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"So, you're awake."

EVE's oculars adjusted as the bright, predominantly white room came into focus.

"You were pretty banged up when we found you." The voice continued.

"Where?" was the first word she uttered as she scanned for the owner of the voice. She found it difficult to move.

"You're back in the Axiom, in the repair ward." It was Captain Gregory.

EVE's eyes flashed him a question- a question she dare not asked, for fear of the worst. Somehow, deep down inside, she already knew. But the good captain understood and answered differently, "We had to demagnetize you to get you back. Your magnetic fields are still synchronizing with your parts so movement will be difficult for the next couple of minutes. Once they are in sync, you will be able to move just fine."

EVE however, no longer paid attention to him. Her eyes were downcast as she remained hovering under the diagnostic machine.

"EVE, we really need you back here." There was a pause as the captain searched EVE for some sort of reaction. When he found none, he continued, "I know that things are hard for you, so I'll give you time."

She still wasn't paying attention.

"Ted went back out there to get him, if that would help make you feel better."

EVE briefly made eye contact with the captain before casting her eyes downwards. Gregory pulled out Wall-E's memory banks from his pocket and approached the probe, "Um... We thought you might want to have these." then he handed the banks to her.

Finally, she lifted her head to look at the parts. Everything about Wall-E's personality and his memories were in those banks. It was Wall-E- or at least, his mind. EVE gently took the banks with both her fins and held them with great care. As she held them, she felt Wall-E's presence- as if he was still alive and there with her that very moment.

As she examined the memory banks in her hands, she realized that she was actually holding herself.

EVE opened her bio-stasis chamber and placed them neatly inside. Once the chamber closed, it will never open for anything else. Then she hovered passed the captain, stopping briefly to say, "Thank you." Before leaving the room.

"Yeah, just come see me when you're ready..."

The probe stopped briefly and without facing the captain, she nodded. Then she was on her way again.

EVE only returned to their home once. Being there simply reminded her so much of him that it became even harder for her. So the next couple of days, she'd live in the Axiom, back in the room she usually shared with her sisters before they moved to Earth.

The void that he left behind was so much that EVE had actually thought about having her memory banks wiped clean. But she knew Wall-E would hate her for that. Besides, if she did not have any recollection of Wall-E, then she would throw away his memory banks that she kept protectively in her bio-stasis chamber. That would be like an insult or a double kill to Wall-E.

It would be inhumane.

It would mean that she was throwing away everything that Wall-E was, everything that he taught her... It would mean that she simply regarded Wall-E as,

wall-e: designation NS-L-713

status: inactive

Being human meant experiencing both the ups and downs of life. So EVE tried to find ways to keep her mind off him. That did not mean that she forgot him; she just was trying to cope up with his loss and that was what she believed to be the best thing to do.

Everyday, morning and night, she'd stay at the edge of town, waiting for any sign of Ted to come back with her Wall-E. Maybe, having his body right beside her would help ease her pain. Though she knew it was not going to help, at least he was there. In some way.

In the middle of the day, she'd go to work, helping the humans out with various projects. Captain Gregory would usually be pleased with her work as she'd do it much better than she used to. Working hard and pleasing people helped her keep her mind off Wall-E.

"A job well done, EVE!" One of the humans said, as EVE installed the roof of a new home. Both the robots and humans that worked on the house cheered and praised EVE for her help. Seeing their happy faces, the camaraderie between the humans and robots, and the development of the outer circle, EVE couldn't help but smile herself. This was what Wall-E wanted.

Wall-E... Suddenly her demeanor had changed and her gloominess stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the celebrating crowd.

That night, EVE watched the endless horizon at the edge of the outer circle, hoping for any sign of movement. Tonight, she kept reminding herself, Ted would come with Wall-E.

Tonight, he did not come as well.

The next day she'd be in the same spot, waiting for Ted and Wall-E. Today, she kept reminding herself, Ted would come with Wall-E.

Today, he did not come as well.

She'd then leave for work, make more people happy, then be back again that night. If it was possible, she would have flown herself to get Wall-E back. But the coordinates to the Land Crawler were erased from her system when she came back. Only Ted knew where it was and now he's out of reach.

Well, the Land Crawler was hundreds of miles away. It would take him days to get there, and then the same number of days to get back. The hover tram he was using weren't all that fast. What would normally take her two days to travel might take twice the amount of time for a tram to cover the same distance.

That night, EVE sighed as she settled herself in her own perch back in the Axiom. Normally, she would shut down in order not to have time to think about Wall-E, but tonight she figured that maybe thinking about him would help her heal. It was a crazy idea. It was illogical.

But she was only human.

EVE decided to take a stroll in the Axiom, remembering everything about her beloved. His old voice, his personality, his trinkets, their adventures together, his hand... She constantly searched her memories, searching for the one that would bring him back to her. Eventually EVE found herself back in the diagnostic room. For some odd reason- maybe it was desperation, EVE approached the console and activated it.


EVE began typing: NS-L-713


EVE sighed, as the screen returned to its original page,


This time, EVE typed: EA-001



UNIT: Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator

MODEL: Probe 1.




