It was a very dark and rainy night. It thundered and lightning glittered across the sky. Light, who has just had an unexpected call, was running through the everlasting river that dropped from the sky. He walked into the tall, dark, familiar building and stood in the corner of the elevator, soaking wet. He clicked the second to last button and went up to the 24th floor. Light turned the handle on the door and walked into the air conditioned room. He shivered and called out, "Ryuuzaki, I'm here." "Couch." L replied. Light walked over to the couch and saw L staring at his soaked clothes. "Is it really raining that much?"

"You said you needed to tell me something important, not weather conditions." Light said bluntly. L turned to him and said, "I really didn't need to tell you anything, I just wanted you over here." "You... called me up at one in the morning, making me come here and meet you because you just wanted me here for no reason at all." "We can talk." L said, staring at Light and biting his thumbnail. "I ran 18 blocks in the pouring rain just to talk to you!?" Light yelled, "We could have done that over then phone!" "I'm sorry..." L said innocently, "You can sleep here so you won't have to travel through that, I'll get you some dry clothes." "But my father will be worried and he'll have a S.W.A.T. team searching every inch of Jap-" "I have it taken care of." L replied, getting up from the couch. He walked into a room and came back with a pair of clothes in his hands. He handed them to light, who was eyeing them closely. "Th-These are my clothes!" "Yeah I took a few pairs here in case you needed them." "I was looking all over for this shirt!

"You had me going crazy looking for it!" "Sorry." L said monotoned. He took the shirt from L and removed his shirt, putting on the dry one. He sighed happily and took off his shoes, taking the dry pants from L. Light walked into the bathroom and tripped over something in the dark, hitting his back on the corner of the sink. Something yelped and skittered across the cold tiles. "What the hell?" He said. He reached up and turned on the light, staring into the face of a dog. He scrambled to his feet and changed into his dry pants, opening the door. "Ryuuzaki." He called out, "There's a mutt in your bathroom. Should I drown it?" L turned around and leaned on the arm of the couch.

"That's Jun, a Skye Terrier. Got him a few weeks ago." Jun started to chew on Lights pants and L stood up and walked over to him. "Jun, Osuwari!" He said. Jun sat and looked up at L with watchful eyes. "Good." L pet him on his head and walked into a brightly lit room on the left. He searched through the refrigerator and the cabinets. "No cake left... What a shame." He reached up and took a cookie instead, returning back to Light. "If you have the mutt, why did I have to come over here?" He asked, looking up at L. "Honestly." He said looking down at the floor, "Everyone took a vacation and Matsuda is sick so I have no one to accompany me. It gets very quiet and lonely around here and I thought you were the one I'd call. I like talking with you."

L had an embarrassed look on his face, but only for half a second. "But, you could have called my father." "No, I wanted only to call you." L said quickly, a little too quickly. Light eyed him suspiciously and walked over to the couch, sitting down. "So, what do you wanna talk-"-he yawned-"about at 1:30 in the morning?" "Would you like some tea?" "You completely ignore my question and yes, lemon please." Light mumbled. L walked into a room and came back minutes later. He saw Light more than half asleep on the couch. L tapped his shoulder and slowly opened his eyes, shaking his head. "Tea?" L said, holding out a cup a tea in his hand. Light stared at it for a second and took the cup, holding it against his ice cold lips. He exhaled and shivered from the cold, closing his eyes and slowly drinking his tea. He yawned and stretched, bringing his knees to his chest and sitting back on the couch.

"Was is okay?" L asked a few minutes later. It was a second too late, Light was dead asleep, his head was slightly tilted to the side. L grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels boredly, seeing if anything good was on. A few hours later, Light woke up, his cheek rested against L's shoulder. "My head..." He groaned. "Good Morning." L said. It wasn't even light out; it was 4 a.m. Light shifted from one side to the other and winced at the pain in his head. "Are you okay, Light?" "My head..." He repeated, staring at the floor. L sat him back on the couch and pushed his brown hair out of his face, massaging his forehead slowly. Light took a second to realize what was happening and he stared dumbfounded at L. "R-Ryuuzaki?" He stuttered. "Yes, Light?" L replied. Light tried to think of something to say but lost all train of thought instantly.

"Uh... H-Higher please..." Was all Light said softly. L did as he was told and sat closer to him. He sighed heavily and stared drowsily at L, sitting back on the couch fully relaxed. "Why... Why do you always do everything so perfectly..." He asked, closing his eyes. "I just do the best I can." L replied. Jun jumped on the couch and laid down next to Light, nuzzling his nose into Lights hand. He moved his hand away and clung to L's arm, placing his head back against L's shoulder. He stared down at Light, he's never seen him act like this before.

"Oh!" Light said suddenly letting go of his arm, "I'm sorry, Ryuuzaki. I have a clinging problem when I get too comfortable, father says I act kinda like a girl when I do that." He gave a nervous laugh and sat back against the couch with a sigh. L had a very light pink blush on his face and Light thought he saw a smile, but he doubted it. "It's quite alright, Yagami-kun." L said, turning his head to the side. Jun yipped and licked his fingers. L looked down and pet him, still looking away from Light. His phone suddenly rang and he picked is up saying, "Hello?" There was a cheerful voice on the other end and L looked Lights way. "Misa, I'm with Ryuuzaki right no-" The voice argued with Light and he sighed, "Okay... I'll be there..." He shut his phone and shook his head. "Misa wants to drag me to a cafe... Will you be alright being here alone or do you want to come so the torture is cut in half for me?" "I'll follow if you'd like, unless I'd be too much of a bother." "No, no. You won't be a bother at all." Light replied and L nodded once. They both walked side by side to the cafe and Misa waved, a cheery smile on her face.

They both sat down at the table Misa was sitting at and they talked, L stayed quiet most of the time. Misa stared at Light with hearts in her eyes and leaned in to try and kiss him, but he shifted his seat to the left and she accidentally kissed L on the cheek. She opened her eyes and made a gawking sound, shaking her head and glaring at Light. He sat back in the chair and whistled. "Misa likes Light! He doesn't want to kiss Misa back?" "I'd rather kiss Ryuuzaki." Light replied, staring at Misa. She stared at him, horrified. L looked away and had no readable expression on his face. "Th-Then prove to Misa that you like Ryuuzaki more than her!" She yelled, her face flushed with anger. Light's eyes widened and he shook his head, "I was only kidding!"

Misa crossed her arms and glared at L. He gave back a blank stare. Light's face blushed and he didn't know what to do. He hated Misa but didn't want to kiss L. He closed his eyes and grabbed the closest person around him, kissing them on the lips.