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Stargate: SVU 2


Sam smiled as she took a sip of her beer. She sat next to Jack in his living room, watching with interest as Olivia comforted a sorrow-filled Grace on the sofa across from her. While people had joyfully partied all around her, Grace had steadily slid into a silent depression while she sat off by herself--the reason being she had sorely missed her new best friend, little Noli, very badly. Sam was about to go over and console her, until Olivia did. She told Grace a heartbreaking story of trying to save the life of an abused little boy, back when she was with the SVU in Manhattan.

"I wanted to take this kid home," Olivia told Grace. "I really did. But Elliot talked some sense into me."

"What did he say?" Grace asked.

"That I was getting too close to the case," Olivia replied. "And he was right, I was. So I just let him go. I just had to have faith that he would be ok, you know? I had to let the system work."

"What happened to him?"

"Well, I still kept tabs on him, and found out that he was adopted by a loving family," Olivia said. "He's now in junior high school, doing great and getting spectacular grades."

Grace looked thoughtful. "So you're saying I need to let go of Noli."

"Unless you want to either adopt him--or go with him."

Daniel, who sat next to Olivia on the sofa, leaned forward and called, "Casey, you have room aboard the Hak'tyl for Satterfield?"

Casey, who was deep in conversation with Rodney, looked over with a confused expression. "Why? She wants to come, too?"

"No," a smiling Grace said, shaking her head. "Pay no attention to him, Casey. Sorry to disturb you."

As Grace resumed talking with Olivia, Sam stared over at Casey and Rodney--he resumed talking incessantly to Casey, who had the trapped look of a woman who didn't really want to be having this conversation. A glance at Char'el, who sat with Teal'c by the windows, told Sam that he also didn't appreciate Rodney spending so much time with his love.

Sam was amused to see how well Char'el fit in, clad as he was in regular civilian clothes, which Casey had picked out for him to wear. There was still his Jaffa tattoo on his forehead, of course. But Teal'c solved that problem for Char'el by lending him one of his hats.

'Who knew Teal'c--of all people--would become a good source for fashion tips?' she thought, smiling.

Janet, who sat on Sam's right, shook her head slightly. "It's really something about Casey leaving earth, huh?"

"I didn't know she had it in her," Sam said, impressed.

"Hammond asked her to write a report on her experiences," Jack told them. "I read it, and what Casey went through was pretty damn amazing. She's far more tougher than she looks. After Hammond read her report and spoke with her, he told me to give Casey a GDO."

Sam nodded. "Great idea. Then she and the others aboard the Hat'tyl can contact us whenever they need to. It also looks like you were right; we now have a new ally out there."

Jack gazed at her with an impish smile. "I thought you knew by now that I'm always right, Sam."

"Oh, man," Sam said with a groan, as she rolled her eyes in mock disgust. "That sounds like something my dad would say."

A grinning Janet gestured at her daughter and added, "Actually, that's exactly what Cassie told me recently."

Cassie sat on the living room floor with Jennifer; they were both busy inspecting Jack's music collection--and judging from the looks of disapproval on Cassie's face, she didn't find Jack's choice in music to be very impressive.

"I'm sorry I don't have any Jonas Brothers, Cassie," Jack jokingly said.

"What makes you automatically think I like the Jonas Brothers?" Cassie shot back.

"Perhaps it's having all of their posters plastered all over the walls of your bedroom?" Janet wearily asked. "Could that be it?"

"MOM!" Cassie said, shocked, as everybody laughed. Then she waved her hands as she turned back to inspecting Jack's CD collection. "Oh, that's it, I'm no longer speaking to you."

"That's about the hundredth time this week that she's said that to me," Janet muttered to Sam.

Sam laughed--until she saw Teal'c suddenly get up from his seat with a purpose. The Jaffa strode over to Rodney, who was still chattering away at poor Casey.

"Excuse me, Dr. McKay?" Teal'c asked.

"Uh, yes?" Rodney asked, looking annoyed to have been interrupted.

"I was just wondering if you agree with Dr. Lee's assessment that it is impossible for the seeker wave technology to be adapted to an earth ship," Teal'c said.

Rodney looked outraged, as if he himself had just been insulted. "What? Bill Lee actually said that?!"

Teal'c nodded. "Indeed."

"Oh, well, obviously he's wrong!"

Teal'c cocked an eyebrow. "Is he?"

"Of course he is!" Rodney said, as he shook his head. "Where does he get off saying that I'm wrong?!"