EVE hovered under the large apparatus and waited as a blue scanner swept through her. A beep in the console told her that the diagnostic was complete. She went back to the screen and checked.



EVE chose the second selection.





She picked the fourth.







EVE selected "Search again?" and typed,







EVE groaned. The know-it-all master computer of the Axiom knew nothing about her, or who that 'anomaly' in her bio-stasis chamber was. She sighed and searched again, this time she typed,





Waste Allocation Load Lifter- Earth class







EVE sighed. This was useless. The computer doesn't know what it's supposed to search for... What's the point- she herself's even getting confused as to what she was supposed to search for either.

For the rest of the night, EVE spent it outside the Axiom watching the stars and hoping that he'd come down from one of them and really be with her, instead of just watching her. If she could fly up there and actually meet him, she would.

But she had lost her will to fly.

So she settled on simply searching for him- her star, somewhere up there, amongst billions of others, in the place she can never reach.


Over a week had passed since Ted left to get Wall-E and until now, he hasn't returned yet.

EVE's heartache kept growing and the void did not even fill up just one bit. Lots of people and sometimes even M-O would spend some time with her, trying to cheer her up. But they failed. All they'd get from EVE would be a 'fake' smile.

And they did not understand it.

EVE was worried that Ted would not make it back, but the captain reassured her that it will be alright. He said that it took them five days just to get to the Land Crawler, and another five to get back to Hope. She just had to be a bit more patient.

But she couldn't take the loneliness, the pain, and the fruitless searching anymore. That day, EVE went to the only person who would understand what she was going through...

"Come in." A frail and burdened voice came from the other side of the door. Slowly, EVE opened the door to the darkened room, and transfixed her eyes to the figure that lay still on the bed, the darkness masking the figure's characteristics. As she entered, the sound of her hovering rang like music into the figure's ears. Even though EVE couldn't see the figure's face, she knew that the figure was smiling.

As the light from the previous room illuminated this darkened room, EVE could clearly see the figure's smiling face- its head turned towards her direction.

"Oh, EVE my dear. I am so happy to see you."

EVE approached the side of the figure's bed and laid a fin on the figure's wrinkled hand. Her electronic eyes contorted in upward crescents to represent the joy she felt upon seeing an old friend.

"Where's Wall-E?" the figure spoke.

The foot of the bed found favor in EVE's eyes.

"Don't worry dear." The figure smiled, "You don't have to tell me. I heard the news from Ted."

EVE beeped.

"It's hard, I know." The figure continued, "But that's what life is all about. That's what being human is all about."

EVE listened.

"You win some, you lose some- that's what they used to say." The figure chuckled. EVE could not share in the human's humor, but she smiled to show her appreciation. "You know EVE... When John and I found each other... I didn't win some- I won everything."

"Mary..." EVE whispered.

"Then," Mary continued, "When he was gone... I was supposed to lose everything. Whoever gains everything, then loses it, loses everything. But you know, as time passed, you will come to realize that you actually lost nothing at all." Mary gently took EVE's fin and continued, "In fact, you'll even gain something. John... He gave me something... Ted."

EVE simply stared into the old woman's eyes as she continued, "Don't think that you lost everything, EVE. You had lost nothing, and I am pretty sure Wall-E even gave you something."

The probe let go of Mary's hand and for the first time in days, opened her bio-stasis chamber to retrieve the memory banks. She gave it to Mary, who took it in her frail hands with utmost care, and examined the objects.

"Wall-E." EVE weakly said.

Mary brushed the memory banks with her fingers and smiled, "He's still beautiful, EVE. Don't even think that you're alone, as you never were."

"You know, you should take very good care of what he gave you, just how I took very good care of Ted. Through that, you will come to see that Wall-E is still alive."

EVE sighed.

"I know it's hard EVE, and I am actually proud that you are having a hard time. You are learning and keeping up, EVE... Because you are human."

At that, EVE suddenly felt weak. Yes, she realized before that she was human, but... Hearing those words from a human, the realization really dawned on her and it hit her hard. All the pent up emotions of losing Wall-E rose up like a volcano and she just felt it explode. She lowered her head on the bed and emitted a series of robotic moans and wails, accented by the distressed contortion of her beautiful blue eyes. It instantly registered to Mary that EVE was crying. She gently rubbed her hand on the mourning probe's fin to comfort her, "There, there, my dear. Don't hold it all in. It is very healthy for a human who had lost a loved one to cry."

"Wall-E..." EVE managed to say as her electronic cacophony of grief filled the room.

It took a while for EVE to calm down. It was the first time in EVE's entire life to have actually 'cried'. It was a weird feeling and she didn't like it as it brought out all the pain...

And all the love at the same time.

Crying wasn't really so bad afterall. Silence filled the room as EVE finished expressing her loss and she soon found herself staring blankly at the bed sheet, seemingly deep in thought, "What... Now?"

Mary answered her question with a smile, "You are one lucky robot." Mary returned the memory banks to EVE, who took it and sealed it away in her bio-stasis chamber, "Keep it."

EVE sighed, "Ted... Not here yet."

