Going my way

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Inspired by a pic from.. ssjbento at lj


Going my way.

Why aren't people stopping? I've got my thumb out and a sign, yet everyone passes me by. Why?

Here comes one now…"Hey there stop." It goes right by. Damn it.

It's dry and hot and I'm very tired. Not that I couldn't whip something up, it's just too much trouble. I don't want to use my wonderfully unique skill for something so mundane. But still… oh another car.

Damn. Well walking is good for you so they say.

Time for a break. I move my glasses to the top of my head, tap out a smoke and light it. Ahh good old lung full of death. I should stop but nah it's too much trouble. I just simply can't be bothered.

The draft from the next car coats me with more dry dust. I'd rather have a lung full of tobacco then this stuff. I rise, brushing off as much of the dirt as I am able.

Perhaps I should have stayed home?

World traveler that I am how could I pass up this opportunity? But I should have hired transportation. Well darn there goes another one. Why don't they stop? Do I look that strange?

Hmm let's see. Hat? Check. Scroll? Check. Robe? Check? Glasses? Check. Shoes? Check. Well damn it everything's here.

Oh wait, here comes one and it looks like it's slowing…yes…yes…no. "HEY"

Okay another one's coming. YAY it stopped.

"Howdy stranger. Y'all look like ya could use a ride."

"Yes in fact I do."

"Well climb on in here."

"Thank you very much."

"You're not from America are ya?"

"No not really." I pull out another smoke. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Nh! So'm I the first one to stop and give ya a ride?

"Yes. I even had my sign held up very high." I peer at my sign, and then blink stupidly for several seconds. No wonder.

It's written in Japanese.