I still don't own Avatar

I still don't own Avatar.

The girl's eyes had opened. Kuzon would've been relieved if they hadn't been trained on him with such hatred.

The former officer spread his arms in a gesture of peace, palms raised.

The Air Nomad leaned forward and tried to punch him, collapsing onto the stony ground of the clearing. A faltering breeze swept in from behind her, battering the boy.

This was definitely not a part of any of the old hero legends.

"I come in peace," gasped Kuzon, the wind battering his face. Flameo, that sounded stupid…

Miyam felt a small burst of pride at the expression on the soldier's face. I've scared him.

He babbled something about peace, but the girl did not relent. Peace was not a word, she thought, that that man should dare to speak.

"Please!" gasped the man. She couldn't even see his face- a skull visor blocked it. It was easy to pretend he wasn't human, thought Miyam. Because he wasn't. He was a monster. All of them were.

She didn't even know why they had come.

At that hopeless thought, Miyam felt much of her strength desert her. Rage couldn't sustain power for long in any bending discipline, and especially in air. The whirlwind she had created began to waver as black spots began to block out her vision.

Kuzon felt the horrible air pressure around him begin to subside, the flying leaves fall gently to the ground. The already collapsed bender in front of him was clearly on her last legs.

"I'm not- with them- anymore," pleaded Kuzon desperately. Was this what being a traitor was- despised by everyone, even those you now sided with?

Gray eyes glared furiously but weakly at him. The Firebender risked a few steps forward, until he was beside the girl. He touched her shoulder, and she jerked away. Okay, Kuzon, bad move.

"I just want to help you up."

As he lifted the woman into a sitting position- this had not become easier, he noticed- he saw that she was crying. Part of him- the part that was still the chivalrous, undoubted Fire Noble, wanted to wipe the tears off of her face. As she grabbed his hand furiously, the part of his brain that prided itself on living in the real world reminded him that this girl was not some lady at a party, or some maiden in a tale.

He was not the brave hero.

"Scum," hissed the Airbender, as if to drive this point home. Her nails dug into his hand, almost breaking the skin. The tears were flowing faster down her face now.

"Yes," whispered Kuzon.

I'm very sorry this was a short chapter. It just doesn't really fit in with the next (which is long).