Princeton problems Princeton problems

Character/pairings: Austin and Sam

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Summary: Life has been good at Princeton for Austin and Sam. But what happens when Austin's ex comes back for revenge on Sam? What will Austin do to help Sam?

Chapter 1- summer love

Sam's POV

"Sam, are you coming with me to the movies tonight?" I snapped out of it. It really was kind of hard to not daydream when you look at him. His smooth chin was freshly shaven, and his blue eyes twinkled with joy as they usually did. His sweet smile made my heart flutter and melt all at the same time. If that was even possible.

"Yea, I can't wait. Can we go see the new Die Hard movie?" My question made him laugh. I wasn't like normal girls though. I love sports, football, and of course, Austin. Austin smiled at me again, his grin spreading from cheek to cheek; the dimples on the side of his mouths were just cute imperfections. Nobody's perfect, even though I knew he was almost there.

"You never seem to stop surprising me Samantha, that's why I love you so much." I flushed; his arms surrounded me in a protective barrier. I laid my head on his chest, grateful he couldn't see my face.

"Did you just call me Samantha?" My teasing shock on my face was very evident as I pulled my head up. Austin smiled at me…

"Yes, what are you going to do about it Samantha." He emphasized the word to mock me. Oh, he was going to pay, in a lovely embarrassing way.

"How about no kisses for the rest of the week?" My mock in my voice was very clear enough to where he wouldn't actually storm off. Austin faked a face of horror, his eyes going big and his mouth forming a lovely "o". I smiled leaning upwards towards his face, expecting his warm lips to come down on mine.

"What about the no kisses rule?" Austin chuckled as he pulled back, making me groan in frustration. I smiled evilly.

"I think I can pardon you this time, but if you call me Samantha one more time, I will start to call you Austeena." I laughed; his face was pulled into a shock.

"How did you know that's what my friends used to call me?" I smiled, grateful for my best friend and his new girlfriend, who has all the trash on people.

"A birdie told me!" He laughed, the sound making me smile just at hearing the soft velvet sound flow out of his mouth. I leaned in again, watching his eyes cautiously as I did. His blue eyes warmed as they bore into mine. His smile faded as he leaned in as well. We were so close, our lips were a centimeter apart…

"AUSTIN!!" My head snapped back to look at the rude intruder. I looked around furiously, the voice sounded so familiar. It was a girl voice for sure, with a sort of sneer ring to it. It couldn't be…

"Why is she here?" mouthed Austin as he looked at Shelby in shock and horror. I glared. 'Why does she have to be here?' I thought icily. Her blue miniskirt was too short for my taste. And I hoped it was too for Austin. Her white top was also too cropped and too revealing.

"Austin, I didn't realize you would be here, and with Diner Girl." Shelby smiled at him and glared at me.

"Shelby… Sam is not Diner Girl, she is my girlfriend." Austin emphasized the words with venom. I smiled to myself, letting the great feeling of love wash over me for Austin.

"Well…" I interrupted her with a swish of my hand.

"Excuse me Shelby, but Austin and I have to be somewhere right now. It was nice talking to you." I spoke the last line as sarcastically as I could without making a big scene. Austin smiled down at me; relief was evident in his gorgeous eyes. We ignored Shelby, moving past her as she glared specifically at me.

As we turned the corner, Austin burst out laughing. I couldn't help but join in. We laughed, the walls of stores echoed in our sweet laughter. I smiled at Austin. His eyes twinkled with a small glint of wickedness.

"Austin what are you…" He pulled me into an alley way. Gently pulling at my fingers as he guided me through the dark passageway. We stopped, catching our breaths after a while.

"Now, where were we?" He gently leaned his head down. I got the hint, lifting my head up. Our lips touched; his lips warmly moving against mine as we kissed. I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss with delight. I could feel his lips turn upward in a grin. His arms wrapped around my wait, pulling me against him. We broke apart, breathing hard.

"I love you Sam." He whispered as he gazed into my eyes. It felt like he was looking into my soul, unleashing my darkest of secrets and my love. My head swam, my heart danced. I didn't know what to say, this was a stronger feeling than I have ever felt before.

"I love you too Austin, so much." My voice wavered. I knew I was a little scared. I don't know why though. Maybe because this was way more intense than I ever thought it would get to.

Austin smiled and kissed me again, wrapped his arm around my waist. And we walked off together, for a moment forgetting about Shelby.

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