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Sweet, Orgasmic, Dreams

By Tituba

I hated it when Rukia went out on extensive missions. Just fucking hated it. Granted, since I was her captain (and her boyfriend/lover/sex-god) I tried not to give any of them to her. In fact, I tried to keep her completely away from any and all extensive missions that came my way.

However, if there is one weakness I possess in my position as a captain in the Gotei Thirteen, it's the fact that I absolutely loathe any form of paperwork. Oh, I'll do it, I just hate doing it.

Although, since Rukia's been my vice captain, the amount of paperwork I've had to do has decreased by about eighty percent. Damn perfectionist.

Henceforth, whenever Rukia is flipping through the papers and sees a mission she'd like to go on—or feels that she should go on since she is the lieutenant of the third squad—she scribbles my signature onto the paper, hands it into General Yamamoto, and heads off. Generally she leaves me a post-it note telling me where she went but on the occasion that she goes because she's pissed at me I don't get even that.

So basically I have to spend an entire fucking day running around the Seiretei, looking like a complete and utter idiot, asking people where my lieutenant—girlfriend/lover/sex-goddess—is. All of that when she is, in fact, thousands of miles away on some godforsaken mission that I didn't approve.


What I truly hate, however, is the fact that when Rukia comes back from these missions, she goes to my house—which she still hasn't officially moved into. Psh… and she calls me the commitment-phobe—plops down on our bed, and goes to sleep.


That means that when I come home from a day filled with bratty subordinates, snotty know-it-all kids, and constant worrying over my girlfriends' life, I also get to be the one who stays up all night because of my rather adamant sexual frustrations.

As I walked into my house today, I opened the door and instantly felt the comforting presence of Rukia's reiatsu. It washed over me and I instantly felt like I had just plunged into a nice, warm, bath. I inhaled deeply and slowly made my way up the stairs, stripping off my captain's cloak as I went.

The door was open so I quickly glanced into my room and saw that Rukia was lying on my bed, still dressed in her own shihakusho, with the covers crumpled underneath of her small body. I leaned against the door frame and grinned as I thought about how cute she was… so tiny… so lithe… so… beautiful.

As quietly as I could, I set Zangetsu on the special prop I had made for him. I hung up my captain's coat and gently began to stretch all the kinks out of my body. Off went the top of my shihakusho, followed quickly by the bottom. Only when I was finally clad only in my boxers did I get onto the other side of the bed.

If you didn't already know, all the blood in my brain was currently migrating south.

I crept up behind Rukia and slowly placed my arm around her tiny waist. As gently as I could I pulled her towards me. She murmured something in her sleep and I snickered lightly. Usually, Rukia was a freakishly heavy sleeper after her missions. I doubted she got much sleep during them, of course, so it was probably a boon to her being able to come home and just… snooze.

Well, of course I couldn't have that.

Gingerly, I secured my already wrapped arm and tugged her backwards until her ass was pressing directly against my erection. Slowly… ever so slowly… I began to grind myself up against her, reveling in the feeling of her rough clothing caressing me through the thin fabric of my boxers.

I growled low in my throat and leaned my head forward until I was breathing hotly against her neck. My lips slowly caressed the skin and I felt it prickle gently under my lips.

She must have woken up at that point.

"Don't even think about it." She snarled, her voice not even clouded with a little bit of sleep.

Damn that Kuchiki training.

"Come on Rukia," I moaned, burying my eyes in her soft skin. But I knew that right now, she meant business. Rukia only used two voices in the bedroom. The first one—the one I liked the most—was gentle and breathy. It was the voice she always used whenever we were screwing. The second voice—the one I dreaded hearing—was the voice she used when she was commanding me… like, on top commanding or 'touch me and you'll lose your hand' commanding.

That kind.

She flipped around in my arms and gave me a horribly ice glare. I think my erection lost a bit of its zing as she stared.

And snarled.

"Ichigo Kurosaki," she bit out, "I have been gone for two weeks, during which I have slept about twenty hours… collectively. I am not in the mood to do anything that requires having your penis inside of my vagina."

I cringed. I know that I'm a fully grown man and all but still… she could have at least used euphemisms. It just sounded so scientific when she said it like that. Although—and I'm not sure why this popped into my brain right now—as I had learned in high school biology, all sex organs—both male and female—were technically referred to as 'gonads.'


