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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Rating: PG-13

Sukka Week, Day One: Shelter

August 18, 2008

While she had been in the dojo with the other girls, it had begun to rain. They continued through with their exercises, ignoring the constant drumming of rain against the roof.

When the sun began to set, Suki decided to call it a day–much to the other warriors' (especially Ty Lee's, whose frown was deeply etched onto her face) relief.

She had other things on her mind, other things that the girls were well aware of–the time for questioning their leader was one that didn't occur much, but Suki feared when that inevitable day would come.

As she left the building, she realized belatedly that she didn't have anything to cover herself with from the rain, and began to run the direction of the small hut Sokka had built when they first came back to Kyoshi Island to stay for a while–at least until normalcy set in. She wove in and out, between the sparse amount of people who were walking with umbrellas, slower than she intended to travel.

The sky was dark as well as the entire village which was covered in a grey hue, the fire lamps that had been set in place were put out by the rain. She wished that it wasn't raining, since rain always made her life a little more difficult than necessary, but she couldn't help the calming feeling of the water against her skin after training all day.

She was suddenly pulled to an abrupt stop by a hand securely holding onto her wrist. Almost throwing her "attacker" on his backside, she knew who it was before even meeting his jovial expression with her own, seeing the dark skin of her counterpart with ease. Her uniform was weighing heavily down on her, but she barely noticed as the world began to drift away in his eyes.

They had been together for so long, and he still managed to make her blush by just one look. She shivered unintentionally.

"In a rush?" he asked, smiling down at her, his hand still holding onto her wrist gently.

"Not anymore," she let go of the breath she didn't know she had been holding. She took a step closer to him, noticing how soaked he was already. As an afterthought, she added, "You're going to catch a cold, Sokka."

"And you're not?" he questioned. He began to lean down, his face nearing hers. She knew they shouldn't be outside when it was raining and cold, but... she couldn't find any reason other than an impending sickness to go inside. Especially when his hair is matted against his head that way as well as his clothing leaving little to her imagination–she wondered why he even wore them at all.

"Maybe," she said softly, her eyes now on his approaching lips. She moved to cover his lips with her own, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him close. He reacted immediately, pushing his tongue past her lips, meeting hers in the never-ending battle of dominance.

When they broke the kiss for air, she began to laugh as she surveyed the 'damage' on his face. Her face paint, coupled with the rain, was all over the lower-half of his face, mostly on his lips.

He, on the other hand, was thinking about the paint on her face getting into her eyes, so he tended to that with his sleeve, wiping as much of it as he could off. She reached up to cup his cheek, her thumb wiping her lipstick off of his lips.

"I'm sure we both look like messes right now," she grinned.

"I think you look beautiful."

"I think you look pretty handsome with my make-up all over your face," she giggled, trying to wipe more of it off with the rain's aid–in actuality, she was just making it worse.

He chuckled. "I'll take your word for it. As much as I like seeing you wet–"

"Ha ha."

He rolled his eyes with a grin, his blue eyes sparkling in the dim light. "–I think we should go find shelter for a little bit, if you know what I mean, before heading in."

Without another word, he hooked an arm around her waist, pulling her in the direction of the large tree by their small home that would provide them enough recluse that they wouldn't be soaked through further (if it was possible to be drenched more than they already were).

Leaning on the trunk of the tree, he pulled her backwards into his arms, her back up against his chest. She smiled, feeling slightly uncomfortable in her wet clothing, but thought nothing of it when Sokka nuzzled her neck from behind. Suki turned in his arms, kissing him languidly, slowly, reveling in the feeling of his soft lips against his. They were impatient people when it came down to the wire involving the physical aspects of their relationship, always in a passionate frenzy of hands and emotions... she didn't stop to savor his taste as often as she should.

"I think we should go inside and get dried off," she said after a few minutes of silence. "This uniform weighs too much right about now and I don't like it."

His eyes swept over her slowly, the smirk on his face growing into a grin. "I agree, you are wearing too much clothing."

"I'm so wet. I may need help," she responded, teasing him. She grabbed his hand and tugged him along behind her.

"Depends on where–" he began to say, chuckling deviously to himself at the look of playfulness on her face.

"Oh, you know where."