Disney owns the Kim Possible characters.

NoDrogs created the twins, who have a different origin in my BE stories.

This story falls between A Nightmare before Christmas and Return of the Green-Eyed Monster.

All names of cheerleaders are 'official'. At different times one girl was called Maggie or Jessica. I made them sisters. In my stories Tara has a daughter named Jessica - mentioned in first paragraph.

Paradise Revisited

Tara gave Shego some last minute instructions, "Jessica is potty trained. But sometimes forgets if she's having a good time playing."

"I'll make sure she doesn't have a good time."

The blonde woman looked shocked.

"I'm kidding," Shego assured her.

"Hurry up!" Bonnie called and Tara quickly kissed her six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter and left them to play with Kasy and Sheki.

"Honestly," Bonnie complained as they headed out to the car, "why couldn't you leave the kids home with Josh?"

"He had work to do. I didn't want to bother him."

"I wonder what color hair his work has," Bonnie thought. Ron had left the trunk open for Bonnie's bag and the brunette got in the passenger's seat beside Kim while Tara got into the back seat with Ron for the trip to the airport.

"Thanks for paying my way," Tara thanked Bonnie again.

"No problem, it will be great to have so many of us together for Crystal's wedding."

"You're helping Tara?" Kim asked.

"I wish Tara had kept her mouth shut," Bonnie thought. "It's nothing. I'm not spending much in Hollywood and didn't want Tara left out."

Kim took her eyes off the road long enough to flash Bonnie a warm smile. "Six years ago, I never wanted to see you again. Now, don't know what I'd do without you."

"Yeah, life's weird. Eyes on the road." Kim, Ron, and Tara were all thinking how the actress had matured. Back in high school she would have trumpeted the fact she was helping Tara to the world. Now she really appeared to want to keep it quiet. Bonnie hoped the other two cheerleaders she was helping to attend the wedding were able to remain silent about the money she had given them so they could attend.

"Ron, I hope that box I saw in the trunk does not contain what I think it contains."

Ron said nothing.


"Hey, the mad dog was my role on the squad. I had to bring the head."

Bonnie shook her head sadly. "Well, some of us have grown up in the last six years." She turned to Kim. "How do you want to present yourself at the reunion?"

"How do I want to present myself?"

"You and Shego are not exactly the best kept secret in Middleton. But you aren't out on the front lawn waving flags with pink triangles either. Most people think Ron is the father of Kasy and Sheki-"

"He's not?" Tara asked.

"No," Kim assured her, "it was in vitro fertilization… Artificial." Kim didn't tell Tara how very artificial it had been. Tara had been told this before, but when you watched Ron being dad to the girls it was easy to forget he wasn't their father. "What's your point?" she asked Bonnie.

"Do you want him for the weekend?"

"What!" Ron demanded from the back seat.

"Yeah, what he said," Kim added.

"Just suggesting the two of you show up arm in arm and-"

"I thought the paper said you and Ron were engaged," Tara interrupted.

Bonnie held up her left hand so Tara could see it, "You see an engagement ring?" Kim shot Bonnie a knowing glance. She recognized the gesture was more a hint aimed at Ron than an explanation to Tara. Bonnie continued, "We've got two adjoining rooms with connecting doors. Two double beds in each room. Ron and Kim will officially check into one, Tara and I will check into the other. After we retire for the night I trade Tara for Ron."

Tara seemed a little uncertain about the concept. "So I go into one room with Bonnie, and then I sleep on the second bed in the room with Kim while Ron sleeps on the second bed in the room with you?" she asked Bonnie.

"Not exact… Yes, that's how works. Ron and I will have the two beds in my room." When Ron looked like he wanted to protest the second bed Bonnie gave him a wink and he remained silent.

"I guess that's okay," Kim said slowly. "Look, I'm not going to deny being with Shego if anyone asks me. But I figure who a person sleeps with shouldn't matter if they're both adults and not cheating on anyone else." She sighed deeply, "And this is supposed to be about Crystal's wedding, not about any of us… Thanks, Bonnie, it's amazingly thoughtful of you."

"You two in the back seat got that?" Bonnie asked.

"Drool all over Kim, check," Ron called.

"Kim's right. You don't need to lie to anyone. Just show up together and everyone will assume what they already assume."

"And what was that again?" Tara asked.

"That Ron and Kim are together," Bonnie repeated slowly. "You don't need to talk about Shego. If anyone asks your kids are staying at Kim's house with a babysitter." "If this falls apart it will be Tara's fault."

The flight was uneventful.

"The mountains are gorgeous!" Tara enthused as they drove the rental car to the lodge in the fading light.

"I'll bet the skiing is great in the winter," Kim agreed.

"Could you explain again why the wedding is going to be here?" Ron wanted to know.

"Crystal met the owner's daughter in college," Bonnie explained. "Maybe they were roommates or something. I think they're letting Crystal use it at cost for the wedding - winter is their big season. We'll probably meet the owner's daughter while we're here."

