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Chapter 4

"I am exhausted just from being angry!"

-Stephen Colbert


Breakfast passed by with few words exchanged between the Winchester brothers. Dean ate quietly, sulking, but he managed to behave himself and not flirt anymore with the waitress. Not that he could if he wanted to, seeing as Lydia was under the impression that he was in an intimate relationship with Sam.

Sam had had to suppress a laugh every time Lydia threw he and Dean a puzzled look, but he also behaved himself and decided not to poke the proverbial bear. Dean, however, couldn't resist after awhile and he pointedly looked at Sam with every bite of blueberry pie he took, sighing in exaggerated pleasure as he slowly chewed the luscious desert. Sam evened the score again by throwing a broad grin and an ultra-fem finger waggle at Lydia as they exited the restaurant.

"It's kind wrong how good you are at that, dude." Dean mumbled as he plopped down in the driver's seat of the Impala and slammed the door petulantly. Sam chuckled as he slid onto the leather bench.

"I think we might've scarred that poor girl for life."

"We?" Dean scoffed, turning over the engine. "You, man. I didn't do one thing to encourage your little charade."

"Trust me, your silence was enough."

"Yeah, well shut up."

Sam looked over at Dean. His brother was hunched forward over the wheel a bit, scowling out through the windshield as he pulled back onto the main road. Sam couldn't help but smile. Regardless of how incredibly bizarre the circumstances were, this was the most light-hearted he and Dean had been since Christmas. But, he knew that they couldn't just ride out the rest of Dean's days stuck in each other's skins. Sam knew they had to figure this out soon so he could get back to searching for some way to save his big brother.

"So this witch..." Sam offered the small olive branch to Dean.

"Yeah." Dean sighed heavily, accepting it. "Twisted old broad. What was the gibberish she was saying? Uh..." Dean's brow furrowed and his right hand made searching gestures where it hung over the wheel. "Something about...the spell dying upon night?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah doesn't mean it will be this night though."

"Well then I say we head back and finished the job."

"Dean, she made me you and you me last time we tried to salt and burn her bones. Who the hell knows what else she's capable of."

"Then what are we supposed to do? Go up to her and say 'Hey, ya crazy bitch. Can I have my skin back, please'?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "No, I'm just saying we need to try a different approach and go in smart this time."

"Well think faster, Sammy. I'm about ready to stop feeling like a freakin' colt learning to walk every time I stand up; you put clown's feet to shame."

Sam made a psh sound and looked out the front window.

"And they smell." Sam's head whipped back towards Dean's barely audible accusation.

"My feet do not smell!" He nearly gasped, his brother's voice taking on an unnaturally hight pitch as it hissed out through his lips.

"Do too."

"Do not!"

"Okay then I suppose you just put popcorn scented air-fresheners in your shoes then, hmm?" Dean threw an eyebrow raised look of expectance across the car at Sam when he didn't answer.

"My feet do not smell!" Sam repeated himself finally, obviously at a loss for a more compelling counter-attack.

"Hey Sammy let me ask you something. Can you see the Sphinx?"

Sam's mouth snapped shut as his automatic retort of defense was cut short by Dean's odd inquiry.

"Wha-...what?" Sam stuttered quietly, extremely confused at the bizarre change of subject.

"The Sphinx..." Dean continued casually, as if it were the most normal thing in the world to suddenly be talking about Egyptian architecture. "...I just assumed you could see it, being in denial and all."

Sam's face halted down in understanding and he sagged back against the seat while Dean chuckled happily at his own joke.

"Come on! You gotta admit you walked right into that one." Dean reached over and patted Sam on the chest. Sam just mumbled a "Whatever" and looked out his window. They took a left at a stop sign onto a two-lane, two way road leading through town.

"Oh what the hell?" Sam blinked out of his brooding stupor and looked around at Dean's aggravated-sounding question. His eyes immediately caught on what had spurred Dean's annoyance. Two boys, looking to be in their late teens, were walking -no, not walking- strutting side-by-side down the middle of the lane. The car in front of Sam and Dean had even had to go clear into the oncoming lane to avoid hitting them. The two teens refused to move over to the shoulder intended for them to walk on as the Impala approached them

A close proximity revealed a cocky smirk on each of the boys' faces as they continued to swagger into oncoming traffic. Dean had to slow the car to a near stop and wait until a red Honda in the other lane passed before continuing around the teens. He leaned on the horn and glared at them as he drove past.

"Get out of the damn road, you jackasses." Dean growled under his breath. He let up on the horn and looked up in the rearview mirror to see the boy on the left flipping him off with a chubby finger. Rage and frustration pent up for what felt like centuries shot through Dean in a fiery rush at the teen's audacity. That was it, he couldn't take it anymore. Dean slammed on the breaks, sure that there were no cars behind him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam throw his arms out to brace himself against the dashboard when the car jolted to a stop.

"Whoa! Dean, what the hell, man?!"

