Home Economics – by BandGeek99

Home Economics – by BandGeek99

Hello again! I'm awful, I know, but this idea has been nagging me for the past few weeks and I decided to do something about it! It's not a very original idea, but, well, I'll make it my own! It has hip, young teachers (what a horrible phrase!), cute soccer guys who totally crush on you and make rock stars jealous, and really scary waiters! Boo yeah!

DISCLAIMER: I own nobody but the teacher, Miss Hawthorne, the classmates, and the other various original characters that show up in between.

DEDICATION: Dedicated to Becka who helped me through Home Ec. (I would have hurt myself with the sewing machine or seam ripper or something…) and dedicated to Kenny, whom I love very much. (In a non-homosexual way, that is!)



(Sora's POV)

I slid into my seat and groaned. Today was the first day of the semester, meaning that we were getting a new elective.

That means we would have to endure one new class a semester. For example, you might have art and health for one semester, and shop and home economics second semester.

It was November 10th. Almost Christmas time. And to screw it up, we had Home Ec. Urgh.

"Hey, Sor," my friend Bella said, sliding into the chair next to mine at the low wooden table.

I waved unenthusiastically, slumping over my small pile of books.

"You don't seem too happy today do you."

It wasn't a question. Bella always somehow knew what I was thinking.

I nodded. "Stupid home ec. I hate Ms. Thomas."

"Didn't you hear? We have a new teacher."

I perked up at this. "Really?"

As if on cue, a young woman of maybe twenty-eight years old entered the room. She had a petite stature with blonde hair wrapped into a bun and deep brown eyes and was dressed in a baby blue hoodie, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black and blue Vans. A pair of rectangular, olive green glasses adorned her face and she had a pair of earrings that had letters hanging down reading "ROCK".

I had a good feeling about her.

The door burst open and Tai stood there panting with Cam panting behind him. They were such idiots…

"Nice of you to join us," the new teacher said. "Please sit at the table with these two lovely ladies." She pointed to me and Bella.

We each exchanged confused glances as the boys sat down on the opposite sound of the table.

"My name is Alice Hawthorne, and I'm your new Consumer Ed teacher. I think I'll start off the class with attendance."

Tai, Matt, and I exchanged glances.

"Um, is… Cameron here?"

"Yeah, Cam-er-own!" one of the guys said in a low voice.

Cam raised his hand. "Could you call me Cam? Cameron sounds kinda dorky."

"Sure." Miss Hawthorne made a note on her list. "Is Isabelle here?"

Bella raised her hand. "Bella, please."

"Okay, Bella. Is Taichi here?"

"Tai, por favor."

I groaned. Tai took Spanish and English and enjoyed switching between languages.

"Si, Senor. No problemo." Apparently this teacher was bilingual. "How about Yamato?"

"Could you call me Matt?"

"Of course, Matt. How about Lianne?"

"Present and accounted for," the girl piped happily.

"Good. Gregory?"

"Greg, if you will."

"Okay, Greg. How about Diana?"



"I'm here," I said, raising my hand.

She smiled. "Nice to see you. Are Mimi and Hikari here?"

"Both here," Kari said, "But could you call me Kari instead of Hikari?"

"Sure, I will. Is Takeru here?"

"TK, if you will," the blonde said, imitating Greg.

Greg narrowed his eyes at Matt's little brother, but Miss Hawthorne didn't notice. "Are Ken and Daisuke here?"

"Yeah, but call me Davis, Daisuke makes me feel like that baseball player."

"Okay. How about Miyako and Tiffany?"

"Call me Yolie."

"Here! Tiffany is fine with me, but you can call me Tiff if you'd like."

"How about Dylan?"

He raised a hand and said quietly, "Present."

"Good, we're all here. Now, this quarter, we'll be starting a new project." She placed her class list onto her desk and picked up a paper grocery bag. "Before I explain what we'll be doing, could all of the boys please follow me into the supply closet for a minute?"

Tai, Cam, Bella, and I all exchanged bewildered glances, but the guys slowly rose out of their chairs and followed Miss Hawthorne into the closet.

