Sorry this chapter was so long in coming. And so short. I'm nearing the end of my computer time for the day (four other people are wanting to use it) so I'll post this and update as soon as I can.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: All right. I did it. Can you burn the cruise pictures now?

Gorkyshlorky: Who is this?

Fervenugen: I feel like we should already know who he is….

Gorkyshlorky: I certainly don't.

Fervenugen: Well, you should.

Gorkyshlorky: There ARE 217 of him.

Fervenugen: Of who?

Gorkyshlorky: Of people we already know, apparently.

Fervenugen: I didn't know we had so many friends! This is wonderful!

YouKnowWhoIAm217: It's me, Lucius Malfoy, you idiots!

Gorkyshlorky: Oh! Lucky Lucy!

Fervenugen: NOW it makes sense!

YouKnowWhoIAm217: My name is not Lucy. It's Lucius.

Fervenugen: Of course it is, Lucy.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: No it's not….oh, I give up. I did what you wanted me to do.

Gorkyshlorky: You watched the greatest show ever invented?

YouKnowWhoIAm217: I wouldn't call it that, but yes.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: Will you burn the pictures now?

Fervenugen: Hmm…what do you think, Gorkyshlorky?

Gorkyshlorky: You know, I'm not sure. They ARE rather embarrassing….

Fervenugen: Delightfully so.

Gorkyshlorky: I shudder to think what YOU would do if I were in them.

Fervenugen: I'd share them with all your friends, of course!

Gorkyshlorky: And I'd do the same for you, mate!

Fervenugen: I think we'll keep the pictures.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: NO! You can't do that! If Fudge got his hands on them, I…I…

Gorkyshlorky: You'd be forced to explain why Fudge has such glorious pink underpants.

Fervenugen: Large, too.

Gorkyshlorky: And…is that lace?

YouKnowWhoIAm217: Yes! It's lace! A very delicate sort, too; I've no idea why he'd put it where no one could see it!

Gorkyshlorky: Well, obviously a good many people HAVE seen it, thanks to you and that cruise.

Fervenugen: I think we'll keep them.

Gorkyshlorky: Yes. Spread the joy around.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: I'll tell everyone I know!

Fervenugen: About the cruise?

YouKnowWhoIAm217: No, about the show! My Little Pony! I'll tell them all!

Gorkyshlorky: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Fervenugen: As do I. The more bronies we create, the better the world will be.

Gorkyshlorky: All right, then. You may do it.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: Just please let me remain anonymous.

Gorkyshlorky: Request granted.

Fervenugen: Request co-granted.

Gorkyshlorky: (sign off)

Fervenugen: (sign off)

YouKnowWhoIAm217: Thank Merlin.

YouKnowWhoIAm217: They're more terrifying than the Dark Lord.