Political Alliances

Chapter 40: Epilogue

Temari felt the sun on her face as she turned over in her bed, part of her wanted to go back to sleep. She reached out and felt the empty place next to her and sighed. Naruto wasn't here, he hadn't been here for nearly four weeks as he was off again training with Jiraiya. It had been over two years since that meeting in the Hokage's office and every time he went she missed him. She would start to focus on work, training anything to get stronger and push herself. Mainly because when she got home it felt so empty without him.

Now that she was awake she sighed and decided to get up. Normally Naruto would have been back sooner, he was overdue to be back. Something that happened from time to time but he was only supposed to be gone for three weeks, not four. She hated it when he was late in getting back more than when he left because she had no idea what was going on or why they were late. She pushed her thoughts out of her head as she got herself ready for the day.

Temari washed, dressed and ate alone as she took some time to clean up a bit. There wasn't much to clean up, since with Naruto gone she always kept things neat. It was a constant struggle to remind him to clean up after himself. He wasn't as bad as he used to be, but she still found clothing or items left forgotten. She wouldn't pick it up, she would just go in search of him and make him do it. He was not a child and she was his wife not his mother. Although she never said such a thing to his face, knowing full well he never knew his mother but still it was one of the annoyances she learned to live with.

Looking around she could see all the little things that had made this her new home. There were pictures of their lives over the past few years hanging up or on display. She smiled looking at one of Team 7 in Suna. That was during their chunin exams and the one next to it had Temari, Naruto and Sakura in chunin jackets smiling at the camera. That had been a fun time, of course their team went through the exam and they all passed. A few other teams passed as well but it had been nice to be back in Suna.

She remembered showing them around, not to mention hanging out with her brothers and even Matsuri the girl that had replaced her. Even back then she could have seen that the girl was crushing hard on Gaara. A year ago she had gotten letter from Matsuri actually, she liked the younger girl and she had poured her heart out asking how she could get Gaara to notice her. So she had given her some advice. She heard that she had confessed to him and Gaara and the girl were going out.

It was still a shock how much her little brother had changed so much. He was a lot more calm and open now, sure he was still a bit stonic but he was a lot more welcoming presence about him. She smirked remembering when they got the news of him being made the Kazekage. Naruto and her had gone off to congratulate him as soon as they could. Naruto proclaiming he wasn't going to lose to Gaara and would make Hokage soon.

She looked through a few more items, one was her old Suna headband in a glass case proudly displayed on the wall. Then there was this painting of Suna, it was actually of her favourite spot where the sun sets just right. The image captured it as well. Naruto had gotten for her while on a training trip with Jiraiya. He had stopped in Suna for a bit, tracked down a good artist and had him paint it for her. It was a thoughtful gift on their second anniversary and she loved it. She remembered how he had forgotten their first anniversary, she hadn't spoken to him for a full week after that. It actually had been one of the worst moments in their marriage.

But eventually he managed to make up for it and she got over it eventually. Although she suspected Sakura had kept reminding him about important dates from this point on just in case.

Temari sighed as she went to the door and was going to check in on Sakura, Temari had an appointment anyway to keep with the medic.

Temari traveled through the village with a slight smile. This village had become her second home now, although Suna would always be in her heart she had grown to love this village as well. The people, who at first had been a bit weary of her, had grown to trust and respect her and Naruto. It was a nice feeling and it showed that people could change for the better at times.


Temari and Sakura were now walking together to the front gate as she had to get the morning visiting log. Temari decided to keep her company. Besides they had nothing else planned and it was nice just to hang out. It wasn't long before they saw Tenten talking to a very moody Neji.

"Hey guys, what's with him?" Sakura pointed to Neji.

"He's just sulking," Tenten smirked as he seemed to take offence of her choice of words.

"Do we want to know why?" Temari asked although she was kind of wondering herself. Over the years she and Tenten had started to have friendly sparing matches from time to time. Mainly Tenten said she wanted to overcome her weakness she was shown in her first chunin exams. The girl had gotten a lot better but Temari was proud that she still came out on top most of the time.

Tenten giggled, "Turns out Kiba actually asked Hinata out yesterday."