(Tai's POV)

We followed Miss Hawthorne into the cramped room filled to the brim with sewing stuff for the freshmen.

She held up the paper bag that had been sitting on her desk. "Okay, boys. For this project, I'm letting you all choose a special ring and you are going to ask one of the girls to 'marry' you. I'll need to ask you each who you're going to propose to after this class period, which you will use to get to know everyone and decide. At the end, I'd like you to stay back and tell me who you've chosen, and by tomorrow, I'd like all of you to have proposed."

TK and Davis were giving each other death glares, clearly battling silently for Kari.

Matt sighed and whispered to me, "As much as I'd love to propose to Sora, I think I'll have to go with your sister to make sure TK and Davis don't kill each other."

The news about Sora hadn't sunken in yet, only the stuff about Kari. "Only if you promise to treat her right."

Matt spat on the palm of his hand and held it out for me to shake. "Deal."

I spat on my own hand and we shook on it.

"I think I'll have Tai go first," the teacher said, giving me a thoughtful look. "Choose wisely."

I approached the bag and as I went through it, Matt's words came floating back through my mind. "As much as I'd love to propose to Sora, I think I'll have to go with your sister…" That must mean that he wasn't asking Sora, so she was mine for the courting. Do you know what I mean?

Apparently, she broke up with him the spring of junior year and he never quite got over her. It must be hard, passing up this chance just to keep TK and Davis' friendship alive. (Davis had finally decided that he'd call TK by his actual name and try to be friends; this approach worked.) Then again, Matt has the crest of Friendship, so I guess it's only fitting…

Anyway, I went through the bag, looking at different rings. I chose a nice, simple one. I knew that this was going to be that weird project where you got paired up with a girl and had to pretend you were a married couple for, like, a week or something. Except I had a gut feeling that this would last the whole quarter.

Anyway, let's get back to the reason I picked the ring I did. I knew that Miss Hawthorn would grade us on how much money we spent during the project, and I had a feeling that the rings were going to count under that category. Besides, the ring I picked wouldn't be very expensive in real life, and I'm sure that the girl I "married" would like it anyway.

Miss Hawthorne smiled and said to the others, "He made a nice, practical choice. Here's a box to put it in, hon." She handed me a small navy blue box to put the ring in.

I accepted it, put the ring in, and slipped it into my pocket.

Matt chose something more expensive looking than mine, but not terribly extravagant. He knew Kari well enough to know that it was the sort of thing she'd like.

Davis was an idiot, as usual, and picked the most expensive and fancy ring he could find.

TK rolled his eyes at his friend's stupidity and picked a ring for himself.

After a while, we had all picked rings and hidden them in our pockets (except for Cam, who put his into his wallet because there weren't enough boxes for everyone) and left the stuffy closet.

We did indeed spend the rest of the class getting to know each other, but for me it was pointless, even though I got to know a couple of freshmen and a new sophomore.

After class, once the girls had left the room, we guys lined up in the following order: Greg, Cam, me, Dylan, Matt, Ken, TK, and Davis.

Greg said, "Um, I think I'm going to propose to Yolie. I really like her."

Miss Hawthorne smiled at him. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, good luck with the girl!"

Greg gave a nervous smile and waited by the door for Matt, Cam, and I.

Cam grinned and said, "I'm going for Mimi. God, is she hot…"

I leaned over the table and said in a low voice, "Don't let Matt know, but I'd like to ask Sora."

Miss Hawthorne nodded. "I won't let him know, but you do understand that he'll find out tomorrow, right?"

I nodded. I knew perfectly well, but I'd rather that Sora was with me when I got beaten up; then she'd know how much I cared about her.

Dylan asked to be paired with Bella and Matt asked to be paired up with Kari.

Davis and TK both swarmed the teacher, shouting the other down for Kari.

"Sorry, boys, but Kari has been taken. The three girls left are Tiffany, Lianne, and Diana."

TK asked for Diana and Davis asked grudgingly for Lianne. Ken was left for Tiffany and us guys left the room and headed to class.





How was that? This is just something that I've been doing in my spare time, but I like the way it's going.

I'll update soon!