"I was just about to go refresh my drink," Teal'c said. "Perhaps you could take the time to enlighten me?"

"Oh, you bet I will! Uh, excuse me, Casey…."

"No problem," Casey said with a relieved look.

As she quickly sat down next to Char'el, Casey made an exaggerated motion of wiping her brow. Char'el, looking concerned, asked, "Are you well?"

"I'm fine," she replied, as she gave him a kiss. "Now that I'm with you."

"Whoa," O'Neill said, as he watched Teal'c in the kitchen patiently listen to Rodney's mile a minute explanation on the finer points of adapting alien engineering to earth technology. "You owe Teal'c big, Casey. He took a major hit for you just now."

"I will always be in his debt," Casey said, grinning.

"What in God's name is Creedence Clearwater Revival?" Cassie said, as she regarded one of O'Neill's CDs with distain.

"My parents listen to them," Jennifer replied. "They're not that bad."

"You hear this?" Jack muttered, with a glance at Sam. "Hailey's parents have the same taste in music as I do!"

"It's official," Daniel said, as he raised his bottle of beer. "You're old."

"Thank you so much, Daniel," Jack replied sarcastically.

"The classics never grow old," Sam abruptly said, as she affectionately squeezed his hand. "That includes you, Jack."

She went to remove her hand from his--but he gently held on. When Sam gave him a meaningful look, he said, "Well, I did say we would be dropping ranks at this party."

She smiled at him.

"Speaking of ranks," Grace spoke up. "What does anybody know about a Major Lorne? I heard he'll be taking over SG-12."

"Oh, it's official?" Jennifer asked with surprise. When Grace nodded, she made a face. "Well, I guess our days of being members of SG-1 had to end sometime."

"Aw," Olivia said sadly, as she gave Grace a one-armed hug. "I don't want you and Jennifer to leave!"

"We don't want to leave either, Liv," Grace said, as she hugged her back.

When Sam gave him a wistful look, Jack turned to Grace and Jennifer and said, "I'd love for the two of you to remain with SG-1, too. But, apparently, Hammond has already made his decision."

"Can't you just go talk to him and make him change his mind?" Cassie asked.

"You met General Hammond," Jack told her. "Would you like to try and change his mind?"

Cassie just gave him a wide-eyed look of fear. "Um…forget it."

"Major Lorne's as good as they come," Jack assured Grace and Jennifer. He got up and collected both his and Sam's empty bottles. "I'll get you another one, Sam."

"You trying to get me drunk, now?" she lightly asked.

"I just thought--" he started to say. Then he shook his head. "Never mind; that's ok, Sam."

Sam stared after him, as Jack left the room with the empty bottles. After sharing a puzzled look with Janet, Sam said, "Excuse me."

"Certainly," Janet replied, with a knowing smile.

She found Jack in the kitchen, placing the bottles in a recycle bin. He stopped and glanced up at her. "Change your mind, Sam?"

McKay was so busy chattering at Teal'c that he barely knew Sam and Jack were there. Still, in order to ensure privacy, Sam moved closer to Jack and kept her voice low. "I didn't want to drink more than one beer, since I'll be driving back later."

"I understand," he said. "No need to explain."

"But what were you about to say before?" she asked. "You just thought…what?"

"I just thought, seeing how we have the whole weekend off, that you might want to spend the night here, if you wanted to," he said softly. "No need to worry about having a second beer, then."

"You turning this gathering into a slumber party?"

He thought about that for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah. But, I was hoping it would be a slumber party just for the two of us."

Sam felt a growing wave of excitement rise up within her. She glowered over her shoulder at the ever-babbling McKay, and really wished that he weren't here right now. McKay's presence hindered her from giving Jack the response that she felt in her heart right now.

When she saw that Jack had placed another beer on the table for himself, Sam realized how she could discreetly answer him. She gestured at the beer and asked, "You mind?"

He smiled broadly. "Sure. Help yourself."

Once he got another beer for himself from the fridge and opened it, Sam clinked her bottle with his in an impromptu toast.

"To slumber parties," he said.

"To slumber parties," Sam recited, just before she took a sip of her beer.

"You have to promise that you'll do my hair and nails, later," Jack solemnly told her. "After all, if we're really gonna do this slumber party, we might as well do it right."

She grinned at him. "Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world."


O'Neill awoke with a start. Sam, whose head was resting on his chest, also woke up with an alarmed look on her face.

"Take it easy. It's me," O'Neill told her, when he heard the ringing from his nightstand. "It's my phone--although it sounds kind of strange…."