Bonnie pulled out her cell phone and called Maggie as soon as they glimpsed the lodge, "Kim, Ron, Tara, and Bonnie reporting for duty. We can see lodge now."

"Park on the east side"

As soon as Kim parked the car the four were ambushed. There were squeals of joy and hugs all around.

"Liz and Linda missed a connection, they won't be in until around midnight," Jessica explained.

"And Crystal is doing wedding stuff, but she'll join us in the lounge as soon as she can," Hope added.

"Ron, would you be a dear and carry in all the luggage?" Bonnie requested. "All the luggage except that ratty-looking dog head. You can leave that in the car."

"You have the mad dog head?" Marcella asked. "Oh, you've got to bring that in. You can wear it to the wedding."

"No," Kim declared flatly. "Don't put any ideas in his head."

"The poor things would probably die of loneliness," Bonnie added.

Tara stayed with Ron and helped him so that they could carry in all the luggage on one trip. "You should have gone in with the rest of them," Ron chided.

"You were a cheerleader too. We can't all be there until you're with us," she reminded him. "Besides I feel like I owe Bonnie some-"

"I think Bonnie just wants you to have a good time. And I think she would be happy if you didn't mention that any more, but just enjoyed yourself."


The lounge was the large, central room of the resort. A long bar filled one end and a few guests, probably there for the wedding, sat there drinking. The cheerleaders who had arrived first had staked out an area around the fireplace. When Maggie, Jessica, Bonnie, Kim, Hope, and Marcella got to the lounge they found a photographer waiting.

"Can we get a group picture?" Hope asked.

"Sorry, I'm just here to get a couple shots of Ms. Rockwaller. Owner wants one signed and framed up on the wall in the dining room. Probably get another one in the local paper."

"Sorry," Bonnie apologized to the others, "be back in a minute."

"Calm down," Marcella told the fuming Hope, "we want Ron, Tara, Linda, Liz, and Crystal in the picture."

"This is just like high school," Hope snapped, "Bonnie always has to be the center of attention. Kim has done a lot more than all of us together and she gets ignored."

"I'm fine, really," Kim assured her. "I really value my privacy. Bonnie has to pose and smile or her studio might get mad at her."

"There's a change," Marcella snorted, "Kim defending Bonnie."

"Kim was always nice," Jessica responded. "Not as nice as Tara… Where is Tara?" She turned to Kim, "She came with you."

Maggie, Jessica's older sister, answered the question. "She stayed to help Ron carry in the bags. She hasn't changed, always the sweetest kid on the squad."

All the others nodded, although Hope had to add, "Not the brightest kid on the squad, but certainly the sweetest." She turned to Kim, "Are she and Josh still together?"

"Yes," was Kim's noncommittal reply.

"Going to get married someday?"

"You need to ask her yourself, I don't talk about other people's private lives."

Since Kim refused to gossip the conversation turned to other women and what they'd been doing since college.

Ron and Tara had meanwhile arrived at their rooms. For the sake of appearances, and the practice, Tara took her luggage, and Bonnie's, into their room while Ron took his bags, and Kim's, into the room next door. As Bonnie had been promised the rooms had connecting doors.

Ron opened the door on his side and knocked on the door on Tara's side. "Should I bring my duffle over there now?" he asked when she answered. "You can bring your suitcase in here."

Tara hesitated, "What if someone comes back to talk?"

"You're right… Besides, we'll probably just leave the doors open and be back and forth between the rooms all weekend. Hey, thanks for helping me."

"No problem, let's find the others."

The two linked arms and went in search of the lounge.

By the time the two of them found the others the photographer had finished with pictures of Bonnie and she sat beside Kim on a couch. At Ron's appearance Bonnie slid over and Ron plopped himself down between the two. Hope and Marcella both noticed that Ron sat slightly closer to Bonnie - their legs touched while there was a space between Kim and Ron at least three inches wide.

Jessica, an assistant manager at a Computer World, had them all rolling with stories about clueless customers when Crystal staggered in and collapsed on a large chair which had been left open.

Crystal rubbed her hands slowly across her eyes then stared up at the ceiling, "Is it too late to call the wedding off?"

"What's wrong," Tara asked.

"I don't know who's worse - my mother or his mother. Between the two of them they are driving me crazy!"

Marcella patted her hand and assured her she would survive.

"Would a drink help," Maggie asked.

"There isn't a drink in the world big enough to… A glass of white, please." Maggie headed to the bar and Crystal smiled at her friends. "I am so glad I have you here to keep me sane."

"I hope you're not counting on Ron for any sanity," Bonnie protested.

"Ron was the nicest guy in Middleton," Crystal responded. "I just hope Tony and I can be as happy as Kim and Ron."

Hope, Marcella, and Jessica all noticed that the four from Middleton didn't seem to join the general laughter after Crystal's declaration.

Everyone but Crystal had almost finished their second drink; wine, beer, cocktail, or soda, and Crystal had started her second glass of wine when Maggie's cell phone rang. "They just turned onto the county road," she told the others, "they should be here in less than fifteen minutes."

