By Tituba

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"Focus." She said. Her harsh, grating, annoying, superficial words were grinding agonizingly into my brain. The vein in my temple throbbed and I gritted my teeth together.

"Ichigo," she said again, her voice louder this time. "Focus!"

"I'm trying," I muttered through my clenched teeth and tight jaw.

"You are not!" She yelled, she was at least forty feet behind me yet she could still hear every word I said. She knew to keep her distance when I practiced my kido. Last time I singed her eyebrows off completely and she wouldn't speak to me for three months. She wouldn't sleep with me for four either. Those months were some of the longest in my life. As I prepared to do another kido I felt a pit of fear rise in my stomach and instantly prayed to the gods that I didn't fuck up this time.

But still… she was baiting me. She's the one who's supposed to teach me how to use kido properly and she wasn't doing shit. I turned my head to the side and glared at the speck in the distance that was Rukia Kuchiki. I made sure she felt my angry reiatsu as I stared daggers at her. Even though she was far away I could still see she had her arms crossed over her chest, her feet planted on the ground, and her freakishly colored eyes pinned completely on me. I huffed in irritation and turned to the front.

Yeah, teaching me. Stupid woman wasn't even telling me what to do.

"Just get out there," I muttered under my breath, my voice rising as I imitated her, "Focus your spiritual energy and do the chant." I snarled and raised my hands in front of my face, "Do the chant… I'll do the fucking chant all right; I do it while you're standing in front of me that's what I'll do—"

"What's taking you so long?" She screeched from her space far, far away from me. "I told you to focus!"

I let out a frustrated yell and whipped around. My fists were balled at my sides and my shoulders were hunched in anger. She just stood there, smiling haughtily and cocking up a little eyebrow of hers. Wait… was her foot tapping? It was! Oh… that was it.

"I would focus a bit more," I shouted furiously, "If I didn't have a stupid midget breaking my concentration all the time!"

Her foot stopped tapping and her frame stiffened. I saw her eyes narrow and crossed my arms over my chest. Ha, I thought to myself, take that you vile woman.

I squinted at her and saw that her mouth was moving slightly. She was immobile except for her lips and I immediately felt angrier. Where was the verbal war? I was pissed, I needed to shout at her, kick her, and have some sort of argument—only then would my temper be slightly less obvious.

"If you've got something to say then say it to my fucking face!" I screamed at her. My knees were bent and I was panting slightly. Man I was pissed. We had been practicing for nearly six hours and I still wasn't able to incinerate anything around us. Bakudo restraining spells I could do—if a bit slowly—but come on. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, I don't want to bind, I was to obliterate!

"Fine!" She shouted back. She moved her fists to her side and began to stomp towards me. I held my place and glared at her as she moved towards me. For a moment I wondered vaguely if I should have just shunpo-ed over earlier and given her a swift kick to the ass instead of incurring her fully fledged wrath.

Then she was in front of me, her violet eyes were livid and her face was slightly red. I glared down at her and for a while neither of us moved.

Her eyes narrowed fractionally and she began whispering, "Oh ruler. Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, fluttering wings, ye who bears the name of Man."

My eyes widened in horror and I immediately took several steps back. My hands were up in front of my face before I could even think. "W-Wait, Rukia, I-I didn't mean… you're not a midget. Just challenged vertically. I-I- m-mean—"

But she kept on talking, moving forward in the process. "Inferno and pandemonium, the partition of the sea surges, moving on to the south!"

A surge of pure fear shot through my body and I shunpo-ed away as fast as I fucking could. But then she was behind me. I let out a horrific yell and kept on going. She kept following. Damn that little midget was fast, I mean, I knew that her Shinigami talents had expanded significantly in the past century and a half but this was ridiculous! She was nearly as fast as I was and I learned from the Goddess of Flash herself!

I stole a glance at her hands and saw a glob of pulsating red energy sitting directly in her palm. My face moved to hers and I immediately saw her smirking mouth and abjectly livid eyes. The bitch was enjoying this!

We ran in circles around the field hundreds of times, she shot at me a couple of times and now my pristine Captains cloak—I don't know why I try so hard to keep it clean—had smoldering holes and singed edges. Not to mention my temper was beginning to resemble a frayed rope getting ready to snap.

