Hello there, it's been a while since I last wrote something. (About two years) So this is my first fanfiction in a veery long time. Hopefully I will be able to finish this story as I have a nasty habit of losing motivation and not completing stories.

Anyway, just watched Wall-E a week ago and never before did a movie ever caught so much of my attention. Normally, I wouldn't buy movies to keep as I'll just get bored watching it over and over again. Wall-E however, was unlike any movie I've seen before. It touched me very deeply and I appreciated just how beautiful it is. And the romance between Wall-E and EVE had totally caught me on a net.

Before I start off, I would like to post a few warnings so as not to annoy many readers. I do not want to spoil any part of this story. (But there are some spoilers for the movie.) I would just like to apologize if the work isn't really that good. First of all, I'm not used to writing regular romance/drama as I'm more comfortable writing action and it reflects upon this work. Second of all, english is not my native and first language so please bear with me if there are grammatical errors. It's much appreciated if there is anything that I could do to improve as I write along.

I would also like to point out that this story, or some parts of it, may be confusing to some. Based on my writing style, it is somewhat expected especially since I'm trying to tackle the delicate, as well as difficult, communication and development of Wall-E and EVE. (Less talk, more action) And also, throughout the story, I will be referencing points that I had already gone through in the previous chapters. So, if there's a part you can't understand, going back to the previous chapter may help a lot. Rest assured, I'm going to go through the chapters to make it as understandable as possible before posting them. I would like to apologize if some characters will be slightly OOC but sometimes I can't help it especially if I'm trying to make a point. The mood of the story will be slightly melancholic-dark.

If there is any part of the story you do not understand, just PM me and I will gladly explain it to you. I will not explain anything through the reviews so as not to spoil parts of the story to others.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot of this work and some original characters. So without further ado:

Hold My Hand...

Smooth, slender, beautiful, pure white fingers and rugged, rusty, ugly, damaged dark fingers. Two completely different sets, both are worlds apart. One thing is certain: they are both fingers. And despite their differences, they are intertwined perfectly with each other, expressing words- no, feelings that are powerful enough to bring both worlds together.

Powerful enough to bring back life. Two figures, oblivious to the world around them, completely incompatible with each other, yet held together by their fingers, had just learned of this power.

A few minutes ago, one was lost to the other.

Seven hundred years ago the other had been lost, searching for the one.

Now they had found each other, and their intertwined fingers will not separate them ever again.

It's been seven hundred years since the small trash compacting robot existed. It was another one hundred and fifty years when the robot lived. The words 'exist' and 'live' are alike in almost every aspect yet they are worlds apart. For the robot, he and his newfound companion too, were worlds apart.

He was a symbol of existence. She was the symbol of life.

He was loneliness. She was happiness.

This curious little robot pondered this fact as he tinkered with the things he found that day: A tire inner tubing, an antique table leg with a rusted wheel that spun three hundred sixty degrees, a torn rag, and a golf ball. The robot spun the roller that held his eight hundred and fifty year collection and organized the treasures he found that day, momentarily stopping at the two cups that held the spoons and forks. In between the cups lay one spork. He had actually collected two more of those a while back and he was already thinking about looking for a third cup to hold them.

He remembered when his companion came that time. She took one of the sporks and cut down the crevasses of the spork to turn it into a fork. She took the other spork, and wrapped up the top part with masking tape to cover the crevasses and turned it into a spoon. At that moment, she helped the robot organize that particular area. The robot gasped in horror and she simply giggled at his reaction. But she was merciful enough to leave the last one untouched.

EVE┘ She has changed so much since the little robot met her over a century ago. Her personality continued to develop as she spent her time with him. Now she was even nicer to be with; In fact, she was even more perfect than what she already was the first time he saw her. EVE has matured personality-wise- maybe even more than him.

The past one hundred and fifty years completed his life way more than the seven hundred years prior to that. Just like a normal, happy human, the robot knew that he had lived a good life. His binocular eyes slouched down in sadness as he turned the rollers to expose the 'other' items, or lack thereof. The robot looked up through the hole of his home at the dark, starry sky and saw a blue trail that drew circles in the sky.

That part of her never changed. She loved flying and he loved it too, simply because he loved her.

He looked back at the few items on the roller and sighed. He must not tell her.

Her sleek, aerodynamic frame cut through the wind. One thing she will never forget is flying. She loved the feeling of the wind against her body, the sound of it whistling by as she cut through it, as if it was moving aside to give her passage. Like a queen.

Robots did know what queens were and she was very well aware of that. But one particular robot; one that was as low as the trash he works with, made her understand what queens were.

Before, she simply knew what basic, essential function flying is for her design. He however, gave her the freedom in flying. He made it an art form and she was glad that he loved flying too. Unfortunately for them, he could not fly.

But that was fine for her. She didn't need him to have a fire extinguisher to fly; all she needed to do was hold his hand and they were both free.

She was a symbol of existence. He was the symbol of life.

She was loneliness. He was happiness.

Well, she actually did not know loneliness as much as Wall-E did but she could at least sympathize because she knew what it felt like to fly alone and unfree.

As soon as she entered their home, she saw him in his cube form, in sleep mode at his usual spot in the rollers. The roller he was on barely rocked back and forth. He used to rock himself to sleep every night when he was alone and it has turned into a habit for him.

'Habit'. That was a funny word. It was like 'programming' to a robot. But it was better because it sounded more, human... More alive.

With a smile on her eyes, EVE continued where he left off and gently rocked his roller for a while longer before retiring herself.