Mary chuckled and broke eye contact with the probe, staring straight up at the ceiling, "I have a story I wanted to share with you... I read in some of the books that Ted brought me that a long time ago, we humans would usually look for the right person to be with. They keep searching for "The One" that would complete their lives. I would laugh at that, as based on both our experiences, we did not have to look for "The One"- they just came into our lives. And then, once you find that one person, you will never have to search for him ever again. Our ancestors were like that: when they found the right person, never again did they search for another one.

To tell you the truth, I thought that would also apply to us- the ones who did not have to look. I was wrong. Our scenario is completely opposite from theirs. After our special someone is gone, that's when we begin our search... You know, ever since John left us, I kept searching for him in the stars...

Then I realized that again, I was wrong all along. Truth was, it didn't matter how you find that right person- as soon as you find him, never will you have to search again... John..." then Mary lifted a hand and gently placed it on her heart. "He's been here all along... EVE, the reason why you can't find Wall-E, is because he's not where you are looking at... The reason why you are hurting is because in your desperate search for him, you are actually neglecting him. You constantly look elsewhere when in actuality, all you have to look at..." from her heart, Mary then placed her hand on EVE's chest- on her bio-stasis chamber.

Mary's actions struck a nerve in EVE's systems. Her heart suddenly jumpstarted, as if it was being filled again. Her once empty heart slowly began to bleed as a small part of the void was filled.

It suddenly pained her.

Mary compassionately looked straight into EVE's eyes and continued, a smile forming on her lips, "Wall-E is right here. He's not in the stars, my dear... He is right in there."

EVE slowly comprehended what Mary just said. She lifted her fins and placed them on her chest- on her bio-stasis chamber and began to look for him there. She closed her eyes and tried to feel his presence. Then, another small part of the void began to fill up. Due to that, the bleeding became worse.

"He's right there, EVE. The way you act, the way you feel, the sound of your laughter, the tears you shed just now, the love you held.... Basically, your humanity... That is all him. That's what he had given you. Keep it."

EVE's eyes shot open as Mary's words came to life- as Wall-E came to life inside her. A huge part of the void filled up, and her heart bled profusely from that. The realization brought upon her even more pain...

Mary continued, "Let me tell you one thing, dear... Life is actually miserable. It is a horrible thing, you know. We are put in this world, only to be eventually taken away. Life is not our own possession and we can not dictate what it should do. That is why it is miserable. But you know, what makes life beautiful is what you do with it in the short amount of time you have it. We won't have life forever, EVE, and even if it is a cruel thing... That short time where we have life, we can do and experience so many things- both bad... and good. That short time is what matters and what makes it worthwhile to have. Even if life will be gone, that short span of time that we still have it is what makes life beautiful."

EVE's eyes narrowed, as if they were ready to burst with tears.

"EVE, do not look at how cruel life is by looking at the end of it. Instead, look at what's in between the beginning and end of life. By looking at that and seeing the beauty of it, you will soon come to realize that life will never seem to end even if it will."

EVE let out a moan and shook her head, probably in disbelief, or because she did not want to accept this thing that Wall-E gave her.

However, Mary knew better. EVE was being 'illogical', shaking her head to stop herself from crying yet again.

Shaking her head because she was being stubborn.

Shaking her head because she wanted Wall-E instead.

Shaking her head because she was human.

Shaking her head because she wanted to get rid of all the pain.

Shaking her head because the reason why she was feeling this insurmountable pain was because Wall-E loved her just as much.

Shaking her head because she realized that no matter what separated Wall-E and herself: space, worlds, even life and death, they will always find a way back to each other. One fact remained since then until now: Never did Wall-E fail in his commitment... Not one bit.

Once again, EVE's head flopped on the bed. She grasped the cotton bed sheets with her hands,

and felt the sheets rest comfortably in between her fingers, turning into rugged, rusty, ugly, damaged dark fingers that contorted perfectly in her hands. Then like a human, EVE's cacophony of grief echoed the healing of her broken heart.

That night, EVE spent the evening back in their home. She played "Hello, Dolly" while she browsed through all of Wall-E's treasures, examining them and remembering the good times they had together. Then she opened the secret compartment where Wall-E kept his broken parts and took them out. At first she had planned on throwing them away, but she thought otherwise.

Instead, EVE rolled the rollers until the empty spare part shelves were in front of her. Then she neatly placed all of the broken parts on the shelves. After she was done, she continued watching the movie.

At the time "It Only Takes A Moment Played", EVE hummed along, feeling the void in her empty heart begin to fill up again. Then as the lovers in the film held each other's hands, EVE placed her fins on her chest and felt Wall-E's memories right through the stored memory banks.

As the song continued to play, she left the Crawler and rested on the roof, staring up at the stars in the night sky. This time, she no longer searched for Wall-E in the stars; instead, she watched the stars with him.

EVE gently closed her eyes and smiled, as she felt him right there inside her. She then felt him hold her hand.

And never did Wall-E let go of it. Not before, not now, not ever.

And she will hold his- she always did, ever since before, until now, and forevermore.

Yes, Mary was right. Life is beautiful.

"And that is all that love's about...

And we'll recall when time runs out...

That it only took a moment...

To be loved...

...a whole life long..."


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