I must apologize in advance for this chapter. It really sucks. There's no singing or dancing or making out. Heck, I don't even talk about the play at all in this chapter. I should have ended this story a long time ago. The whole chapter's pretty much a really long author's note. About how I'm done with this story. The chapter's not even a thousand words.

BUT I'M PLANNING TO WRITE ANOTHER STORY!!! KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR "SING THE BELLS"!!! That's the title of my new story I will be starting shortly!

Don't worry, I won't forget about Cursed Blood.

IWG: Ok, *censor* this story, I have an even better one to write.

Chiron: Mine, right?! *Nudge nudge, wink wink*

IWG: Nope! I'm gonna be starting a NEW STORY!!! Full of drama and action and romance and CHARACTER CONFLICT!!!

Fiyero: *reeeaaaally sarcastically* Oh, wow, that just sounds TOTALLY REVOLUTIONARY and UNIQUE from all your OTHER FREAKIN' STORIES.

IWG: Shut up. And for once, you're not the main character.

Fiyero: I'm not?!? I mean, wait, I was a main character?


Fiyero: Oh. Cuz in your other stories it seemed like Dorothy and Chiron were the main character.


Anthony: *GASP!* That's not very nice!

Boq: Wait, who the hell are you?

Anthony: I'm Anthony.

Fiyero:BLASPHEMER!!! You're not Hunk!!!

Anthony: Who the hell is Hunk?!

Fiyero and Boq: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!

IWG: Calm down, dudes, he's a character in my webcomic.

Boq: You have a webcomic?

IWG: Yep! Just go to deviantart dot com, and up in the little search box, just type in "Behind the Emerald Curtain" and some comic pages should appear! My name's the same on deviantart as it is here, just not capitalized. I don't just write stories, y'know.

Vincent: But you do tend to forget about us rejects.

Liiku: Yeah, you suck.

Fiyero: Who are those two?

IWG: Little sparks of my imagination before I scrapped the idea.

Fiyero: But I thought Liiku's a reporter in Cursed Blood?

IWG: He is, but he was going to be a main character. I suddenly woke up with this idea, jotted it down, but never got around to making it a real story. It's kinda stupid to be honest with you.

Fiyero: Try me.

IWG: No, trust me, you really don't want to know.

Readers: Oh, come on, now you're gonna have to tell us!

IWG: *Grumbles* Fine. *Inhale* The story takes place twenty-odd years after the "melting" but Elphie really didn't die, she just went into hiding. She has a son (courtesy the "As Long As You're Mine" scene) Liiku, obviously. But he's born with a disease, and the only way Elphaba can save him was through a very powerful spell that bound his soul with that of a Wolf's, which gives him the power to turn into a Wolf.

Reader: . . . . what?

Pernicia: So it's kinda like Cursed Blood.

IWG: Sort of. Like I said, kinda stupid.

Fiyero: So! Vincent, what's your story?

Vincent: I'm a naga.

Fiyero: A what?

Vincent: Think of a centaur, but instead of horse parts, it's snake.

Fiyero: O__O

Vincent: Cobra, actually.

Readers: Are you going to continue What the Shiz AT ALL?!?!

IWG: Nope. I'm having enough fun typing up this nonsense, thank you very much.

Readers: YOU SUCK.

IWG: Hey. You're lucky I'm even writing this stupid chapter.

Sean: So what happens to us?

IWG: The show's an enormous success, everyone did spectacularly, everyone loves you and totally FREAKED when they found out you were the scarecrow (like I did when I saw the play. I literally started screaming and jumping up and down off my seat, all like OHMAHGODOHMAHGODOHMAGOD He's the scarecrow!!!!)

Sean: Well that was anticlimactic.

IWG: I'm bored.

Jess and Andrew: LET'S START A RIOT!!! A RIOT!!! LET'S START A RIOT!!!!

*All the characters in this story grab torches, pitchforks, and random props and start chasing me. They catch me, and are about to kill me. When suddenly I wake up, at home, in my bed.*

Me: Wow. I havd the CRAZIEST dream of my life.

Jess: If it relates in any way, shape, or form to Wicked, I don't want to hear it.

Me: Fine, you sourpuss.

Jess: Hey, SAm?

Me: Yeah?

Jess: How come whenever I say a swear, it's censored?

Me: O_O

Jess: . . . . well?

Me: Magic?

Jess: -_- *Censor* you. Magic doesn't exist!


Jess: Who the heck are you!?!?!?

Chiron: I am a figment of Sam's imagination!!!

Jess: Then how are you real?!

Chiron: MAGIC!!!!

Jess: Magic doesn't exist!!

Me: Jess, don't try to argue with him, he's a stubborn son of a *censor*.

Chiron: The only reason I'm not killing you for saying that is because I wouldn't exist without you.

Me: You're so sweet.