"You're kidding?" Sakura said shocked at that. "Those two have been dancing around the topic for like two years. So Kiba broke down first huh?" She smirked at that, she had a running bet with Ino on who would ask out who first. Unlike her master, it would seem that Sakura was a better gambler, not that it was hard to be a better gambler than 'the legendary sucker' was. She couldn't wait to shove this in Ino's face and get the money.

"He doesn't deserve her." Neji finally spoke up darkly. He had never really approved of it when he found out that both of them might like each other. Hinata was his cousin, almost like a sister to him now, and he was a bit of an 'overprotective' side to him lately. Some thought it was his way of making up for his earlier actions in life when he was younger and full of anger at the main branch.

Tenten elbowed him in the ribs, "Oh please if she didn't like him she would have said no to his offer. Besides you know he wouldn't do anything, he's smart enough to not piss off both her father and his mother if he did anything inappropriate."

"He better not even think such things," Neji told her while wondering if he should follow at a distance. He could always keep his eyes on them from where they wouldn't see him.

Temari and Sakura couldn't help smiling at the sight, Neji was usually very calm and reserved with the exception of when it came to either family or Tenten. The two of them had been dating steadily for over a year now. At first it had been a little rocky but they had eventually gotten into a nice relationship between them. Temari and Sakura said their goodbyes leaving Tenten to deal with her boyfriend's overprotective nature.

"Wow…seems like everyone is hooking up," Sakura sighed a little envious. "I mean there's you and Naruto for starters…although that technically wasn't your choice."

"No but it worked out for us," Temari stated with a nod. "I'm not sure who else I would have wanted really. He certainly makes life more fun."

"Among other things," Sakura smiled knowing Naruto well enough to know the kinds of things he got into. "I swear the village always seems dull when he leaves. Oh yeah did you hear about Anko and Kakashi-sensei?"

"He didn't propose finally did he?" It was a long standing joke among Team 7 to tease their sensei about his now open relationship with Anko. It had shocked a lot of people the day they had been seen walking through the streets arm in arm. Then when asked and they admitted to being a real couple, well it was a surprise. Gai actually challenged Kakashi that he himself would get a girlfriend not wanting to lose in love to his rival. The man was still searching sadly, if only he wasn't so energetic he might actually not scare off so many women.

"No he didn't, I'm not sure they ever will marry, they just seem happy enough as they are," Sakura pointed out. "No I heard they're actually moving into together, something about that they are at each other's places all the time so why not just have all their stuff in one spot?"

"I don't know why but that sounds like them," Temari shook her head, those two had never been the conventional couple to start with. "Speaking of couples is Lee still trying to get a date with you."

Sakura had the good decency to blush, "Yes, he's as bad as Naruto was, now that he's married to you and…well no one else is in my life he thinks he's got a chance." She didn't say Sasuke's name anymore, she just couldn't really bring herself to say it. The boy had not only crushed her heart but had harmed her friends, teammates and betrayed them all.

"But I'm just more focused on my career now," Sakura told the older girl. "I spent a lot of years wasting my training because I chased after a boy. So I just want to focus on me, I want to find out who I really am and see what I can do with my life for a bit longer. I mean you already made jonin and you're only eighteen. So maybe later I'll look into a relationship but I'm just not ready yet."

Temari nodded as it made sense to her there was nothing wrong with focusing on your career. "sounds like a plan, although for a moment I thought it was that cute young medic that I've seen you talking to."

Sakura blushed at the mention of him, "H-he's just new, I mean he only just got his medical ninja exam finished and asks for pointers from me. I have trained under Tsunade-sama personally and have mastered a lot of medical jutsus. There's nothing wrong with someone having a healthy attitude for learning more. I am his sempai after all so I should act like a good one."

"Uh-huh," Temari smirked. She had seen this medic talking to Sakura a few times and the boy was a year younger but a decent looking guy. It was obvious he might be smitten over Sakura as well. But she put that aside, besides it would be fun to watch Lee's reaction to when he found out he might have a rival for Sakura later on. But all this talk on relationships just made her miss Naruto more, when in the hell was he?

"So…are you going to tell him?" Sakura asked her. "You know, when he finally gets back?"

Temari sighed, "Of course, I just don't know when. Thankfully I've gotten used to the idea by now also thanks for keeping it quiet."