Dean ignored the wide, startled eyes watching him and yanked the car into reverse. He twisted around to look behind him, draping his right arm across the seat. Tires squealed as he slammed down the accelerator and the Impala shot backwards.

"Dean, what-?" Sam looked around frantically then back at his brother. "What are you doing?!"

"Those yahoos picked the wrong day to piss me off." Dean said, his voice dead calm. Sam saw the slightly psychotic look on Dean's face and he quickly twisted around to look at the pair of boys they were speeding towards. The car was a mere twenty feet from them before the teens actually turned around. Sam saw their smug faces pale and fall. Their eyes widened with terror and Sam was about to yell at Dean to stop before he killed someone (or two someones) when the Impala screeched to a halt. The Chevy's bumper could be no more than a foot from the teens when it had stopped and both boys had jumped back lest they get hit.

Dean shifted the car into park.

"Dean, have you lost your mind? What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sam hissed as Dean ignored him and grabbed one of the fake badges they'd used the previous day and had yet to put back in the glove box. Without a word, Dean threw open the driver's side door with an urgent-sounding squeak and got out of the car. Sam gripped the back of the seat and wrenched himself around to watch Dean stalk towards the terrified teenagers. They scuttled back a few steps as Dean approached. His brother was an intimidating person when he wanted to be, Sam couldn't imagine how much scarier Dean would seem to someone while taking on his own 6'4'' appearance.

Dean walked steadily towards the shrinking teens, biting back the urge to ask them where their former badassery had gone.

"St-stay back!" The one who had flipped Dean off shrieked. "I've got a gun!"

Dean allowed a chuckle to rumble deep in his throat and he stopped not far from the boys.

"In that case, I'd say your list of problems just keeps getting longer." Dean flipped open his fake sheriff's badge and smiled at the teen's suddenly paler faces. "Tell me." Dean said casually as he stowed the badge in his inner jacket pocket. "Does it make you feel important or special to be a monster pain in the ass?"

Both teens shook their heads vigorously.

"N-no, sir."

Dean nodded, crumpling his chin up in a feigned look of interest.

"So I guess it's just always been your dream then to have your picture under the newspaper headline 'Two dumbass teens mowed down by disgruntled citizen'?"

The young boys looked at each other and shared a confused look. The corner of Dean's lips quirked up in an amused smirk. He clasped his hands behind his back and strolled closer to the teens.

"I apologize, gentlemen. I'll speak more slowly so you can understand."

The teens, both short in stature, were forced to crane their necks in order to look up at the giant of a man towering over them. Dean suddenly envied his brother for being blessed with such impressive height. He leaned over a little bit, bringing his face closer to the two boys and making them flinch back.

"Stay. out. of. the street, you stupid, sorry, little, pompous, schmucks." Dean held his gaze steady on them for a few moments to solidify his point...and to scare whatever amount of hell might still remain in teens. Finally both of them nodded. Dean smiled in a sarcastically sweet manner and slowly straightened back up. He back-stepped a few paces before turning to head back to the still-running Impala.

"Oh, and junior..." Dean stopped at the rear of the car and turned back. "It helps to actually have a gun on you before you use the threat of using it on someone..."

The teen who had posed the admittedly false warning earlier shuffled uncomfortably and looked down.

"You don't even own one, do you?"

The teen glanced up sheepishly and shook his head a little. Dean made a clicking sound out of the side of his mouth.

"Figured. Well, I wouldn't be throwing the claim around too much, cause a lot of people do own guns and you could get yourself shot one day." Dean laughed a little too heartily. "God forbid." Still chuckling, he turned and headed back to the driver's side. Dean ignored Sam's eyes burning a hole into him as he got back into the car and put it into drive. He glanced in the rearview mirror as they drove down the road and saw the teens running, fast, in the opposite direction. Dean turned briefly to watch through the back window and laughed.

Sam finally caught his eye as he pivoted back around.

"What?" Dean implored innocently.

"You can't just terrorize random teens like that, Dean!"

Dean waved him off.

"Eh, shut up. Someone had to kick those little dweebs in the ass."

"" Sam sputtered. "What if you had run them over?"

Dean's eyes drifted slowly to the side and he remained silent for a moment, seriously pondering the question. Sam raised his eyebrows expectantly.

"Well?" He pushed.

Dean looked back at him with a sly smile. He shrugged his shoulders a little.

"Well then I guess it would've taught them to use the sidewalk."

To Be Continued...



Alright, so the whole incident with the jerks in the street? Really happened. I was driving with my mom one day and these two pricks would NOT get out of the way! I honked at them while I passed, one of them flipped me off and I became unbeLIEVably enraged. I ranted to my mom all the way home and this idea suddenly came to me and said to her: "Ya know what? I'm gonna let Dean take care of it." So he did: ) Because this is EXACTLY what I wanted to do at the time: wipe the smug smiles off those two guys faces. GAH! *clears throat* I'm not as scary as I sound, I promise.

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