No Brakes
By: Prince Tyler Briefs

Chapter 1: Winning and losing

"I'm more then a bird. I'm more then a plane. I'm more then some pretty face, beside a train. And it's
not easy, to be. Me." A hand reached over and clicked off the radio alarm before a head of spikey hair
appeared. Thomas Pickles rolled over at the sight of numbers reading 4:00 AM.
Just as he was about to fall asleep there came a cheerful "Good morning!" Tommy fell out of bead, landing with a dull thump
on the floor. Shrieking laughter came from the bed.
"Dylan..." Tommy growled, rubbing a sore spot on his head, "why did you do that?"
"'Cause mom said to get you up if you weren't already."
"Why would I be up at 4:00 in the morning pray tell?"
"4:00?" Dil looked at Tommy's clock. "That's not right Tommy. It's 7:30."
"7:30?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!" Tommy jumped up and slid off his shirt and shorts.
"I thought you knew."
"Would I still be asleep if I knew?"
"A...good point." Tommy yanked a blue tee-shirt over his head and then tripped over his jeans that where half way on. Dil
started to giggle.
"Help me out here Dilly."
"Don't call me that!" Dil insisted he'd grown out of that old nickname, even though most people insisted on still using it.
"Dilly Dilly Dilly!" Tommy taunted while pulling up his pants. Dil glared at Tommy, right before tackling him.
"My name is not Dilly! It's Dil!"
"I thought it was Dylan Prescott Pickles!" Tommy laughed before getting his arm twisted behind his back. The two brothers rolled
around on the floor, knocking Tommy's pictures off the walls and his guitar out of it's case. They didn't even notice what they were
knocking over until Tommy's football helment hit the floor with a loud crash and Stu opened the door.
"Tommy! Dil! Boys what are you doing?"
"A...getting ready for school?" Tommy suggested while pinning Dil to the floor. Just then Grandpa Lu poked his head in over Stu's.
"What in tarnation are you kids doing wrestling at 4:00 in the morning?"
"4:00?" Tommy looked confused for a second before realization dawned on his face, "Dylan..."
Dil laughed nervously fron underneath Tommy's strong grasp, "I thought it was funny." Stu sighed. This wasn't the first time Dil's
sense of humor had awaken the whole household and he was sure it wouldn't be the last.
"Go back to bed boys."
"Okay dad." Tommy gave Dil one finale shove to the ground before climbing back into bed. Dil snickered once more before wiggling out
the door.
"Reminds me of two boys I once knew..."
"Don't even start pop." Was all Stu said before walking away. Grandpa Lu chuckled and walked back to bed. When breakfast time came around
Tommy was not speaking to Dil, at all. Even when Dil dumped orange juice instead of milk in his ceral Tommy didn't even crack a smile.
"I guess Tommy doesn't like being woken up at 4:00." Stu said as he watched Tommy dump his bowl in the sink and go to grab his backpack.
"I don't know what we're going to do with that boy."
"No. Dil."
"His sense of humor is getting him into more and more trouble latly. Either he's becoming more rebellious or he's starving for attention."
"Or he's just developing a sense of imagination." Didi shook her head as Dil tipped his bowel in the sink and carefully avoided a certain spot
on the floor. She stood and watched, depating wether or not it was just coincidence, until Tommy came in, stepped on the spot, and had a bucket of
water tip on his head.
"Er....DIL!" Tommy's face was red underneath the water and his eyes had an angry glint. As Didi went to go get towel to help Tommy clean up she heard
the front door slamming and some scurring footsteps heading toward the DeVille's house.
"Here you go Tommy." DiDi handed Tommy a bright red towel.
"I'm gonna' be so late. Wait 'til I get my hands on him!"
"Now Tommy remember he's younger then you and doesn't know better." Tommy rolled his eyes. He'd only been hearing that for 15 years and he honestly didn't
believe it anymore. A loud honking came from outfront.
"Guess that'd be Chuckie. Bye mom!" Tommy grabbed his books of the hall table and yelled upstairs on his way out, "bye dad! Bye Grandpa!"
"Bye Tommy! Take care of yourself! And watch out for Dil!" Tommy slammed the front passanger side door. Chuckie was behind the wheel of the van, being fairly quiet.
Phil and Lil where in the middle, argueing about which seatbelt went where. Kimi was in the very back, along with some curly red hair and big black eyes.
"Good morning Tommy."
"Morning Chuckaro." Tommy said drowsly, but not without hostility toward the back seat. Chuckie immediatly noticed this and decided not to press matters. The curly red
hair just sank lower in his seat.