Sakura nodded, "Sure you wanted to be the one to tell him anyway, although I did have to tell Tsuande and Shizune because of the medical rules involved."

Temari knew although she didn't like it but she had accepted it by now.

-Outside the village-

Jiraiya was walking back home with his young apprentice, who of course was nearly bouncing with excitement. He always got like this when they were returning back to Konoha, not that he didn't understand his reasoning. The young boy had grown into a young man, although he still wore a bit more orange than he felt was necessary. At least Jiraiya had persuaded him to put some black onto his new clothes. The green chunin vest might need some repair as well, after this last bit of training it might need to be replaced.

"Calm down we're almost back," He chuckled at him. "I know you miss you're lovely wife but you can wait a bit longer before taking her back into the bedroom."

"That's not the reason Ero-sennin!" Naruto shouted at the man blushing a bit.

"Oh please like I don't know that every time you leave or when you get back, you two eventually end up there. Either as a way to say 'goodbye' or 'welcome home' to each other." He saw his student's face go all red and just laughed. Even after all this time the boy just couldn't hide certain facts about his life and was still a little 'innocent' in some ways.

"How the hell do you know that?" Naruto demanded. "If you're peeking on us I'll tell Temari!"

Jiraiya paled at that, that girl was nearly as scary as Tsunade when angry. She was glad that Tsunade was training Sakura and not that girl. He might actually die if that was the case. "Look it's easy enough to figure out, plus you two are young and the marriage is still fresh. I know if I was in your place I would-"

"I don't want to know!" Naruto covered his ears before he got any mental images that he might not like to carry around with him for life. But it was something he looked forward to, Temari had become a major part of his life. He loved waking up next to her, the time they spent together, even when he did something he wasn't supposed to and she got angry.

Plus she was kind of cute when she was angry he thought to himself with a smirk. Finally in what seemed like forever the large wall and gates of the village were seen. Jiraiya could see just how eager the boy was. Jiraiya couldn't help but marvel at how he looked so much like his father and yet acted so much like his mother. Soon the boy would be able to stand on his own, and then finally Jiraiya planned on telling him everything about his parents. It was a bit cruel to not tell him and he wanted to, but everyone that knew, also knew that his father had lots of old enemies that might not let old grudges go.

"Go on then I can get there by myself," Jiraiya told him.

"Thanks!" Was the only word out of Naruto's mouth as he ran home. He made it to the front gate in record time, passing the guards with a small hello as he ran past them. It was a normal sight for anyone at this point. Naruto jumped over the rooftops looking for Temari, he wanted to make sure he didn't miss her in case she wasn't at home. Then seeing a blonde with familiar hair and black dress with a pink haired girl in red on the streets below he knew he found her.

Naruto quickly jumped down behind them, silently stalking them as the two talked. He had learned how to be very sneaky at a young age. He crept up behind his wife and suddenly grabbed her by her waist lifting her up.

"I'm home!" Naruto yelled out lifting her up.

"Kya!" Temari let out suddenly as she looked behind her, half scowling for making her sound so girly and half smiling for him being home. You'd think after all the years she would be used to his surprises but if there was one thing she learned, was that Naruto would always surprise you.

"Where were you?" She demanded smiling now as he let her down and hugged her close. "I was getting worried."

"Sorry, the normal way back had a rockslide so we had to take a detour," Naruto explained slowly pulling back for her, although he wanted to keep her close.

"Well I'm glad you're back then," Temari smiled looking at him. In the years he had become very handsome and even taller. At first she had been taller and how he had a few inches on her, she actually liked that bit. The baby fat was gone and now stood a very lovable and good looking husband. Oh yes things had worked out very well for her.

Sakura smiled at the scene, the hopeless romantic in her loved seeing the two together like this. You could just see the love between them and it only got more intense over the years. Either from getting used to the affection or just getting used to each other, maybe it was a bit of both.

"Well it's nice to have you back," Sakura told him. "I got to get the visitor's log, so why don't you two catch up and I'll tell Tsunade-sama that you're back."

"Sure thanks Sakura-chan," Naruto grinned at his close friend.

Temari was thankful for this, most likely Sakura was giving her time to talk to Naruto but not yet. First she wanted to have a few moments with her husband. She linked her arms in his as she headed back to their home. "So then, shall we?"

Naruto's grin only got bigger.


