Chapter 1: "It's going to be a good day"

10:15 AM on May 22, 2009

It's 10:15 AM, and its going to be a good day said Alex, as he and his classmates were on a train to Grand Central for the Memorial Day Weekend trip to New York City, As Alex looks around, he notices his friend Jeremy with his hand held video camera, Alex says to Jeremy "What are you doing with my camera?" Jeremy replied "Your sister gave it to me before we left your house." Alex replied "She's always giving away my stuff away." Then Alex noticed that his girlfriend of 2 years Julie wasn't in her seat, He asks his friend Phil who was in the seat across the aisle "Hey Phil, did you see Julie?" and Phil replied "Yeah, she went to the back", Alex said "She could have at least told me." Then their Teacher Ms Combs stood up and said "Students We'll be in Grand Central in a couple of minutes, So get your stuff ready" and then Julie shouts out "HEY ALEX!" and Alex replies "What happened with you, Where did you go ?" Julie replies 'I went to talk with my friends" Alex replied "Your friends don't like me for some reason?" Julie replies back "Their just jealous of us"... Then the Train pulls in to Grand Central Station, ending their trip. Alex says "Well, Here we go..."


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