Triforce in this world

Note to readers, violence is present in the story. Which results in some charater's deaths so watch out! Also all Original Charaters ARE based on REAL people. (my friends) However I do not appear in this story.

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Chapter 1

The bell rang announcing the beginning of another day at the Church High School.

It was a chilly Monday morning with fog over coating the field that surrounded the school. The school itself was a simple building with many windows in an attempt to make it looked more modern but this effect didn't work at all.

A group of nine 15/16 year old friends, wearing the same uniform consisting of a maroon blazer with white shirt and black trousers, were making their way to their first class of the day. Of that group was: Cara, a small cuddly, woman with a gentle voice. Shoulder length brown hair, a kind-hearted face and a very gentle touch.

Luke was a giant of a man with short curly black hair, his eyes and mouth was always in a tough-looking expression. People who didn't know him were always careful with what they said or did in front of him until they realised that once you get to know him he was a kind person.

Debbie was a plain but very intelligent girl with long brown hair.

Rachel was an unusual girl; she could make a joke out of any situation, often by striking someone's nerves without realising she had done. Her long blond-brown hair was her pride and joy, a girl who knew how to look after herself.

Andy was a short boy with short blond hair, freckles dotting his face. His hands were always in a fist, and he was a great fighter; he often thrashed people who he thought "disrespected" him or the group. Andy often got into trouble for it but those who he beat up never dared look at him again.

Devon was the brains of the group. Her hair was black and frizzy and she tied it into plaits. She was best at everything she did and was often asked to help anyone who was struggling with anything.

Katie was the quiet one of the group, her long blond hair with black highlights which often covered half her pretty face. She wasn't fond of talking much but when she did she would make everyone wonder at whatever she talked about.

Ryan was the peace maker and should anything happen within the group (which was not often) he would sort it out in no time. He was often remembered for his short jet black hair and loud voice.

The last member was Joe, a man who always wanted what's right for the group and for everyone. His short brown hair and long fringe shaded his eyes from people trying to look at them. Seven years ago he had brown eyes, but one day he looked in a mirror to find he had unnatural deep blue eyes that they seemed out of place, since then he preferred being on his own or with the group.


The first lesson of the day was English in which the teacher knew about the group and to prevent disruption, separated all of them. But they had their own ways of staying in touch, like eye contact and taps on the desks. The teacher (who I am going to leave nameless because if she was ever to find out she was in this story she go mad and such) was a short woman with long curly red hair, she had great respect among some of the classroom. She was very strange to talk too with her Irish accent but she had a very soft and kind voice. She stood at the front of the class and said,

"Today we are going to copy out the books because you are all driving me crazy,"

"Awww," came from the class

"But Miss our exams are just round the corner," said Ryan in a displeased voice.

"Yes I know that is why we're doing this," replied teacher in the same tone.

Suddenly the door burst open and a pig-like monster stood in the way wielding a long spear, it seemed to be searching for something.

"Where are they…?" the monster asked in a terrifying voice that sent chills down everyone's spine and brought back terrifying memories to the children.

"I don't know who or what you are but get out of my classroom now!" Miss shouted

"Shut up you old hag," and with that the monster stabbed Miss with his spear turned it with it still inside her then withdrew it, killing her instantly. Panicked screams came from all the children as they all tried to escape from the monster by avoiding its spear and running to the door. Some were successful. Others weren't.

The group made their way out the door while the monster was busy with chasing down the other children, then down the stairs and outside… then they saw it.


"Oh my god," came the terrified voice of Katie.

"What's happened?" said Devon.

They all saw an army which was filled with much more pig-like monsters but even more were there, monsters dressed in iron armour with massive clubs, men with evil eyes holding huge swords and shields, huge wolves and dragon-like warriors. It was a horrific sight.

"We'll be ok. Look!" shouted Andy pointing at something, everyone look in which direction he was pointing and saw hope.

The army with tanks and guns was there and was advancing to the dark army of monsters. The army, armed with tanks and guns were there, advancing into the dark mass of monsters.


"How the hell are we gonna get out of here without dying!?" Luke asked.

They had moved to the back of the school where they hoped they would remain undetected. Some troops from the army were heading into school to find survivors, if any were present.

"Right,… we could run like hell?" Joe suggested

"You think we could out run an army of monsters?" Katie asked, silencing Joe.

"Well? Any ideas?" Andy asked, surveying for any reactions that would betray the hiding of fear.

"No, nothing," Rachel said quietly, her head fell down as she said it.

"Maybe help will come? Maybe the army shall defeat that dark one," Debbie said, trying to cheer everyone up

"Do you really think that!?" Joe asked Debbie, his eyes telling her what he thought of what she said


"Blimey ain't I got a bunch of things here!"

Everyone jumped to their feet and turned to see another pig-like monster, "I think I found them!" it shouted to itself as the group stepped back from the monster

"Help! If anyone is there we need help!" Joe shouted at the top of his voice.

The silence that followed was filled with fear as the monster advanced to on them.

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