"It's both of our phones," Sam said, as she reached out in the darkness for her cell phone on the opposite nightstand. After she checked the screen, she said, "It's Cheyenne Mountain."

"Yeah, same here," O'Neill muttered, as he stared bleary-eyed at the caller-ID screen on his phone. He felt an ominous sense of foreboding sweep through him. The fact that The Mountain was calling the both of them at the same time, while they were on their R&R, could not be good news.

"I'll take my call outside," Sam said, as she quickly got out of bed and ran out the doorway. She looked as agile as a gazelle.

Once she was out of the room, O'Neill answered his phone. "Yeah, O'Neill here. What's up?"

"Colonel O'Neill?" a firm yet polite male voice asked. "We have a priority one alert, sir. Your presence is required at The Mountain, ASAP."

"Very well," O'Neill said with a groan.

"Do you need transportation, sir?"

"No, I've got it. Thanks. I'm on my way in now."

"Very good, sir."

O'Neill hung up and padded out to the kitchen, where he found Sam leaning against the counter, having just closed her cell phone. She was clad only in one of his t-shirts, which fit her like a dress. Her hair was messed up, and she still appeared very sleepy.

In short, Sam looked beautiful, just as she always did.

"Same thing?" he asked. "Priority one alert message?"

She nodded. "Report to The Mountain, ASAP."

"So much for R&R," he said dismally. When he noticed Sam had stared down at the t-shirt that she wore with a disturbed look, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Of all the shirts you could have given me," she said with a pained expression. "Why'd it have to be this one, Jack?"

That was when he noticed the Air Force emblem on her chest, along with the cheery slogan: U.S. Air Force: Aim High!

"Sorry," he said with a chuckle. "Do you regret this?"

"Not at all, Jack," she said, as she embraced him warmly.

"Good," he replied. O'Neill reveled in the softness of her, as he gently ran his hand through her hair. "Neither do I."

"My only regret is that it had to end so soon," Sam said, once they parted.

"We'll just have to make an appointment for another slumber party," he told her.

She smiled. "Already looking forward to it."

They got dressed and went over to Cheyenne Mountain in O'Neill's truck. When they arrived at the conference room in the SGC, it was 4:30 AM, and everyone else from SG-1 was there--as well as Janet Fraiser, Rodney McKay and Lieutenants Hailey and Satterfield.

O'Neill smiled at the sight of a hung over Daniel sitting at the conference table, looking miserable. He only had one beer at O'Neill's get-together, but that usually was all that it took to get Daniel properly smashed. Olivia came over with two cups of coffee: one for Daniel, and the other for Satterfield, who also looked like she had a bit more to drink than she could handle.

O'Neill appreciated how maternal and caring Olivia acted towards both Daniel and Satterfield. 'I'm glad she's on the team permanently,' he thought. 'She's a great addition.'

Olivia then sat down in the chair next to Daniel, and proceeded to brush back a strand of his hair as he drank his coffee. Then Olivia reached over and casually fixed Daniel's collar, to which Daniel thanked her with a nod of his head.

O'Neill frowned at this. While Olivia had acted in a maternal fashion towards Satterfield, she was being very familiar with Daniel, in the same way that a girlfriend would.

When he glanced over at Sam, who sat next to him, O'Neill noted that she gazed at Olivia and Daniel with an approving grin.

"Is it my imagination," he whispered into her ear, "or are Daniel and Liv acting even more…chummy than usual?"

Sam glanced at him, still grinning. "It sure looks that way, don't it, sir?"

O'Neill got the sneaking suspicion that Sam knew more about this situation than she was telling, yet before he could say anything further, General Hammond entered the conference room. Sgt. Harriman was with him, wheeling in a large HD TV.

"My apologies for disturbing your R&R," Hammond told all of them. "But this news just couldn't wait. What you are about to see was recorded by Tok'ra spies on Mount Tanis. This occurred several hours ago, our time. Go ahead, Walter."

Harriman pressed a button on a remote, and an image of Ba'al appeared on the TV. He stood clad in the regal adornments of a king, alongside a beautiful woman with raven hair.

"The coronation ceremony is complete," Ba'al grandly intoned, "and we have been properly ordained as your Lord Emperor Ba'al, and Lord Empress Qetesh, the rightful rulers of the Netian Empire. Let all those who doubt our right to rule now cast their eyes on Anubis, the lord of the dead, whom we have vanquished in battle!"

