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New Haven

By Katherine

Prologue: Where the idea came from

The boy slid through the shadows avoiding the men in uniform. He knew that if any of the guards found him his punishment would be worse than death. Not that his life had ever been easy.

He remembered as he held his best friend in his arms as he died of the plague. He remembered wailing to the sky in the burned out remains of Maxwell church after Sister Helen had slipped away to heavens know where. Or even if there was a heaven.

He also remembered the Alliance soldiers that had come to stand over him sneering in disgust and dragging him away to the place of torture that he was now attempting to escape from.

He had been whipped, beaten, given aphrodisiacs, made to do unknown accounts of sexual acts and torture by the greedy men. Sometimes he would do so willingly to save a younger child but it never helped.

His only chance was to escape and gain the knowledge on how to destroy these men and end their existence.

Hardened purple eyes glanced out of the hiding spot as he watched the change of guard by the little known back gate. No child had escaped from this place alive and he would be the first. No one was going to get the better of him this time. He had nothing to lose.

He dashed out of his hiding spot and slithered into a corner out of the way of the new guard and waited for the idiot to fall asleep like he had the last few nights he had been on duty.

He watched with satisfaction as he slumped in his chair and started to snore. The silent shadow slid forward and eased the keys from the pocket they had been placed in. His friends training had come in handy and silently thanked him. He slid to the doors and eased them open and eased them shut. He then turned and dashed way from the asylum of torture to find a way from the colony and to safety to plan his revenge.

For a few hungry days he watched the docking ring and finally snuck on board a ship that looked to be a good target. The people of the ship acted strangely for the people termed sweepers. He knew that they would take him to safety. He slid behind some cargo in the cargo bay of the Delinquent Desire and waited.

A few days later his hunger finally forced him from his hidey hole and he followed his nose to the galley of the ship. At any sound he found a quick spot to hide in. He slithered into the galley and found an older man with his back turned to him reading a vid player.

He moved slowly and carefully to where a plate of food tantalized his senses.

"It's about time you came out of hiding kid." A voice broke into his drooling anticipation. "I thought you would come out of hiding sooner. I'd like to know how you got on but from the looks of those scars and the fabric you call clothes that it can wait."

He turned and stared in fear to look at the man. The man had only lifted his eyes from the vid player and had made no move towards him. His fear eased slightly.

"Eat up kid and I'll tell you a story." Howard Green told the silent slight shadowy boy. He told the boy of his fight for a better time of peace. He told of his want in making a new haven for people that had no fears.

The boy listened silently as he ate the meal that had been given to him. He listened attentively and created his own vision in his mind of a new haven of his own creating.

'I will create my own New Haven for people like me.' He told himself silently. 'I will make sure that no one has to go through what I have been through without knowing that someone else has been through it as well.'