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So this is Naru/Hina fic but the pairing will b for later chapters… I hate it when they fall in love in one chapter. This story for short will have a lot of fights and since this is my first story those will be a bit crappy… but he'll be strong, not god-like strong I hate that as well, but very resourceful in question of jutsu, speed and cunningness. He'll seem powerful at first and you'll be calling me hypocrite but trust me he'll get beaten up… jejeje and a few other stuff, I've been telling you too much and I want you to judge my story and hopefully a good review XD

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Chap.1 The Sage to be…

Another nice day in the village of Konoha, children playing, people laughing, the ninjas doing the same routine like nothing's happening "That's because they don't know" thought one blond ninja wandering aimlessly through the village. The people still see him as a scoundrel and monster but as of late they smile and greet him, at first he thought (that odd) but when he was buying ramen at the market he overheard some people talking "So that's the kid who's been doing those dangerous missions for the village?" said one " Yeah at first I didn't believed either because he was a trouble maker but those missions have benefited the village, he most be one pretty strong ninja" said another. That made his day and felt a bit happy after the failure that was the last mission.


That have been on his mind since he returned from the empty battle scene surrounded by black flames. He was so down he though nothing else could go wrong " I guess I was wrong" Now Jiraiya was gone he just couldn't believed it the guy was strong. That left one question How? the why? he knew, the pervert wanted to protect him and died trying. "No!! those are my enemies why? why? why?" But now he knew, now he was not going to mess up and now he's going to train with the ones who made his teacher so strong and his goal: To surpass him.

"So Naruto-chan ready to go? asked Fukasaku

"Yeah, I'm going to be really strong when I come back baa-chan" said Naruto addressing to his friends, but at the same time thinking over just how to that.

"I hope so Naruto, so train hard okay?" said the last sanin Tsunade.

"Naruto, you get strong now, we'll get Sasuke for sure" Sakura said with confidence.

"Sure" Naruto said but at the same time thinking "sorry sakura but this time it's beyond sasuke" "Shikamaru I'll leave the code in you're care okay?"

"No problem Naruto we'll have it decode it in no time, just concentrate on train" Shikamaru said

"I'll leave a communication frog in case you find anything" Fukasaku said to Tsunade

"Sure I'll contact you and thank you" said Tsunade

"So how do we get to this mountain" Naruto confusedly said

"Well walking will take forever so…" Fukasaku said making a hand sign POOF

"He disappeared!!" Sakura sad shocked

" The child of destiny eh?… Naruto" Tsunade thought

The Toad Mountain


"whoa…" Naruto exclaimed amazed at the site before him. Huge trees, plants with toads everywhere from little to giants toads.

"hey Naruto" a middle size toad said

"Gamakichi, how are you" Naruto greeted his long time friend

"Fine looking forward to your training" Gamakichi said with a evil glint in his eyes

Fukasaku explained what was nature chakra and how you draw upon it, he also explained that oil will help his training, so he started to rub a bit to naruto and the right par of his face immediately started to transform into a frog…

"WHAT THE FU… AACKK" Naruto yelled before being hit with a staff by Fukusaku

"My staff can get the nature chakra outta any being so don't be scared" assured Fukasaku

"so you mean that I'll turn into a frog if I don't concentrate good enough?" Naruto said a little panicked

"Yeah so be careful eh?" Fukasaku said with a little grin

"Right, before we begin I'll want to tell you guy's I'm going to use shadow clones for my normal training, so I'll be asking for a few favors…

In Lightning country…

"I'll tell you nothing" a man said scared before a watery fist came at him and grab him by the fence. The man afraid gathered a bit of courage and said "I'll will not betray my people"

"Hmp, a fearful heart can be exploited" a black haired shinobi with one eye close the othe showing the evolved form of the mangekyou sharingan. "Tell me where is the eight tail junchuuriki" Sasuke said with no emotion

Back at Myobokuzan

"That's all I need so be sure you get it all" Naruto said handling a scroll to a small toad who I turn disappeared in a puff of smoke

"Naruto I don't think you could handle that much stress" said in worried tone Fukasaku

"Don't worry Pa, now could you tell me were is your black smith and your seal master and some toads that know a few ninjutsu?" Naruto said excitedly with a huge grin on his face…


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