They both parted in a theatrical manner, allowing the viewer to see a stasis tube that stood behind them. And within this stasis tube, lay Lord Anubis, complete with his jackal visage. The image broke up just then.

"That's all they had been able to record," Hammond said. "And we have further news. The Tok'ra informed us that Ba'al, armed with the Netian Imperial fleet, has begun a series of large scale attacks all across the galaxy."

"Whom has he attacked?" Teal'c asked.

"Everyone," Hammond grimly answered. "All of the system lords, all across the board, have now come under attack from Ba'al's forces."

"Oh, for crying out loud," O'Neill said in annoyance.

"Uh, once again, we've basically exchanged one problem for an even bigger one," Daniel muttered, sounding equally annoyed. "And, so much for hoping that Anubis was blown away by the explosion…."

"It's real nice how Ba'al is taking credit for killing Anubis," Olivia said with disgust. "He wasn't even there!"

"Sgt. Harriman, could you freeze the image of Anubis?" Fraiser asked. When he did, she got up and examined the image closely. "It's hard to say for sure, General, but Anubis looks pretty dead to me, here."

"He may still be alive, Janet--just frozen within the stasis tube," Sam added. "I'd love to know how Ba'al got him back in there...."

"Even if he were dead, Anubis will still be of vital aid to Ba'al," Teal'c said. "The very sight of a hated and feared enemy of the Goa'uld in the hands of Ba'al may well persuade Jaffa to go to his side."

"Who's this Qetesh?" Sam asked. "I never heard of her."

"Neither did the Tok'ra," Hammond told her. "They always figured Ba'al worked alone, and so they were caught off guard when they saw her here."

"Qetesh was known as the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Egypt," Daniel said.

"Actually, she originated in the Canaanite religion, Dr. Jackson," Satterfield politely corrected. "And was later adopted by the Egyptians."

"Right, right," Daniel said, nodding. "Forgive me, I'm still a little fuzzy from the party. Um, her husband was thought to have been Resheph, the Canaanite deity of plague and war. So I'm not exactly sure how she wound up with Ba'al."

"Maybe Ba'al killed her husband, and Qetesh--knowing a good meal ticket when she saw it--shacked up with Ba'al," Olivia suggested.

"Hey, stranger things have happened with the Goa'uld," Daniel said with a shrug.

"Mut's been dead for barely a day before these attacks started," Rodney commented. "Ba'al certainly didn't waste any time, did he?"

"Neither should we, sir," O'Neill said to Hammond. "The situation in the galaxy has changed rapidly--we need to develop a response if we're to defend ourselves. I mean, it's great having the Asgard around to protect us, but seeing how Neith came up with the Asgard slayer, I'd just as soon as find a way to enable earth to properly defend itself."

"I couldn't agree more, Colonel," Hammond replied. "SG-1 has always been the flag ship team of the SGC, and, in light of recent developments, you and your team now have top priority. From now on, all resources will be allocated to you. So whatever you need, just ask for it."

O'Neill saw his chance, so he went for it. "In that case, sir. I'd like to request that Lieutenants Hailey and Satterfield be made permanent members of SG-1." He glanced at Sam, Daniel, Teal'c and Olivia, who all nodded in approval. "We could use their extra help, sir, as well as their extra brainpower."

"Very well," Hammond said with a nod. "I'll inform Major Lorne."

O'Neill turned to the lieutenants. "Hear that, kids? It's official; you're both a part of the team, full-time."

"Thank you very much, sir," Hailey said, grinning broadly.

"Yes, sir," Satterfield chimed in, smiling. "Thank you."

Daniel waved a finger at them. "Just wait…wait until we're all running for our lives from God knows what monstrosity in some ancient temple someplace--and then see if you're still happy to be in SG-1."

"You're a very grumpy drunk," Olivia told him. "Aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah…which is why I don't drink that often," he replied.

"Thank God for small favors," she muttered with a smile.

With their R&R cancelled, the meeting broke up to allow everyone to get some extra sack time, before getting back to work the following morning--which, as O'Neill noted, was just a few hours from now. Hammond already had an assignment for them: a scouting mission for alien technology on a deserted planet that had been briefly explored by a MALP, but which never had boots placed on the ground...until now. Further details on the mission will be given to them at a conference to be held at 0900 hours.

As they walked out of the conference room, O'Neill didn't feel like going back to bed, and a glance at Sam showed him that she didn't appear very tired, either. "Say, Carter, I recall that we still had an appointment for cake that kept being pushed back…thanks to all of this Goa'uld silliness. Since we have some spare time, care to join me now?"

