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Chapter I



Lelouch grimaced under his dark helmet that concealed his face as he stood atop his wreaked and ruined Burai Knightmare frame. In front of him was what could be considered the bane of his revolution. The white Knightmare that had foiled several of his past operations since Shinjiku, and now at Narita. The Lancelot. And now here it stood before him, fully operational and ready to destroy him. Was this the end? Was his rebellion destined to fail here?

'Zero… I know I owe you a lot. And that there are many Elevens who support you from the shadows…' Suzaku Kuurugi thought to himself within the large machine. 'However… your methods are…' he continued as he raised his VARIS rifle at the cloaked revolutionary in front of him, '…very wrong'

He was about to fire when chatter came in over his communications line.

"Hey look! It's the Lancelot! And… He's cornered Zero!"

Suzaku glanced to his right to see a pair of Sutherlands, from the Purist Faction by the looks of them. Lelouch also saw them, though he was scowling even more now.

"Heh. An Eleven capturing the one who's leading an Eleven rebellion. That's irony for ya" said the pilot of the other unit.

Suzaku grimaced. They were Purist Faction all right. But he had more pressing issues to deal with. Like capturing the terrorist in front of him.

Said 'terrorist' was currently wracking his brain for a way to escape this situation. Being cornered by three Knightmares with his own unit destroyed, and with no chance of backup… it looked like it was truly over for him. Even Geass was useless here, since he needed eye contact with the target.

'Worry not, Lelouch Vi Britannia'

Lelouch's eyes widened at the voice that seemed to come from inside his own head, but was broken from his shock as one of the Sutherlands to his left suddenly exploded.

A yell of shock and terror from the other pilot was the only warning Suzaku got before something crashed into the Lancelot, sending it flying.

Lelouch's eye widened further as the dust in front of him settled to reveal his savior, or so he hoped.

In front of him was a Knightmare the likes of which he'd never seen before. It was larger then the average Sutherland or Burai, and about the same size as the Lancelot. Its frame was also similar to the Lancelot's but also resembled the Gurren Mrk. 2. Its head resembled an elongated helm, with a small fin emerging from the top. Its hands were similar to the Gurren's Fukushahado arm, though they were normal sized and the claws were smaller so that they could function as normal hands. They also housed a slash harken in each forearm like the Lancelot. In its right hand was a large black katana that seemed to shimmer in a way not unlike the Lancelot's MVS swords and behind its right shoulder was what appeared to be a folded up sword that was even larger. Behind its left shoulder was a large rifle that resembled the VARIS rifle. The other interesting feature was that there didn't seem to be a cockpit on the frames back, which meant the control booth must be within its main body. Finally, the entire frame was colored a mix of crimson, black and golden along with the clawed hands being a dull gray.

"What the hell?! Is he with the Black Knights too?!" was the reaction of the other Sutherland pilot.

Lelouch was broken from his shock of this new development as the same voice from before spoke in his head.

'Lelouch, find some cover. I'll handle these two'

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Lelouch quickly jumped down from his destroyed Knightmare and ran for the trees. He didn't want to get too much distance though, as he knew the entire mountain could still be swarming with the retreating Briatannian forces. And besides, he was curious about this new would-be ally of his.

Not wasting any time, the newcomer charged the Lancelot. Quickly shaking off his daze and shock, Suzaku leveled his rifle at the approaching machine and fired. The Knightmare reacted by slashing through the shot with its katana and was rapidly upon Lancelot which had drawn one of its MVS swords with its free hand. Suzaku grimaced as he almost felt the Lancelot groan under the strain as the blades collided, then separated. Dropping his VARIS, Suzaku drew his other sword and reengaged this mysterious Knightmare. As their blades crossed repeatedly, it quickly became apparent that Suzaku was outmatched. This frame was as powerful, if not more so then the Lancelot, and its pilot was certainly better then Suzaku. It seemed he might just be out of his league on this one.

Meanwhile, Lelouch was watching the battle when he saw the Sutherland begin to move towards his position. It hadn't seen him run off but now it was looking for him.

"Lancelot! Keep that thing busy! I'll nab Zero!" its pilot yelled to Suzaku, who briefly wondered if he was trying to pull some personal glory for capturing Zero, but he quickly tossed those thoughts out as he had more important things to worry about.

The pilot of the new frame scowled as he saw the Sutherland head for Lelouch's hiding spot.

'Damn. I don't have time to deal with this guy'

Quicker then Suzaku could do more then register, the Knightmare slammed the palm of its left hand over the Lancelot's head, and by proxy Suzaku's view screen. As Suzaku tried to move the Lancelot free, he noticed something that made him freeze in shock. The metal plates on the palm covering his screen opened up to reveal a giant eye. It was a sickly yellow and its pupil was slitted like that of a cat's. As he tried to comprehend how something like that could be, images flashed before his eyes, images that could make him do naught but scream in terror.


Lelouch was wondering what the other frame did to make the Lancelot suddenly freeze up like it did, but he also had move to avoid the incoming Sutherland. As he did, he saw something he really wasn't expecting.

