Light pulled down L's zipper all the way and stared at the length that was five inches away from his face. He blushed and sheepishly said, "K-Kinda huge aren't you?" "Well, I uh... told you that already." L said, blushing lightly and looking to the left. Light made a small smile and leaned in, licking the head of L's length and slowly taking it in. L shivered with pleasure and leaned his back against the headboard, watching Light.

He caressed Lights hair as he took in more of the length, doing everything he can to appease L. He took in more, the last of it, and closed his eyes, using his tongue skillfully to please L. "Light... I..." He breathed. He tried to push Light off but he kept going for it, until he came in his mouth. Lights eyes snapped open and widened, looking up at L.

He pushed Light off of him and saw that he swallowed it all with a smile on his face. "I'm speechless." L said. Light giggled and blushed, the smile growing wider on his face. L glanced down and grabbed Lights private from outside of his pants, listening to his cry. "Your hard?" L asked, "Already? I've barely done anything to you." "Nnn... Shut up..." Light mumbled, closing his eyes.

He panted lightly and pushed himself into L, wanting L to touch him more. "Are you eager for something? You're climbing all over me." L said with a laugh. Lights face clearly shown embarrassment and he pulled himself back with a small sigh. "I'm sorry..." He said. L rolled his eyes and unbuttoned Lights pants, tugging at the belt.

He stared at the belt and tugged again, not able to loosen it at all. "Light..." He said. "Click the button. Underneath the buckle." Light replied. L did as he was told and the belt clicked open "What kind of belt is that?" Light shrugged.

"May I rip your jeans apart?" L purred. "Why not slip them off?" "Because. Ripping things apart is fun for me." "Okay then." Light replied. L smirked and grabbed the from part of Lights jeans, ripping it apart piece by piece. The only thing that Light was now equipped of was his boxers. L pulled the chains that were around Light and tightened them, forcing Light to fall back into the pillows behind him.

L grazed his hand across Lights waist, traveling downward across his hips and inner thigh, traveling back up and caressing the soft skin on his face. Light had a hazy look in his eyes, his cheeks were filled with a deep red blush and he stared at L. He reached inside Lights boxers and grabbed hold of his private, stroking him gently. Light gasped and a small cry escaped from his lips.

"How do you feel?" L asked. Light swallowed hard and stared at him, an eager expression flickered in his eyes. "I... I'm okay..." He replied. L stroked him harder, listening to the rhythmic gasps that echoed the room. "Anything that you request?" L asked, an amused smile on his face. Light searched for the words and said, "Pl-Please..."


"Please, Ryuuzaki-kun..."

"Just say it."

"H-Harder. I want you. I want you so bad, please. I love you... Enter me..." Light moaned, his voice filled with small whimpers and gasps. "My love..." L said staring at him with a serious expression, "Do you really want me to d-" "Please! Please do it, I'm begging you! I want you in me, I'll do anything to have that!" Light interrupted, his eyes filled with tears. L's face was saddened from seeing Light at the edge of crying.

He crawled up, laying on top of Light, and kissed him sincerely, running his hand through Lights hair and grabbing it tightly. Light felt the stinging passion that surged within him from the kiss, shivering slightly from this. "Please..." He whispered, licking L's lips. "This is what you want?" L asked, pulling back and breaking the kiss. "Please..." Light repeated, dreading that he would refuse.

L sat up and stuck two fingers in Lights mouth, quickly removing them and sticking them into Light, listening to the sudden cry. He stuck them in deeper and Light whimpered softly, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side. "Ryu-Ryuuzaki-kun... Nnn- please..." Light moaned. L moved his fingers around and hit a pleasurable spot, making Light cry out and shudder.

L removed his fingers from Light and glanced up at him, grabbing a hold of his hips. "I love you, Light." He said repeatedly. He pushed at Lights entrance and slid inside. Light cried out, his voice quivering. L pulled back and thrust into him, listening to the whispery moan.

He thrust again, making each one faster and harder than the one before. Lights body stung and burned from pleasure and desire, a thin layer of sweat covered his body. He cried out and gasped from each thrust into his body, not wanting it to end. "Y-You're so tight..." L said, panting lightly. He thrust faster and hit the spot, forcing Light to moan.

"Harder!" He cried, gasping greedily for air. L did so and they both cried out, coming at the same time. L slowly pulled out and his whole body quivered. He collapsed on top of Light from exhaustion and panted heavily, finding Lights hand and grasping it tightly. "I love you, Light." He said shakily. Light wanted to hug him, wanted to touch him so bad but the handcuffs prevented him from doing so. "I love you too..." Light said in a whisper.

"I think I forgot where I put the key to your handcuffs." L said.

"That's just wonderful."

"I think I left it in my pants pocket but it's so far away."

"You're lazy." Light said with a smile. "I know." L replied, kissing Light softly. He pulled back and his lips formed a smile. Lights smile. The smile that gave Light a fuzzy, unknown feeling in the pit of his stomach and he wanted so much to just chain it down and keep it forever. All of his worry and pain just lifted away; he never wanted to see himself without L.

