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Broken hearts and last goodbyes
Restless nights but lullabies
Helps to make this pain go away
I realize I let you down
Told you that I'd be around
Building up the strength just to say

Shane Gray had a broken heart. Mitchie Torres, the girl of his dreams, had just walked away after saying her final goodbye. It was all his fault. He knew he had broken her heart and a lot of promises.

He, as her boyfriend, had let her down when she was counting on him to be around. He was known as a heart breaker and he had just gone and proved it to her. The media would be all over it. Shane Gray breaks heart of young former "Camp Rock" camper Mitchie Torres. He would make it right though. He'd tell them it was all him. It was his fault. He wasn't ashamed to admit that. He'd taken advantage of her sweet and accommodating personality without thinking of the consequences until it was too late.

Filled with sorrow, filled with pain
Knowing that I am to blame
For leaving your heart out in the rain
And I know your gonna walk away
And leave me with the price to pay
But before you go I wanted to say

That I'm sorry
For breaking all the promises that I wasn't around to keep
Its all me
This time is the last time that I will ever beg you to stay
But you're already on your way

He had begged and pleaded with her to stay with him, told her that he would make it up to her, but she had left with tears in her eyes, running slowly down her cheeks like the pouring rain outside. She gathered her coat and purse and opened the door heading out into the raging storm, uncaring. The sound of thunder and lightning complimented the sobs that erupted from her mouth as she ran to her vehicle and got in. The slam of the car door was like the ending of their relationship, a fading noise compared to the thunder's crash under the harshness of the lightning against the sky.

Can't make it alive on my own
But if you have to go, then please girl
Just leave me alone
Cause I don't want to see you and me going our separate ways
I'm begging you to stay
If it isn't too late

How awful had he been to deserve this? Fate had paid a terrible trick on him. Were it not for his bad attitude, he would never have been sent to Camp Rock and met the sweet, innocent girl that was Mitchie. She had changed him for the brief time that they had spent together. But he had let the life of a rockstar drag him back to the life he had before he met her. Having her in his life had caused them both pain but they had once been happy and carefree. He wondered if he had never met her would there still be an empty hole where his heart used to be. She had caused the hole to form but her abscence would have been an even deeper pain to bear.

She was already on her way. He wanted to run after her and tell her that he couldn't live without her and that he wouldn't break a promise to her ever again. But he knew it would be a lie. Who was he to cause her more pain that she was already experiencing? Nobody. That's what he was in her life now. He was no longer Shane Gray the popstar, but Shane Gray, a brokenhearted young man who had just lost The One.

I'm sorry
For breaking all the promises that I wasn't around to keep
Its all me
This time is the last time that I will ever beg you to stay
But your already on your way

But your already on your way...

"I'm sorry."


Mitchie Torres had a broken heart. It had been slowly healing until the day she turned on the radio and heard the emotional new single by Connect Three.

If it isn't too late