"Rukia!" I screamed, getting freaking tired of running away from her. "Stop!"

"Why should I?" She demanded, "I'm too focused Ichigo! Because that's what I do when I use kido, I'm focused!"

"Damn it Rukia!" I bellowed, finally turning around to face her. She was panting hard and it was only then that I realized how difficult it must have been for her to keep up such speeds and constant kido reiatsu simultaneously.

Her hand was glowing once again but I didn't budge an inch. No, I was going to do this; no pint-sized midget was going to stand in my way.

Suddenly I thrust my hands in front of my face and sent my reiatsu flowing into my fingertips. Rukia's eyes widened in shock but she smothered the look quickly. Only a second later her stance was murderous and hand was glowing deadly crimson.

"Bakudo number one!" I shouted, praying that I wouldn't mess up and end up mangling her perfect body, "Sai!"

My spell hit her full force and nearly knocked her off of her feet. She stumbled back a bit and I immediately lurched forward, begging all the gods in heaven that she didn't fall and break something. It was only after I took one step forward I realized what I had done.

Rukia glared at me with an angry wrath the likes of which I had never seen. Granted, I had seen her angry before—extremely, extremely angry—but never like this. She was trapped, her arms were locked behind her back, she could barely move her upper body, and for once in her life she couldn't physically abuse me in retaliation.

A feral grin snapped into place on my face as I thought of the possibilities. I paused for a moment and wondered incredulously at how fast I could switch into a perverted mindset. It really was quite amazing.

She must have recognized the type of smile that had formed on my face because she immediately began to stumble away. Her legs were working just fine but without the use of her balancing arms she was clumsy and slow.

"Ichigo!" She shouted, backing further and further away from me as I advanced. Oh this was going to be fun. "No!" She screamed again.

I kept on coming and she turned around, sprinting at full speed. I used my shunpo to get over to her in less than a second. My arms wrapped around her waist from behind and I bodily slammed her down onto the ground. She grunted in pain when her arms were squashed underneath her and I rolled her slightly off of them. She was thrashing like a wildcat but I held her under, my arms pinned her shoulders and I draped my legs over each of her hips—making sure that she couldn't knee me in the groin if she tried.

"Ichigo!" She screamed, "Don't you fucking dare you crazy son of a bitch!"

I snickered down at her and she kept twisting. Her chest was rising and falling with the effort she put into trying to escape. There were beads of sweat from our earlier chase running down her forehead and into the crevice between her breasts. My eyes flashed darkly and I carefully removed one of my hands from her shoulder. She jerked it hard and I glared at her, she glared right back and continued wiggling.

"Shush," I told her, a cocky tilt in my voice. "Don't I get a reward for doing a kido properly?"

"No!" She screamed but her bellowed sentiment ended on a quick gasp when I slid my hand under her shihakusho and rubbed her breast.

She jerked again but this time I knew it was for completely different reasons. Her back pushed up from the ground and she breathed harder as I tugged her uniform down even more until her entire breast was exposed. My hand immediately clamed down on the perky, petite, mound. She permitted a ragged moan to escape her mouth as I rolled her nipple between the tips of my thumb and forefinger. A slick grin brushed against my cheeks and I snickered at her helplessness. Not that I really liked the fact that she was almost completely immobile. Whenever we had sex it was more like war than actual lovemaking. She was always fighting me. We would both struggle to be on top. We would brawl desperately to get the other to orgasm first. And we would always spar over who got to do what to whom. It was fun honestly. Sometimes we would even compare bruises afterwards.

I had actually only gotten the gall to kiss her about fifty years after I became a permanent resident of the Soul Society and it took me another fifty years to actually get enough courage to get inside of her pants. Still, after nearly a half a century of screwing each other it was healthy for us to try new things once in a while. While we do like it rough sometimes, neither of us have bothered to break out the whips and chains yet, even though Rangiku has suggested them more than once.

Her moans were becoming harder and I chuckled absentmindedly as she grew unwittingly more desperate the longer I teased.

She must have muttered my name at some point but I couldn't hear. Blood always seemed to rush two places when I screwed Rukia: my ears and my cock. The only difference was that one of those things was blocked completely while the other one had a libido the size of a nuclear weapon.

