Olympics 2008

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Chapter One: The One With An Anxious Alice

Bella's POV:

ALICE JUST WOULN'T STOP JUMPING IN HER SEAT AS SHE AND EDWARD PLAYED chess for the fifth time. Every time a door swung open she'd shout for Jasper, though with her incredible vampire smelling she wouldn't have to call out. Edward knew what she had saw and smirked. He too was excited for who knows what and neither would tell me

"What is the matter with you two?" I demanded. Edward won. They started over.

Edward chuckled as he realigned his pieces. "You'll see. Alice would be angry if I told you ahead of time."

"Can I have a clue?" I looked at Alice hopefully. She jittered in her seat and bobbed the table up and down with her knee knocking several pieces over.

"Alice stop. He'll come. Though he's not too happy you looked into the future." Edward scolded his sister and set the pieces back up. Alice was unconscious of her surroundings and only fidgeted with every move waiting for Jasper.

"No. You'll refuse with whatever clue I give. I've checked. Bella, if you're always so worrisome about getting old, you really have to stop with this whole 'no fun' plan." She jumped out of her seat. "Jasper!"

Emmett came in instead. He'd been playing the same trick over and over on her since and before I'd arrived. The only thing I knew was that Alice and Jasper had gotten into a fight last night and Jasper was going out to make it up to her. "Just me." Emmett's gruff chuckled boomed through the room.

Alice pouted. "Stop that!"

"It never gets old." He grinned.

"Oh, sweetie, he'll come soon." Esme came over with washcloth and wiped the table clean, not that it wasn't in the first place. She too couldn't help but show a little curiosity in all the excitement. "What did he leave for?"

"He went to see a friend." Emmett explained. He had bugged Alice the whole morning the moment Jasper had left and that was the only piece of information he'd given her after all his pleads.

"Alice," Rosalie had come in too, "you can't hide this from all of us. You too, Edward." He smirked and moved the pawn forward one.

"Don't worry! It's all worth it!" Alice guaranteed the group of impatient growing people. Rosalie and Emmett were still dissatisfied and Esme just moved along only sighing.

"Alice!" Rosalie raised her voice and threatened. "You—

A wave of calmness overtook her. "Jasper! Finally!" The little vampire ran to her one true love to embrace him in a suffocating hug. "Did you get them?"

Jasper frowned at his wife's knowing. "Alice, you weren't supposed to find out. Neither was Edward." Edward smiled and stood up.

"Jasper, you definitely have some explaining." Rosalie demanded. The wave of calm only had a brief effect on her short temper. She couldn't stand another minute of the anticipation. Emmett stood by her side and they both looked terrifyingly threatening. If he didn't tell, they would gleefully injure him as much as a vampire could take.

Jasper pulled six long slices of paper out of the inside pocket of his jacket. "I just went out to get some tickets." He explained casually.

"For the Olympics!" Alice stole them out of his hand and waved them in the air.

"The Olympics?" Esme shouted, just as excited. Rosalie and Emmett were just as shocked and happy. I stood there only wide eyed mouth gaping. I was not going to be dragged to the antipode of my birth town even for the Olympics. Charlie would never allow it anyway.

Jasper nodded, pleased by all's response to his philanthropy. "The flight leaves tomorrow."

Alice cheered and planted a small peck on Jasper's cold cheek. "Beijing, here we come!"

What Beijing didn't know was they were about to let in five vampires, all ready to stir some trouble.

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