Chapter Sixty: Girls Day--Katey

Katey unlike Angel waited for the car to stop before exiting. She knew that Wufei would take her straight home if she tried to get out before it stopped. She murmured her goodbye and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Before exiting.

Wufei watched her go with a smile before leaving her to her day. He hoped that it would be good day for her.

Katey rushed over to where Dr. Prenski, who was waiting for her.

"Katey, this is Duo's Partner Lieutenant Abedi Lancet, and his fill in partner Alexi Dromanov." Violet introduced the two male paramedics with her. "You will be going on the ride with them. Do you have money for a lunch?"

"Duo said that he didn't want me to eat the garbage that they usually eat on the run, so he sent me with a lunch for all of us." Katey replied promptly lifting the basket in her hands. She bit her lip and looked hesitantly at Vio.

"I know." She replied quietly. "These men are professional. They would never hurt someone else. It would go against their nature. Besides Duo recommended them. They will be working the New Haven area when it is up and running soon."

Both men looked questioningly at the two females.

Violet looked at them quiet seriousness printed on her face. "Katey was a part of what they found at the Fortain Base. Keep it like you would with Duo. She trusts him, she'll trust you if you do the same."

Abedi nodded his understanding. He turned large dark brown eyes to Dr. Prenski. "At first with Duo I had to be careful till he got use to being around me. Understand that if we had a patient we were both all business but it took a while for him to trust that I wasn't going to do something he didn't like." He turned understanding eyes to Katey. "I asked for this because Duo arranged and warned me about what I needed to be like around you. If we do something when we're not working tell us and we will try not to do it again."

Katey smiled softly and nodded. She looked over at the other paramedic and blinked in surprise. It was the green eyed paramedic that had talked to her after the saw had blown up. She gave a tentative smile and focused back on the two people talking.

"…when our shift is over Duo said that someone would be here to pick her up." Abedi continued. "For some reason they think today is going to be busy and have paramedics on standby."

Violet nodded. "As long as you know the ground rules. Then everything should be fine." She turned to Katey. "I hope that you have an interesting day. Learn as much as you can and have fun."

Katey grinned and promised to behave.

Both men waved off the older woman.

"Well lets start with a ambulance check. See if we need to stock up on anything and get it prepared for the day ahead." Abedi stated/ordered. Katey moved toward the vehicle quickly to follow instructions. "I don't know if today is going to be a good idea. I wish that we had scheduled for next week instead. I want to over stock everything. If the Preventers bust goes down as they expect I want one of us to be with her the whole time."

Alexi nodded in understanding as they moved to join the girl at the ambulance. There was going to be a Preventers bust on the tail ends of the Fortain Base incident. What would be found there was up in the air. But their being number one paramedics meant they would have to be at the scene if it turned out worse than Preventers thought.

Katey listened to the paramedics as they worked happily. They had already been out on two calls and were at a standby point waiting to see what would come in next.

All Available Personnel on standby to 1860 8th Avenue. Repeat All Available Personnel on standby to 1860 8th Avenue. Expect the worse ladies and gents.

Katey looked up at the swearing of the medics. From what she could about the GPS screen they were the closest. "How bad do you think it's going to be?" She asked uncertainly as she held on to the control bar above the seat she sat in.

"You were at Fortain Base, Correct?" Alexi asked as he started to pull equipment out of there places.

How he managed it with the sway of the vehicle as it took quick turns Katey didn't know but she quickly answered in an affirmative.

"Expect something like that." He told her making quick eye contact with the girl. "Don't leave either of our sides. What's in there we don't know but we have been told it could possibly be horrendous."

Katey blanched then looked him firmly in the eyes. "I lived it. It probably isn't something that I haven't seen before. Don't worry about me. If it becomes to much I'll tell you. Besides it may be good that you have me with you. They may trust me when I tell them that they are finally free and no one is there to hurt them anymore."

Abedi blinked as pulled to a stop by the Preventer gates that were being swung open for them. "You may be right. We are going to be first on scene so we can't leave till a scene commander gets here. If you need a rest you tell us. We may be here for a while. If it goes as I think I'll probably end up as scene commander. Duo and I were usually set that way. Remember to always use gloves and if you need to throw up don't do it on any evidence. It pisses the 'rents off."

