Books, Tales, and Memories With My Worst Enemies

Harry Potter was sleeping soundly in his bed at number four Privet Drive. Then a sudden flash of light emitted the room in a glow and five figures appeared. Harry didn't wake up but rolled over. "What the hell!" said Ron Weasely looking around. "Ron where are we!" asked Hermione Granger. "Granger! Weasely! Where the hell am I!" shouted another teen Draco Malfoy. "What the...," said Voldemort peering around the room. "My Lord,'' asked Severus Snape looking around the room. "Harry," shouted Hermione. Harry slept soundly on without stirring. "Draco where are we what's happening," asked Snape. "I don't know ask Potter's gang," said Draco confused. "We don't know either has anybody got their wands," asked Hermione trying to find hers. Everyone looked through their pockets but their wands were missing.

"How does Potter sleep through all the yelling we've been doing," asked Snape curiously. Voldemort shrugged and picked up a broken airplane behind him and chucked it at Harry's head. "Ow WHAT THE F...," screamed Harry shooting up. "Language Potter," hissed Snape. "Um good morning,'' said Harry unsurally. "Actually Harry its two am but do you know why we're all here,'' asked Hermione. "No I was just about to ask that," said Harry getting up. He was in his PJ's and he walked over to the door and tried to open it. "Why the hell is my door locked!" shouted Harry. "I thought you said that your relatives locked you in all the time," asked Hermione. "No since they don't know Sirius is...dead I told them he'd kill them if they locked me in here so they ripped off the locks," explained Harry.

"Your relatives used to lock you in here," asked Snape astonished. Harry nodded while trying to tug open the door. He gave up and headed over to the window but it wouldn't budge either so he looked around for his wand. "Wheres my wand!" he shouted in frustration. "Ours are gone also Potter," said Voldemort. Harry sighed and got a hammer from his closet and walked over to the window. "Harry be careful," shouted Hermione. Harry ignored her and smashed the window. Glass flew everywhere cutting into Harry's skin but when Harry looked back triumphantly at the window the window was fixed.

"WHAT THE HELL!" screamed Harry and he smashed the window again. More glass cut into his skin but the window was replaced again. Harry let out a frustrated scream and raised the hammer again but was stopped by Hermione. "Harry its no use! And your already bleeding!" shouted Hermione grabbing the hammer. Then out of nowhere a book flew into Voldemort's head. "What the...,'' Voldemort started but stopped when he saw the title. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," he read. Harry scrunched up his face in confusion. "Where'd that book come from," asked Draco.

"Don't know it just flew into my head,'' announced Voldemort. "Well its obvious then," said Hermione in a know-it-all voice. Everyone stared at her in confusion. She sighed and explained. "Someone wants us to read this book that's why we're locked in here and who knows maybe when we get done reading it they'll let us out." "That sounds like a good plan,'' said Voldemort and then six armchairs appeared and the room grew bigger. "So who reads first," asked Ron. "I will," announced Voldemort.

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