"Rukia," I moaned, "Have you forgotten that I haven't seen you in those two weeks?"

Translation: I haven't been able to screw you senseless in two whole fucking weeks!

"I missed you," I whispered, staring deeply into her eyes in a manner which I knew just made her melt inside. Gently, I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Translation: I'm sharing my feelings with you, even if you already knew them. Nevertheless, this means you get to see my squishy side, which I rarely show to anyone, even to you. Doesn't that turn you on? Let's get it on.

She just snorted and turned around. The fact that she was showing me her ass apparently had no bearing on her mental state. Didn't she know that her ass was just too round and perfect not to be sexually arousing? Didn't she know that all I wanted to do was bite it?

Looks like that zing was back.

"Don't even think about it Ichigo." She grumped with a yawn. "You're not getting laid tonight. Maybe tomorrow night but definitely not tonight. I'm too tired."

"Have you forgotten that you don't even need to participate?" I muttered, tugging her back towards me in an attempt to try to persuade her to take off her clothes, lay there, and breathe. "All you need to do it just lay back and let me do all the—ah!"

Her fist collided with the side of my face and I was thrown backwards until I was tossed completely off the side of the bed. I groaned and got up until I had my chin propped on the mattress. I sent a chilling glare over to my girlfriend and snorted like an angry bull.

"Shove it Ichigo," she hissed, "You know full well that I actually participate when we have sex. I'm not just some prostitute that lies on her back and does nothing." She narrowed her eyes and I felt anger boiling in the pit of my stomach.

Oh how I hate this woman.

Huffing, she stood up from our bed and moved to the side. Quickly, she pulled off her outer black shihakusho and tossed it to the side. She also pulled off her pants and threw them as well. She turned towards him wearing only her yukata. My eyes flashed when I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra.

Apparently, she saw where my gaze had been going and but she only shrugged. "My bindings were torn."

"By what? By whom?" I demanded, scanning her body again like I was trying to be Superman, trying to see through her clothing and all—hey, it was purely to see if she had been injured or not! Nothing more, nothing less.


She just shrugged again, "A hollow, but I was fixed up by a part of my team."

My eyes flashed at the thought of anyone but me ever seeing Rukia's perfect breasts. It must have shown in my eyes too because the next minute she was snorting in agitation and slipping under the covers. "They were torn from the back idiot. I only got a tiny scratch and besides, a female member of my team healed me."

"Rukia," I pointed out angrily, "You thought being speared by an Espada was 'just a scratch.'"

"Well it was," she muttered, yawning theatrically. "Go to sleep, Ichigo."

"Tell that to mini-me." I snarled. On the other side of the bed I could swear that she was smirking wickedly at me.

Henceforth the reason I am in my current predicament.

I growled low under my breath and kept my strained eyes on the ceiling. Christ, I was just throbbing down there. Just knowing that Rukia was sleeping beside me—naked except for a yukata—was enough to make me just want to pound into her.

"'Don't even think about it,'" I muttered, softly mimicking her velvety voice without raising it high enough to awaken her. "Che," I snorted. "Frustrating bitch."

Oh just face it, I thought to myself scathingly, you're totally whipped. Get over yourself.

Still, I snarled. How I hated having blue balls.

So the only problem left was… what was I going to do about it now?

I could just go into the bathroom and try to get this over with myself. However, that, I knew, would be nearly impossible. I don't know what it was about Rukia but… damn, after feeling her tight womb gripping me as she rippled through an orgasm, screaming, crying, and shouting my name as she went… I just can't seem to get off just using my hand.

Plus, after being with Rukia so many times over the past fifty years I had just gotten so used to coming inside of her. My own hands barely compared to her deliciously gripping warmth.

So that left me with three options.

Option Number One: Wake Rukia up and try to convince her to have sex with me.

Probability of Success: Near zero. The damn bitch was baiting me enough as it was with her skimpy little see-through yukata.

Option Number Two: Cold shower.

Probability of Success: About seventy five percent. I'd still want her though; I'd just be too cold to do anything about it.

Option Number Three: …

An evil grin appeared on my face.

Oh I am bad.