She considered it briefly, then nodded. "Partake in cake with you, sir? Certainly."

Olivia gave her a strange look. "Is Dr. Seuss is on the loose?"

"He is if there's cake involved," Sam told her. "Care to join us?"

"Sure," Olivia replied. She glanced at Daniel. "Want to go, Daniel? Or is your stomach bothering you?"

"My stomach's fine," he said. "It's my brain that feels like a ball of fuzz."

"Aw," Olivia murmured, as she affectionately rubbed the back of his head. "Poor baby."

"Um," Rodney said, as he walked up to the group. "Excuse me. I realize that, technically, while I'm not actually a member of SG-1--"

"Yes, McKay," O'Neill said with a weary nod. "You can have cake with us, too. C'mon."

"Oh, really?" Rodney burst into a smile. "Cool."

"Cake?" Fraiser said, as she blanched. "This early in the morning?"

"Come along with us, anyway, Fraiser," O'Neill told her. "You can monitor us while we eat, in case anybody goes into excessive sugar shock. Hey, Hailey, Satterfield, join us. It'll be your first piece of cake as members of SG-1."

"Thanks, sir," Hailey said.

"Yes, Thank you," Satterfield added. "Is eating cake a newbie ritual that all new SG-1 recruits must go through?"

"No," Teal'c solemnly replied. "That occurs much later, when you are both hung upside-down over the flaming fire pits of Shak-Rad. Only then do you truly become an SG-1 member…assuming you survive, of course."

Both Hailey and Satterfield stared at him in wide-eyed terror--until the group around them burst into laugher.

"Teal'c, you wild man!" O'Neill said, shaking his head. "You're coming, too, right?"

"I shall indeed partake in cake with you, O'Neill," he said with a slight bow.

This brought on another round of laughter. "Two funny jokes in a row from Teal'c," O'Neill said, awestruck. "What are the odds of that?"

"Two funny jokes in a row?" Teal'c cocked an eyebrow at him. "Are not all my jokes humorous, O'Neill?"

"Uh--" O'Neill anxiously muttered, unable to figure out what to say to that. Then he burst into a grin when Teal'c abruptly gave him a smile.

"Three in a row," Olivia said with amazment. "Damn, Teal'c, you're now ready for the Catskills comedy curcuit!"

As they all started walking towards the mess hall, Satterfield pointed at how Olivia and Daniel held hands. She turned to Hailey and conspiratorially said, "Oooo, I think they're a couple!"

Daniel pointed back at Satterfield and said to Olivia, "See this one here? She once had the hugest crush on me!"

"No way!" Satterfield said, with a shocked expression.

"Yes way," Daniel replied.

"No way!"

"Yes way--infinity."

"No way--double infinity," Satterfield shot back.

"See, this is why I joined the Air Force," O'Neill sarcastically muttered to a smiling Fraiser. "For the intellectually stimulating conversations, just like this."

Sam glanced back at a laughing Olivia and said, "Happy you joined up with this bunch now, Liv?"

Olivia just flashed her a brilliant smile. "There's no other place I'd rather be, Sam."

The End...for now

A/N: There may be some fans of the SG-1 series who have cried foul at my Anubis, who's nothing like the Anubis from the show. Bear in mind, when I did research into this character, I discovered that Anubis had a jackal head...and realized that this was just too good to ignore. One of the joys of writing prose fiction is that you're not limited to a budget, or to what the make up or special effect departments can pull off. And so I went with an Anubis with a jackal head--and, in the writing of this character, he became a more primal, beast-like creature. Writing is filled with choices; this was just one of the choices that I made.

It's pretty clear by now that this is an alternate universe version of SG-1--just by having Olivia join them made it so. And while I had originally planned to end these stories here, I've since changed my mind. There will be a third SG-1: SVU adventure, and look for even more characters from both SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis to show up within the next story.

Listening to the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack CDs put me in the proper mood for this story every time, and so I recommend them once more. But another great CD was Battlestar Galactia Season 3, by Bear McCreary. There is one track on this CD, "Surviving New Caprica", that is marvelous to listen to if you're ever writing an intense battle scene. But the whole CD was very good; the dynamic, often somber music helped me to write the dark scenes where Casey is struggling to survive on Mount Tanis.

And, once again, I must give thanks to Kathleen Ritter for her outstanding book, Stargate: SG-1 ~ The Ultimate Visual Guide. A wonderful book--especially for SG-1 fanfic writers.