"C.C.? What is she doing here?"

And it was the green haired girl who had given him his mysterious power, but something was different about her. She seemed to be… in pain. She was hunched over somewhat and seemed to be hugging herself. Her eyes were clinched shut as if she was in pain somehow, and the strange mark on her forehead was glowing as well. Glancing back at the now paralyzed Lancelot and its opponent Lelouch realized something.

'That things pilot must be Geass user too, and whatever he's doing is affecting C.C. And that would explain his telepathy as well'

Noticing that the Sutherland was almost on them, Lelouch realized that C.C. was right in the open and would be seen.

"C.C.! Get down!" the girl seemed to be broken from her trance as she looked up only to be tackled by Lelouch.

"Ah HA! Gotcha now Zero!" with that the pilot opened fire, and though the bullets hit neither of the two, it sprayed up dirt and rocks into deadly shrapnel, a piece of which embedded itself in C.C.'s chest. As she slumped forward, Lelouch caught her.

"I'm fine" she stammered, "Lelouch you have to run now!"

Lelouch seemed about to do that when a shadow fell over them as Sutherland stood before them, its rifle ready to obliterate them both.

Noticing this, the pilot of the new Knightmare quickly sheathed his katana and kicked the now inert Lancelot away. Turning towards the Sutherland, the frame held its right hand out behind itself as a section of its back opened up, revealing what looked like an exhaust port of some kind. Almost immediately, a blast of blue flame shot from the exhaust, propelling the machine forward at speeds no other Knightmare could match. As it neared the Sutherland, the palm of its right hand opened up to reveal an energy emitter. Right as it was almost upon the enemy frame, dark crimson energy flowed from the emitter, forming a spiraling orb in the frames palm.

The Sutherland turned in response to the incredible booming noise that the other frame was making just in time for said frame to slam the orb into its chest. The orb didn't stop there, it literally bored into the hardened steel armor of the Knightmare before stopping right before the cockpit. At that, the frame pulled its arm out right as the Sutherland exploded in a blast of red energy that the orb had been made of. Lelouch and C.C. were almost blown off their feet from the shockwave were it not for the black and gold from protecting them. Looking up, Lelouch saw the frame standing over them, its clawed hand extended.

'Get on'

"Not like I have a choice" Lelouch muttered as he picked up C.C. bridal style, she was unconscious by this point, and got onto the large hand, wary of the sharp claws that were its fingers. As the frame sped off, Lelouch yelled to it, hoping the pilot could hear him.

"Who are you?"

'I'll tell you when we get to more secure location'

"Which is where?"

'Here' the voice replied as the frame sped into a large cave and stopped, its hand lowering Lelouch and the unconscious C.C. to the ground.

As Lelouch began treating C.C.'s wounds with what little medical knowledge he had, the Knightmare powered down and the pilot disembarked though a hatch on the frames back.

Finished with what he could do for the girl (not that it mattered, she seemed practically indestructible), Lelouch turned to face their savior. He was garbed in a non-descript black cloak that concealed his features. His head and face were concealed by a hood and face mask similar to the one Lelouch wore under his Zero helmet, which he had removed once they had entered the cave.

"So… are you going to show your face now?" he addressed the cloaked man in front of him.

The man chuckled, a sound that Lelouch found quite familiar for some reason.

"It seems you haven't lost your bluntness Lelouch" the man said as he began to pull down his hood and mask. "But you are more mature, I'll give you that" he finished as his face was revealed. Lelouch's eyes widened briefly before he adopted his characteristic confident smirk.

"So… You're like C.C. aren't you?"

"I see you remember me after all" the man, no, boy chuckled.

"Of course…" Lelouch replied examining the features of the boy that seemed to be only slightly older then himself. Features that had gone unchanged in seven years. His gravity defying blonde hair, his azure blue eyes, and the strange scars marking his cheeks.



AN: Well there you go. The first chapter of my newest fic. Again, this is the answer to James D. Fawkes's Code Geass fic challenge. And yes, I've started this almost in the same fashion I started Deathscythe, with Naruto coming out of the blue to save the main character from something. Oh well. Deal with it.

As for visualization on Naruto's Knightmare frame, it's basically a combination of the Gwain and the Lancelot in its base design, though the head is that of the Nirvash from Eureka 7. And yes, the attack he used to take out the Sutherland was a Knightmare frame version of Rasengan. As for how it was done, it's more or less the Hadron cannon being condensed into a close-range attack using the Fukushahado technology. Needless to say, Naruto has been stealing technology from just about everyone.

And this is going to be a Lelouch/C.C. fic if you didn't realize that already.

As for what Naruto did to Suzaku, it's the same thing that C.C. did to him in canon.

And as for Naruto's abilities, no he won't be using Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or whatever. I plan to keep to the restraints James D. Fawkes set. Apart from the title, I thought mine worked better.

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Gundam in general

Armored Core 4

Eureka 7

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