Moving as slowly and as deliberately as I could, I turned towards Rukia. Her back was facing my front and her hands were tucked delicately under the pillow under her head. I grinned when I thought of how she'd ordered this western style bed when we first decided to semi-move in together. She said it was much more comfortable to have sex on than a tatami mat.

"Especially since I'm the one being pounded into most of the time," she told me dryly, "Do you have any idea how many back problems this could cause me?"

The mattress didn't make a sound as I reached both hands into the covers and slowly stripped myself of my boxers. I brought them out and tossed them uselessly into the room. Grinning, I slowly stroked myself twice. I was already at full attention because of a certain someoneglare. I erased it from my face and silently turned to my girlfriend, gently looking over to Rukia's sleeping form.

Damn she looked so peaceful. With the moonlight shining through the crack in my window her skin looked practically luminescent. I sighed and inched towards her. She moaned a little in and slowly pushed herself against me.

Fuck, even in her sleep she was toying with me.

Well… doesn't mean I couldn't toy back.

I wrapped my arm around her softly and allowed it to drape over her entire waist.

Oh this was going to be fun.

Right now, the fact that Rukia was such a heavy sleeper at the end of her missions was a blessing instead of a curse.

My fingers toyed with the end of her yukata while my second hand reached down to grip my own length. I clenched my hand around myself and brushed my thumb over my tip, jerking as I did so.

With my other hand I slid my fingers up the length of Rukia's stomach. Her toned and defined muscles expanded and contracted gently as her breathing continued. It was a bit faster than her normal sleeping breathing but I didn't mind. I knew she wouldn't wake up soon. Or, at least I hoped.

I felt my reiatsu flutter just a bit and tried to calm myself down. Rukia had once told me that my reiatsu—in large amounts—made her hot for me. A fact which I greatly appreciated. However, she also informed me of the fact that—if she was sleeping—the presence of my spiritual pressure could lull her into a deep sleep.

I hoped it had the latter effect.

Gently, I allowed my hand to slip up her softly toned stomach and tease her breasts. She moaned gently in her sleep and I grinned wickedly, trying hard not to sink my teeth into her supple neck. God… it was times like this when I just wanted to mark her. She was mine after all.

Her nipples were hard pebbles under my insistent fingers. I chuckled darkly into her ear and used my other hand to continue caressing myself. I gave my warm erection long, generous, strokes as I played with Rukia's breasts. Occasionally I switched from one to the other, making sure to give each little pearl of pleasure equal amounts of attention.

Because favoring one over the other just wasn't right.

After a few moments I allowed the hand currently molesting my girlfriend to slide back down. She moaned a few times as I swirled my pointer finger in her tiny belly button. I wondered if she thought she was dreaming right now. Damn, I hope it involved me and several forms of extremely hot, sweaty, sex.

I also hoped that she wouldn't wake up and throttle me for this.

My fingers tangled in the bed of silky curls at the apex of her thighs. I could feel the dampness coating them and smirked instantly. So the little minx was getting horny even when she was asleep? Happily, I lowered my fingers until they reached the cleft in her legs. With my pointer finger I slowly slipped through the delicate partition of her lips in several, lazy, strokes.

Her reaction was instantaneous. She jerked forward and nearly curled herself into a ball. I frowned and eased my hand back up between her breasts, pushing on the center of her chest so that she was resting her shoulder blades against my pectorals. I could feel her heart on my palm and noticed that it was hammering hard. I simply grinned.

I placed my face in the juncture of her shoulder and her neck, softly restraining her so that she couldn't do that again. Just for added effect, I languidly allowed my tongue to escape from my mouth. I ran it over her pulse and used it to draw her earlobe into my mouth, sucking it lightly.

She gasped in a ragged, beautiful, breath and I snickered. With more urgency, I used the hand that was grasping my erection to pump myself even harder. I angled my hand back down to Rukia's center and ran two of my fingers over her slot.

This time her back arched the way I wanted it to. She pushed her chest out and tilted her body back so that she was laying half-flat on the mattress, one side of her body up and the other down. Her eyes were shut tightly and her legs were spread far. I felt my breath catch in my throat but without losing any time, I slipped my fingers down even further and plunged two into her.

A sharp gasp ran through the room as Rukia once again arched her body against mine. Her head was thrown back against my shoulder and her hands were clutching the sheets of the bed tightly. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were screwed tightly. I tried to control my own breathing but knew that it was becoming nearly impossible. Not with Rukia grinding her hips against my fingers like that.