They had barely closed the front door before they were locked in each other's arms, their lips hungrily searching for each other. It always felt like forever when they were apart but when they got back together, they always tried to make up for lost time. She unzipped his chunin jacket and threw it over the couch on their way upstairs. Usually she was a stickler for where clothing went but times like these were the exception.

Naruto's hands caressed her back feeling the strong form under her black dress. They went lower as he grabbed her well toned ass in his hands. He gave her a little squeeze as she moaned into his mouth in pleasure. Her hands unzipped the shirt and then felt the strong muscles under it. He had trained a lot with both her and Jiraiya over the years and it was starting to show on him. By the time they made it to the stairs he quickly picked her up bridal style and carried her up to their room.

"You know I can walk." She told him kissing his neck.

"I know but I like doing this," He grinned feeling her hot breath on his neck was very distracting.

When they made it to their room she slipped off his orange and black jacket and cast it to the floor as he undid the red sash around her waist. He pulled open her dress to show him her black bra and panties. That made him wonder as she normally had on ninja mesh armour like himself under her clothing. But he shrugged it off, he was too busy looking at her body to really think on it. She pulled off his shirts seeing the now bare muscular chest with the Hokage's necklace there.

Kicking off their shoes they continued to kiss and fondle the other, Naruto slipped off her dress as it fell to the floor as she worked on his pants. The two young married couple then proceeded to enjoy their reunion. Over the years they got to know each other's need very well and were well versed in how to pleasure to the other.

After some time and effort both young lovers took a moment to breath after they had finished. It was always like this when they reunited. It always made this moment more passionate. Naruto smiled up at the ceiling, it was good to be home again he thought to himself. He could hear Temari's breathing slowly going back down to normal. For Temari she wished she could just enjoy the moment but there was something important she had to tell him. She had been so caught up in him being home again that she had gone with her passions first.

Not that it was a bad thing, in the years they had learned each other's bodies very well and usually this was just the first round before a break and then things would heat up again. But before that she needed to talk to him.

"Man I can't wait to go on missions again, hey you think Tsunade-baachan will have one ready for us?" Naruto asked his wife eagerly.

It was now or never, she figured. Maybe it was best to work her way up to it. "Well maybe but there's something I have to tell you. I'm on medical leave now. I'm off the active roster so I can't go on anymore missions."

"What!" Naruto shot up straight in bed his face filled with worry. "Is something wrong?"

"No not really," Temari sighed. "You know how in our marriage is originally political we were supposed to have kids at some point?" He nodded his head remembering that. They had talked about it as lately they were getting some pressure from a few of the more impatient members holding a political passion in either Suna or Konoha.

"Well, looks like we don't have to worry about it anymore." She told him.

"Why not?"

As much as she loved him he really was a little slow in some areas. "Remember before you left and we were in kind of a hurry to say our usual 'goodbye' to each other?"

He blushed a bit remembering that, "Yeah I do."

"I…forgot to take the usual precautions," She admitted the fault was hers looking back on it she should have been smarter. Stupid teenaged hormones strike again apparently. She could see his mind starting to make the connections so she gave him one final clue. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach as his eyes bulged out.

"Y-you mean…" He looked at where they're hands were.

"Yeah, you're going to be a dad in about nine months or so." Temari hadn't been sure on his reaction on this. He knew that he always wanted to be part of a family of his own, now he was going to start his own. She was a little scared herself, she hardly remembered her own mother and the less said about her father the better. Both hadn't had anything in the way or good parents to draw on how to be good parents.

After a few minutes of him being so unnaturally quiet was starting to get to her. "Naruto, say something!"

He soon broke out into the largest smile she had ever seen. He jumped up on the bed raising his hands up in the air. "I'm going to be a dad! Yahooo!"

She felt relieved that he took it so well.

"I can't wait to tell everyone!" Naruto had never really been this happy before in his life. He couldn't wait to see if he was going to have a son or daughter, not that it mattered but there was just so much he wanted to do. The realities hadn't hit him yet, he was too focused on the fact that he would have a family. He had promised himself years ago that when he and Temari had kids he would be the best dad he could be. Now that he was going to be a father, he wanted to go right up to the head of the Fourth and yell it out to the whole village.

