Chapter 6: "Untitled"

Synopsis: The group walks the tunnels

Time Unknown on May 23, 2009

Alex and the rest ran as they could from the store. Alex was shocked that human being could even do that do another human being. The group became quiet, walking even more into the city. "Where are we?" asked Kayla. "To be honest, nothing looks familiar" replied Jeremy. "I think we're somewhere in Midtown" replied Rodney. "So guys, what do we do next?" asked Phil. "I guess we escape" replied Alex, who hasn't said anything since Nick was shot. Then the ground began to shake, it was the monster gaining up on them, the military was following the monster. The group ran into a subway station which caused them to lose their breath. The military kept bombing the creature, which caused the entrance of the station to collapse. "Fuck, now we're stuck in here now" replied Jeremy. "I wonder where these tracks go to?" asked Jenny. "I don't honestly know" replied Alex. "I guess we have to figure that out our self" said Phil. "I don't like those tunnels, I have a bad feeling" replied Nadine. "We just can't stay here, we'll die" replied Jimmy. "Ok, it looks like we're walking in the tunnels" said Alex. "But what if something happens?" asked Nadine. "Nothing's going to happen, don't worry" replied Alex. The group began a long walk in the tunnels. Phil asked Alex "What's up with you and Nadine?" Then Alex replied 'We used to be really good friends in Middle School but at our graduation, she asked me if I wanted date her and I replied I wasn't really ready and she was heartbroken, and got even madder when I began to date Jenny & Julie, she hates me now and I deserved it, I broke her heart" and Phil replied "Wow, I never knew that" and Alex replied "Well yeah, I don't really like to talk about it." The group continues its way down the tunnels. "Jenny, I don't have a good feeling" said Kayla to Jenny. "So do I" replied Jenny. "Wow, I never knew you liked Alex like that, Nadine?" whispered Jimmy to Nadine. "I don't wanna talk about it." replied Nadine. "Dude did you hear that?" asked Rodney to Jeremy, who was filming everything. "The noise seems so far away" replied Jeremy. The silence between everyone was broken when squeaking was heard. "Ok guys, walk faster" yelled out Alex. Then when Jeremy turned his head around, he notices smaller creatures were gaining up on the group. "Run!" yelled out Jeremy, a group of small, parasite like creatures began to attack the group. One of the parasites jumped on Alex first and then Kayla and Rodney. "Get this thing off me" yelled Rodney, Kayla and Alex. Even more jumped on Jeremy, leaving Nadine, Jimmy and Jenny to fend them selves off. Jimmy took an iron pipe and started beating off parasites. Jenny kicked one of the parasites off Kayla and Jeremy. Then Nadine kicked one off of Alex, but to her surprise, a parasite had jumped on her back and bites her. Alex kicked the parasite off and took Nadine's hand and dragging her and the rest to a room away from the parasites.