a record deal, under the name Angel/Demon. Maybe you've heard of it. Most of her lyrics deal with teen angst and violence. Heather and Amber brought all of that on.

I was snapped out of my lunchtime reverie by Heather slapping me.

"Stop staring at Edward Cullen! He is not and will never be, popular. So stop thinking about him and go out with Trace or Kevin!"

Whatever, Heather. Like I would go out with football meatheads.

"Can I at least ask him to sit with us?"

"Eh, no, Bella. That is like, social suicide. No!"

"Then I'm sitting with him."

Heather glared daggers into my back.

"Leave this table and you can never come back."

I turned to look at all of their faces.


I started to stand, as did Amber.

"Isabella," Amber started to say, "Please, sit. This is your last chance to sit. Please, do it now."

"Oh, sure."

"Thank you for finally agreeing with us."

"Oh, you said sit. And I wall. With EDWARD."

I stood and started to walk, again, over to where Edward sat.

As I neared the table, he glanced up.


"Hi, Edward. Do you mind if I sit?"

"No." He said quickly, moving his books aside so I would have room for my tray. They moment I sat down, I saw that he was working on a Trigonometry problem, that he seemed to be stuck on.

"Do you mind if I help?"

"No offense, but I am an A student, and you have C's, so I don't think you could help me."

"Edward, I actually am passing all of my subjects. So, want my help?"


I leaned over to help him, when Amber and Heather walked by, "accidentally" spilling chocolate milk all over his paper. Unfortunately, my head was over his paper, so my blond (dyed, of course) hair got soaked with milk.

"Oops!" Amber said in her annoyingly nasal voice. "Sorry, Isabella, I hope I didn't ruin your paper, Edward." She said as she walked away, her minions following her.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked me, and unfamiliar note of concern in his voice.

"Oh, yeah. Are you papers?"

"Yea," Humor apparent in his voice. "Apparently your head took most of the brunt force, so my papers are fine."


"So, I was wondering…"


"I don't mean to be rude, or to pry, but why are you sitting with me today?"

I surprised him by laughing.

"I'm tired of being ordered around by Amber, and her goons. It got tiresome. They got tired of me always asking- never mind."

"Always asking what?"

"Always asking, if you could sit with us." I finished lamely.

"I always thought you were in charge, but I guess it makes sense. I was also wondering – never mind."

"Also wondering what?"

"If you wanted to go out with me sometime."

Oh my gosh. I had been wanting to go out with him forever!


"Um? Friday? At 6:30? I have this really cool place I got to think."

I noticed that we were the only one's left in the cafeteria. I stood up and grabbed my bags.

"I'll see you then."

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