Chapter Four: The One With Midnight Packing Chapter Four: The One With Midnight Packing

THAT NIGHT I DID NOT SLEEP WELL WITHOUT MY STONE CARVED VAMPIRE BY MY side. As Alice had said, they wouldn't come back until late night and when they returned, she, Rosalie, and Carlisle would all have to go hunt. I felt lonely, but I coaxed myself to temporary unconsciousness. After a while I woke up to darkness and tossed on my side trying to fall back asleep. Sleep never came. I tried adjusting my pillow, but all trials were unsuccessful.

"Ow." I grumbled to myself. I had gotten out of bed when something hit my foot. My hand searched for the light switch and I saw before me my half packed suitcase through foggy eyes. Alice had to leave in a hurry to pick up a special pair of shoes from Nemon Marcus and told me to finish on my own. Instead, upon my own pleasure, I cooked dinner for Charlie and I and forgetting until now. I picked through the clothes already packed to know how far I was in packing. All the clothes Alice had chosen to take were mostly ones she'd chosen herself from past death—or shopping, though there isn't much of a difference—trips and Arizona clothes Renee had bought for me without my consent.

My hair kept falling to my face so I pulled it back sloppily with the first hair tie I could find and reach.

"Bella, what are you still doing up this late?" A groggy voice came from the creak of the door.

"Oh, hi Dad."

"Bella, are you still packing?" His eyes were only tiny slits and it was amazing he could still see through them under scrunched brow.

"Yeah. I forgot to finish when Alice left. Why are you up?"

He yawned. He was more tired than me. "Bathroom. What time should I take you to the airport?"

I was so shocked he was so willing to let me go on this trip. Did he forget my boyfriend—the one he hated and would love to get a restraining order from for me—was also coming on this trip? "You don't have to. The Cullens are going to pick me up."

"Oh, when?"

"Five thirty I think."

"Isn't take off six thirty?"

"Yeah, something like that."

He leaned his head on the door. He was probably ready to sleep standing. "Shouldn't you leave earlier than that? Will you be able to make it to check in and all?"

By how fast the Cullens drive, yes. There would be no way we'd be late. "Carlisle doesn't expect much traffic."

"Okay," He yawned once more, "Hurry up and finish and then go get some sleep." I really wanted to if I could.

"Okay, 'night Dad."

"Good night. I know you've never liked sports before, but you'll like Beijing, Bells. It's something unforgettable."

I still wasn't fully convinced by everyone. "Maybe. Good night."

He closed the door behind him.

I finished packing, gathering my Arizona clothes, toiletries, and not much else. All of my luggage fit into the carry on bag with extra room still left over. I tucked the luggage under my bed, but moved it in front of my bedpost. It didn't' matter where I put it, I would find a way to trip over it for sure.

"Bella?" A soft voice whispered.

I immediately turned around to face the window. "Edward!" I gasped, too eagerly as always.

He smiled all the way up to his brown topaz eyes. The dark silhouette climbed through my window. "What're you still doing up at this hour, Bella?"

"What time is it?" I yawned and sat on my bed. He sat down next to me.

"Almost one."

"In the morning?" I asked like an idiot. My mind and thought s were all jumbled and thinking clearly was impossible.

"Yes, Bella," He laughed. "You still haven't answered my question though."

"Oh," I rubbed my eyes, "I was packing, and that's all. I forgot to do so today, or yesterday, I mean."

"Hmm." He lay me on the bed and fell on to it right next to me. I couldn't take my eyes off his. Even under the warm covers he'd laid on top of me, his touch chilled my body, and not just in the cold way. "I heard some interesting stories today. Some about jumping in front of trucks and getting hit by lightning?" He was stern, but teasing too.

"Oh." I blushed redder than my previous pink tint just from his hand wiping my cheek. "Alice?"

"Do you really not want to go that much?" He asked whispered.

I knelt my forehead to his cold chest. "No."

He was worried. "Then why would you—?

"Edward, it was nothing serious, just me playing around with Alice and her seeing. That's all."

He relaxed.

I tried to change the subject. "Catch anything good?"

"Do you like human tofu and soymilk?"

"When Renee went on diets, she bought a lot of soy milk. It's not that bad really, and tofu with soy sauce is okay too."

He chuckled so softly I felt his breath touch my face. "Are you suggesting I take soy sauce with me next time?"

I shrugged. "Might change up the taste a bit."

"So this is what Alice saw…"


"Before she left, she brought along a bottle of soy sauce. I think she's really going to try out your idea."

This time it was my turn to laugh. "Did they leave already?"

"Just a while ago, yes." His hand pushed back the scattered strands of hair across my face making my pulse too quickly. "Sleep now. The flight will be a long tiresome one."

"Great pep talk Edward. I feel even more excited."

He only gave me that same crooked smile that makes my heart melt.

The light turned off and the last piece of consciousness I remember were two cold lips pressed on my forehead. A very nice way to drift off to sleep.

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