"Why wait? I'm going to tell everyone now!" He jumped off the bed running for the door.

"Naruto!" Temari yelled out in shock. "Put some pants on at least!" She scrambled up hoping to catch him before he left the house naked. She prayed that their children wouldn't take after their father's energetic nature too much or else they were going to have their hands full within a few years.

-Hidden Sound Base-

Sasuke was sitting on a bed in the room he currently was using, there wasn't much in the way of personal items given that he moved around to various bases of Orochimaru's over the years. But although his life was different he had grown much stronger over time. He knew that he was close to being on his brother's level, that soon finally after all these years, all the sacrifices would be worth it. He could finally kill his brother and be free of him. There would be no more nightmares of his brother standing over the bloodied bodies of his clan mocking him with his cold expression.

With that done he could set about rebuilding his clan and start to restore it to its former glory. It would take generations but he had to start somewhere. There was a catch though; the time was slowly starting for Orochimaru to take a new host. This was something that he had been preparing for years to do. In fact he had been training and planning to avoid being Orochimaru's new vessel. He never planned on actually going through with it, he was just using Orochimaru like the man was using him.

It was just a matter of who defeated who first. For years he had been secretly studying the man's jutsus, strengths and weaknesses and there was a fatal flaw in the snake sannin's plans. Although Sasuke wasn't totally sure he was fairly reasonable that he could defeat him when he came to collect his new body. He would be weak at that point and his ego would think that he couldn't be beaten. Well Sasuke was going to show him just how vulnerable he really was.

"Fuck what time is it?" Came the annoyed voice of his bed mate.

"It's early you should get some rest." He said to her.

"I would but someone decided to kick me in the bladder," Tayuya sighed as she got up slightly. She placed a hand on her large stomach, obviously heavy with child. For the past few years they had been together and although never official they were together. They trained, fought and slept in the same room for the past few years. Being pregnant was one of the side effects of some of the activities they ended up doing together in bed.

She was only a month away from giving birth and it soured her mood. She had aches and pains, had to pee way too often and the little one kept kicking at odd times. But looking at her belly she couldn't help but feel love for the child. This was her child, her and Sasuke's and she knew the child would be great. One of the reasons she choose to have his child was because a part of her was scared. Scared that when Orochimaru came for him she would lose him forever, in a way, this was her way of giving him something he wanted. His clan to live on but also for her to keep a part of him alive in case the worst happened.

In the past few years they had grown to care for the other deeply, so deeply that when he came to her with his plan to deal with Orochimaru she didn't hesitate to stand with him. It was funny, before she would have died for her leader but now she was getting ready to betray him for the father of her child.

Sasuke placed his hand on her stomach and a small smile grew on his face, ever since he learned he would have a child a part of him was looking forward to it. He would start his clan with his child and raise a mighty ninja. He felt a kick and grinned, yes the child would be great he could feel it. "Soon our child will be born."

"And I can't fucking wait for it," Tayuya said to him. "You'd think with all the experiments Orochimaru has done on people there would be a way to make the father carry the child for a bit." She was silent a moment before voicing her worry. "It's almost time for him to come for you."

"I know and I'm ready for him," Sasuke looked up at her cupping her cheek. "Are you with me?"

"Fucking right I am," She told him her eyes steeled. "Although I have to say, when you finish him you sure you want to keep to the plan? We could always just run, a lot of people won't be happy with us, Kabuto especially."

"He'll live with it or else," Sasuke told her. "I plan on taking Sound for my own, our child will need an army and a country, so why not Orochimaru's? Everyone knows I'm his apprentice and I also have selected those that will stand with me."

She grinned at him, "Well if you are going to do this at least can we make a base above ground for once? These tunnels suck and I'm sick of always being in the dark."

Sasuke gave a small grunt of a laugh, "I don't see why not." He looked at the stomach again and grinned. The future looked a lot more interesting than it did a few years ago.

The End

Well that's it, I'm finally done. This was supposed to be a 12 chapter story but just grew in size. But I think this was a neat way to end it and leave room for a future story plus signs of what's to come if I ever make a sequel. Such as the new families being made, to a new leader of Sound etc. I'm just not sure to make it soon after this or just skip ahead years alter for a sequel. Anyways thanks for reading. Maybe I'll come back to this universe in a future date.

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