I wanted to fuck her, yes, but right now my mouth was unbelievably dry and my tongue was aching for something I knew only she could provide.

My other hand fumbled for her obi and I yanked it away. She was always mad at me when I did that because that meant that she would have to steal new ones from the Squad Thirteen Uniform Station. She kept telling me that she was caught taking them so many times that people were beginning to wonder just how she kept ruining her other ones.

With one hand—the other was still mercilessly teasing her breast—I shimmied her pants down until her thick bed of stark black curls was revealed to me. She gasped when cold air hit her skin and I saw the milky expanses of her thighs and hips pucker with countless goose-bumps.

I put my face over hers and waited until her hazy gaze was pinned on mine. I grinned and licked my lips. I watched her gulp and then leaned down to whisper into her ear, "Don't move." I said it teasingly but I knew that it still sent shivers down her spine.

I moved my head down to her slim hips and between her strong, delicate thighs. I pressed a kiss to her abdomen and gently let my tongue slid out from behind my lips and touched it to her silky skin. It still amazes me that she tastes so good; she's like vanilla and… something else. I just seem to want to lick her every time I see her, even when we're in public.

My lips brushed against her curls and I hear her groan above me. I knew that I was teasing her but I just can't help it. She gets riled up so easily, even during sex. Wait, no… especially during sex.

Finally, I pass my tongue over her center and she bucks out in delight. A heady moan escaped her lips and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Immediately I was on her harder and more desperate than I would have thought possible.

I was nipping at her clit with my teeth as my tongue parted through the folds of her pussy. She must have melted onto the grass because I swear she had gone limp with pleasure. My lips, teeth, and tongue were coated with her sweet, sweet juices as I continued. Fuck she tasted so good. From the first moment I passed my tongue over her slick, slippery, and downright exquisite folds I knew that I became hooked. I was fucking addicted. She was like my heroine. I just have to get my fix.

She moaned raggedly and I drove my tongue so deep inside of her that the rest of my face was pressing against her core. Her silken hairs were tickling my nose and her aroma continued to drown out my other senses as I greedily licked her everywhere. I couldn't get enough. Beneath me, she was squirming, panting, pleading, and occasionally screaming as I ate her alive.

The harder I worked the tenser she became until finally, after what felt like only seconds of blissful torture she came on my tongue. I love it when I get her so hot she can't seem to hold on a second longer. It's fucking brilliant. Greedily, I lapped up everything I could and knew that my addiction had been satiated… at least, for now.

I kissed my way back up to her belly button and felt the painful tightness in my hakama. Damn I had such a huge erection. I'll have to remember to say an extra prayer tonight, I need to thank the gods for endowing me so copiously.

My second hand was working on the ties of my shihakusho—I actually undid my obi instead of ripping it, she was going to kill me for it later—and clumsily pulled down my pants.

Rukia stiffened underneath me and I looked up, my permanent frown deepened. Something was wrong. She just had an orgasm. She was supposed to be a puddle of squishiness for the next fifteen minutes. I moved my head until it was parallel to her breasts. My eyes were staring down into hers.

Uh oh.

"Bakudo, number one, sai." She said calmly, as if she were inquiring about the weather instead of trying to render me immobile.

I let out a strangled yell and she placed a hand on my shoulder. She pushed me effortlessly aside and stood quickly, tugging her pants up in the process.

"Rukia!" I yelled and she looked down at me with a smug grin on her face.

"Sai." She said again, just as calmly, and my arms twisted even harder. I must have let out another strangled yell because not a moment later I heard her snicker evilly above me.

"Just try and get out of that one any time soon." She said haughtily and she turned away, huffing delicately, "Try and sex me up while you're supposed to be practicing. We'll I'm not going to let you get away with that one."

"You know I'll get out of this!" I shrieked, honestly, I think my arms were wound so tightly that they were squashing my lungs. My normal, bellowing, voice was now a high, womanly, squeal.

She turned her head back to me and sighed, "Well if you insist…"

"Rukia! N-No!"

"Sai, sai, sai—" she finished in a sing-songy voice.