It's funny how quickly we fell into the old way of life again

It's funny how quickly we fell into the old way of life again.

Even though, with him, I'd never actually lived that life.

Not him exactly.

But we adjusted… so quickly.

When I first really looked at him, back on that hateful, heartbreaking beach… all I saw was betrayal and pain and anger.

A reflection of my face in his.

He wasn't my Doctor. He wasn't the man who took my hand and told me to run from the oncoming army of dummies. He wasn't the one that died for me by kissing away the flames of time.

He had the memories of our past, and he had the memories of the time that came before me and after me. He looked the same, talked the same, smelt the same, smiled the same, thought the same… but those things weren't his. His memories- his true memories, the ones that belonged to him of me- started in the Dalek Crucible.

On that beach, all I saw was a rough copy. A child's drawing. All the essential details were there, I could see that it was meant to be him, but it didn't mean he was the man I was going to lose.

But then he was.

He had every little thing that made him the Doctor, and when I looked, really looked… I began to see that. It was like the time after he regenerated. So many things different, only so many more that were the same. So much harder, though, and so much easier, because he looked the same… but that only made the differences so much harder to understand.

But in time, I began to really see. He was the Doctor… only so much more.

He's his own man. He's not the shadow of the man that faded from my life twice on the same beach. He doesn't want to be that. He wants to walk in the light… be whoever he wants to be; grow into a new being. Be a human, living a human life and being the perfect man for the woman he told me has always loved, from the moment he took his first breath when the TARDIS was burning and Donna touched that hand.

He loves me, and I think in time I will love him too, not for the man he looks like, but for the man he could be, and the man that I never thought I could have in the Doctor: a husband. A lover. Someone to have a family with, but who has memories of the best time of my life and who can comfort me when I have nightmares about that time.

He's the only person in my life who can understand what it's like to be abandoned by the man we thought we knew so well, because… he's been left behind too.

He can't help where he came from, but he can use it to be a man that will make me happy.

How has already made me more happy than I ever thought I could be again.

My name is Rose Marion Tyler… and I'm living with the Doctor.

A Doctor with two hearts.

Because for as long as my heart keeps beating… his will never be alone.