"Oh, I'm getting champagne for everyone," Hope announced and headed to the bar. The bartender wouldn't let glass flutes out of the bar area, but had plastic flutes. They all headed for the parking lot, with Hope balancing the tray with the champagne and Marcella opening doors for her.

"Next time just get a couple bottles and carry the glasses empty," Jessica suggested as Hope moved slowly and carefully.

"Hindsight is perfect," Hope grumbled. "Hey, if any of you would carry your glasses it would be appreciated." Enough people grabbed glasses that Hope abandoned the tray in the hallway.

Despite the season it was cool at night and they huddled together as they looked for the lights of the car with Liz and Linda. Maggie looked around her and couldn't help but comment, "You people are incredible. I think you turned around the athletic programs at Middleton."

"I don't believe that," Tara responded, "we were just cheerleaders."

"Just cheerleaders… Don't give me that," Maggie insisted, "attendance was down at games, the coaches had trouble recruiting enough players for some teams. You made the difference."

"You're fishing for compliments," Bonnie protested, "you want us to point out how brilliant you were for recruiting a squad of freshmen."

Maggie laughed, "Well, not brilliant… Okay, maybe brilliant. But you and Kim were infamous for your rivalry before you ever reached high school-"

"No we weren't," Kim objected.

"Yes you were," Marcella insisted. "I remember you in middle school. Liz will second that when she gets here."

"We weren't that bad," Kim grumbled quietly.

"Yes, you were," Maggie insisted. "But I knew if I got you both on the squad you'd be so busy trying to top the other we'd have a great squad."

"Is that why you didn't want to be head cheerleader?" Ron asked. "It seemed kind of weird, the senior cheerleader on the squad nominating two freshman."

"Ding, ding, ding," Maggie announced, "we have a winner. Somebody give the man a kiss." Bonnie quickly obliged, giving Ron a fast peck on the cheek. "Kim won, but Bonnie kept her on her toes, kept pressuring her to do her best. I'm just glad I graduated at the end of that first year. I was starting to worry one of you might kill the other."

"Thanks for leaving us with the powder keg," Jessica complained. "The two of them were always at each other the three years I was with them. It was a lot more peaceful after they graduated."

"And tell me, Sis, where did the Middleton cheerleaders place in state competition that year after they left when you were head cheerleader?"

Jessica changed the subject quickly, "Hey, I see headlights."

Liz and Linda were barely out of the car before glasses were pressed into their hands.

Maggie shouted the first toast, "Mad Dogs rule!"

Kim slipped hers in second, "Friends forever!"

Ron got a laugh with, "No more Mr. Barkin!"

Liz proposed a toast for not getting lost on the drive, and then the women cheered when Tara proposed, "Crystal and Tony, may they always be happy together." Those who had anything left in their glasses drained them and they all moved back inside to the lounge.

The bar was closed, but the lounge still open and they sat and talked until almost two. Liz had started work on her Master's degree. Marcella was doing well in nursing school. Hope assured them that the real estate market was improving and showed a picture of her boyfriend, "You'll all be invited," she assured them. Kim and Tara passed around pictures of their kids, including the Halloween where Kasy, Sheki, and Tara's Jessica had dressed as the Powerpuff girls.

"Did you bring your tennis racket?" Bonnie asked Linda. The black woman nodded yes.

"You're going to get on the court with Linda?" Marcella asked in disbelief.

"I'm not planning on beating her," Bonnie replied. "But I want to play her. I've been taking lessons the last couple years."

"She'll take you apart," Jessica warned, "she's, like, a professional level player."

"I am not," Linda laughed. "I was second best in state in high school. I never made it over third net in college. I just play to have fun now. Bonnie might beat me."

"I doubt it," Bonnie scoffed. "But my coach says playing someone better than I am improves my game."

Several women had trouble believing Ron was still in school, and planned to start a program in organic chemistry.

Crystal summed it up best, "Ron, you know we all love you like a brother, but we sort of figured you as the guy most likely to be asking, 'You want fries with that?'."

Kim laughed, "I always told you, Ron could do anything he wanted."

"You told us," Liz agreed, "but somehow it was hard to take him seriously when he had that mole rat doing his math homework for him."

"Hey, when I leave college mom and dad expect me to get a job," Ron explained. "So I have to ask myself, what's the point in graduating."

All the women laughed loudly. "You're still Ron," one told him, while another added, "I wish I'd thought of that."

Several of the women were starting to yawn when Maggie suggested they turn in. "Wedding isn't until Sunday. We have all day to talk if we don't sleep through Saturday. Breakfast at eight."

Maggie and her sister Jessica were sharing a room, as were Hope and Marcella.

"Something's wrong between Ron and Kim," Hope declared as she got ready for bed.

"What do you mean?"

"He was too close to Bonnie, I think he was flirting with her."

"Those two never liked each other."

"I'm telling you, if Ron isn't cheating on Kim he's at least trying."

Marcella thought for a minute, "She was the one who kissed him on the cheek in the parking lot… But she was the one closest to him."

"She's always the one closest to him. Watch them together."

"But Kim-"

"The woman is always the last to know."