"Something wrong?" L asked. Light looked up and shook his head. "I just love that smile..." He said, licking L's bottom lip and kissing him sweetly. L brushed his fingers against Lights cheek and kissed back, sliding his tongue into Lights mouth. He twisted his head to the side to take in more of L's sweet tasting lips and sighed. L pulled back and made a small smile, sitting up. "Come on." He said, "I'll put some water on and we'll take a bath." "T-Together?" Light stuttered. L nodded in reply.

He got up and found the key in his pants pocket, helping Light sit up and unlocking only one of the handcuffs. He reached back and took off the shackles around Lights ankles and unwrapped the chains, throwing them to the floor. L secured his wrist into the empty handcuff and smiled, pulling on the small chain that connected to Lights collar to sit him up. "You're not gonna take the collar off?" Light asked. "Nope." L replied, tugging at the chain. Light followed him into the bathroom at sat down at the edge of the bathtub, watching L. "How do you like the water?" He asked.

"H-Hot, very hot..." Light replied with a pink blush. L grinned and turned the hot water up, sitting next to Light. He rested his head on L's shoulder and smiled, their hands still entwined. "So, how was it?" L asked. "How was what?" Light replied. L stared at him and Light blushed. "Oh... I don't think there is a word to describe it." "Was it that bad?" "No! No, it was great..." "I'm glad you think so." L said, kissing him quickly on the lips.

He reached back and turned off the cold water first, letting the hot water run longer then shut it off. "After you." He said. Light felt a little uncomfortable and turned his head to the side. "Is something wrong?" L asked. "I don't know. I feel, I think, embarrassed." Light said.

"Why embarrassed?"

"I'm not sure."

"I don't want you to feel like that when I'm around you."

"Mmm... I know. I don't want to feel like it either."

"Is this maybe a little too awkward for you?" L asked, tracing two fingers down Lights spine. "Y-Yeah." Light replied, facing L. He smiled and chuckled to himself, placing both his and Lights hand in the water. "It's just water. It can't kill you." He said. Light looked back at the water with his eyes closed halfway. "I guess you're right." "Aren't I always?" L said laughing, "Do you want to be pushed in?" "No! Don't push me in!" Light cried. L put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back a little, listening to his pleading cries.

"Aw, you're just like a kitty, afraid of water." L said, his tone velvety. "I-I am not a kitty." Light replied. L turned around and stuck his feet into the water with a smile on his face. "Get in the water, kitty." "I'm not your kitty!" "Water doesn't hurt you." "I know it doesn't and I'm not afraid of it." "Come on." L said, splashing Light. He jumped back in reply.

"That's hot." He said, turning around and facing the water. "I thought you said you liked it hot." L said. "I do." Light replied, sticking his hand in the water. He sighed and put his feet into the water, rubbing his foot against L's with a smile. He looked up at L and realized that he was sitting perfectly normal, but his shoulders were still hunched over.

"You can sit normally?" Light asked. "Yeah, but my intellectual capacity decreases by forty percent." L replied, staring at Lights dumbfounded face. L laughed and said, "You're cute when you're slightly confused."

Light stuck out his tongue and crossed his arms. "Aw..." L purred hugging Light tightly, "You get cuter by the second." Light turned his back to him. L laughed and let go of Light, pushing him into the water. "Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow. You asshole!" Light complained. He reached up and tugged L's arm, making him fall into the water. "Ow, ow. Ugh, damn." L mumbled. "Yeah, now you know how it feels." Light said, splashing him.

He grinned and splashed back. "Oh no, I'm not falling for your childish games that you lure me into." Light said. L laughed and replied, "You started it." "No I didn't!" Light yelled. L held in a laugh and pressed a tile, revealing a shelf from behind the tiles. "What kind of soap do you want?" L asked. "What the hell!?" Light replied, staring at the endless titles of soap.

"Pick one. I have rose, apple, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, jade, le-" "Oh my God! It's like a game show! Pick the wrong soap and your brain implodes! Why are there so many to choose from!?" Light cried. L shrugged.

"Is everything in there?" "Name one and I'm sure to find it." L said. "Nectarine." Light said with a grin. L pointed to a box and looked at Light. "Uh... Bamboo." L pointed to another box. "Grape? Vanilla? Amethyst? Amber? Coffee!?" L pointed to each and every one of them, smiling. "I don't know which one to choose!" Light said, staring at the endless boxes.

He glanced over to the right and picked up a white box, reading the title. "Which one did you pick?" L asked, grabbing a light green box. "Blue sugar?" Light said reading the description, "What about you?" "Lime fused with coconut." "That's why you smell so good!" Light exclaimed.

L laughed, looking at Light. "My cute, curious, little kitty. That's your nickname now." "Oh really now..." Light mumbled, "Does it have to be kitty?" "Yes." L said. Light turned his head right, looking at himself in the mirror. He grinned and combed his fingers through his hair.

"What are you doing?" L asked. "You'll see." Light replied.