Katey nodded as she hopped out of the bus and moved to the side door to accept a kit to sling over her shoulder. She stuck to the two like glue as they made their way into the huge building, it was almost the size of the building that they were putting the clinic and counseling in. Officers motioned to where they were to go. Some looked like they had just seen hell. Others looked like they had been dragged through it.

The trio entered a huge room very similar to the one at the base with torture apparatus except bigger with more victims.

The two men stared at the horror before them of men, women, and children in different torture apparatuses around the room. Hanging from the walls. Bent over in impossible positions. Whip and welt marks all over bodies. Cuts and bruises, badly beaten bodies. It almost made you forget the smell. Almost. It smelled worse than a sewer or garbage dump. The smell of decay could be smelled as well.

"Shit!!!" Alexi hissed as he looked around. "Where the fuck do we start?"

"The racks." Katey said simply as she started to move. "That's where the most tortured are placed."

Abedi started at the calm tone. "Well then what are we waiting for." He followed Katey towards said torture device. He paused as he looked at the door at the other end of the room. "What do you think is in there?"

Katey looked up to focus for a second on the door. "Dead bodies. Hope they have a coroner coming soon. The smell is going to be bad till they get rid of the mess in there."

The Agent with the keys blanched and turned to run from the room tossing the keys in their direction.

"Did I say something wrong?" Katey looked up in confusion as she set to work putting pressure bandages on the deep wounds adorning the body before her. She wasn't sure this one was going to survive the trip. "We should get some emergencies docs in here or some of these people aren't going to make it."

"Ninmu ryoukai." A voice stated flatly.

Katey looked up flustered. "Uhmmm, Hi Heero."

Heero glanced at her absently. Her hands were still flying over the body placing splints and pressure bandages. He raised the radio he held to speak into it. "We need emergency doctors here yesterday or we are going to lose some of the wounded. We also need a battalion of coroners and a lock breaker ASAP." He lowered the radio and looked around the room. Seeing but not seeing what was there. "Keep up the good work."

Katey blinked at the distant tone of voice but moved on to the next person in need of assistance.

Katey didn't know how much time had went by. She remembered stopping occasionally for food and water. Abedi had been right about being set as scene medical commander. She remembered the swearing and the sound of retching when the door had been opened on the decaying bodies. After awhile one person just blurred into another and she wasn't really seeing just working. She didn't know it but she was making an impression that only Duo made to the hardened men of the field.

She sighed and rolled her neck to ease the tension. She looked around to see only a few people left who needed assistance and were getting it. She looked at the size of the room and blanched. It was nearly the full floor size of the building.

She looked around again and saw three blond heads she recognized. She saw Trowa helping ease a child onto a stretcher. Heero was supervising the last of the bodies the coroners were taking from the scene as well as keeping track of forensics. She sighed again as she pulled off her gloves carefully.

"I had a hard time keeping up with you." A voice said quietly from behind her.

Katey turned to find Alexi looking at her strangely. "Sorry, I just had to work quickly with some of them or we would have lost some of them. Did I work with Dr. Winner a few times?"

"Yup and you managed to keep up with him. I have yet to see anyone but Duo keep up with the hyperactive blonde when it came to on site doctoring." Abedi added as he joined them. "I have to stay for a while yet. Do you have a way of contacting someone to come get you?"

"Not a problem." A weary voice said behind them. "I'll take her. I'm done. They don't need me at the hospital I would only get in the way with how tired I am at the moment."

Katey turned to find Quatre standing behind them. She gave tired grin to the doctor. "Did I do alright?" She asked the man, shyly looking down at her hands.

The sound of gloves being removed was the only warning before Katey was enveloped in a huge hug. "Sweetheart Duo and Wufei will be so proud of what you did today." He murmured into the hair pulled back into a bun out of the way. "I am so proud I don't know what to say."

Katey blinked as tears formed in her eyes. She squeezed the man as hard as she could and received a grunt for her efforts.

"Lets go home kiddo." Another voice said proudly.

Katey pulled back and gave a watery grin as she saw Trowa. She looked across the room to be saluted by Heero. "Okay, I'm starting to get tired."

Laughter erupted as Katey said her goodbyes and left with her kind of brothers.