Christ, does she even know she's doing this?

The hand that was currently gripping and rubbing my own erection became even more insistent. I groaned when I realized that my sweating palm wasn't nearly enough to emulate the wet heat of Rukia's tight center… but if would have to do. I grimaced when I thought of going through all this work and being left unfulfilled.

Well, I amended gently, it'll be worth something so long as Rukia gets hers.

Damn I'm chivalrous.

I pumped my two fingers in and out of her tight, wet, amazingly fantastic core. I brushed my thumb over her clit again and again, listening to her breathing become ragged and forceful, watching her body gyrate against my fingers, feeling her skin become slick with sweat, making her yukata stick wetly to her body. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. Her scent was heavy on her neck and I drew it all into me. I needed it.

I needed her.

In my mind it was not my fingers that were currently violating her most sacred of places. It was my cock, large and full, shoving its way into her and pulling out. She was screaming beneath me. Her eyes were shut. Her nipples were so tight that they burned as they brushed against my rough skin.

I felt convulsions rack through my body as I came, thoughts of Rukia in my head. My semen flowed through me and smeared over Rukia's exposed backside, dripping down onto the blankets surrounding us. At the exact moment I came I felt her contract around my fingers. Juices exploded from her center and bathed my fingers in their essence. She gasped loudly and jerked her body into a tight arch. Her shoulders dug into my chest and her legs clamped around my fingers.

My breathing was hot and heavy against her neck. I could feel beads of sweat running down my face but I didn't care. I blinked when I realized that somehow, my teeth had become latched onto her neck, marking her as I had originally wanted to do.

After a few minutes my breathing finally calmed down. I removed my mouth from Rukia's perfect neck and brought my hand away from my own spent erection. The fingers inside of my girlfriend, however, stayed where they were, happy in their own little heaven. I moaned as quietly as I could and gently opened my eyes; I felt content, satisfied—although not fully—and ready to indulge in sleep.

It was only then that I realized a pair of rather miffed violet eyes was staring back at me.


Uh oh.

"Hey Rukia," I muttered, drawing out the first word until it sounded only slightly guilty, instead of completely. I quickly looked over at the window and frowned, feigning ignorance to the fact that two of my fingers were still inside of her body. "Morning already?"

"You prick," she muttered, glaring at me angrily.

"As I remember correctly," I stated dryly, glaring back at her, "You told me that I couldn't do anything that had to do with my penis inside of your vagina." I gave her a blank stare and smirked, knowing full well that I was right. "My penis was never inside of your vagina, Rukia."

My smirk turned into a grin as I noticed her infuriated expression. However, before she could speak, I slowly allowed my fingers to shift inside of her. I noticed immediately that her pupils dilated at the sensation. Another smirk appeared on my mouth as I realized just how I was going to get out of this particular situation.

She swallowed when she saw that certain gleam in my eye. I knew that she knew how, exactly, I was planning to get off the hook here.

"Get," she demanded, her teeth gritting together as I began to slide my fingers deeper inside of her, hitting that spot that I knew would make her flow like a waterfall. "Out of… gasp… me."

"No," I murmured into her neck, my hot breath caressing her neck. I brushed my thumb against her clit and then began rubbing it vigorously.

She was lost.

"Ichi—Ichi—go!" She cried breathlessly, her hand reaching back and gripping my neck.

"You made me come outside of you once," I growled, placing my mouth directly against her ear and blowing hotly, she shuddered violently and I smirked. "I'm not going to do that again. Ever."

She convulsed angrily as her body was sent into another orgasm. I was surprised at how quickly she came.

But hey, I'm just that talented.

I smirked and flipped her around, pushed up her yukata, and grinned down at her evilly. "Like I said… I not going to do that again, Rukia Kuchiki."

I expected her to come back with some fiery response but instead of lashing out at me—verbally of course, since her body currently resembled a pile of gelatin—she smirked and spread her legs wide, giving me a delectable view of her wet, gleaming, and pink flesh.

I stared down at her, openmouthed and starving.

"If you're going to deprive me of sleep, Kurosaki," she murmured huskily, using that bedroom voice I liked, "You'd better make it worth my while."

I grinned.

Oh how I love this woman.