A/N: Don't hate me for this okay? I just wanted to put the Rugrats into some real life situations that are really
life altering. Besides being the oldest I know how Tommy feels about Dil and this gives me a chance to show it.

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No Brakes

Chapter 4: The Desicion

The two boys stayed with thier Grandfather for a long time while the yelling downstairs continued. Dil was near hysterics.
"What are we going to do Tommy? I won't let them take you away from me."
"I won't let them take you Dil, I promise." Tommy raised his tear stained cheeks. "What are we going to do Grandpa?"
"I don't know sprout. But we're gonna' have to do something."
Dil sat down on the floor. "But what can we do Tommy. They're our parents. Don't we have to obey what they say?"
"Why? It's never stopped Angelica."
"But we're not Angelica." Tommy knew that was true. Standing up to his parents like he had done was easy enough when he
was angry. It would be impossible now if he didn't get that mad again.
"We'll do it Dil. Don't worry. And even if they legally do it I won't let them take you. Even if I have to send you to Chuckie's house."
Dil laughed at how far Tommy made Chuckie's house sound. When the yelling finally stopped Grandpa loosend his hold on Tommy.
"You okay scout?"
"Yeah Grandpa I'm alright. I just always thought that out of all the families ours would be the most likely to stay together."
"Safty is an illusion." Dil muttered, and caught a curious look from Tommy. He tried to cover it up with a fake coughing fit.
"What makes you think that Dil?"
"Nothing." Tommy opened his mouth to press further but, after a look from Grandpa, he closed it.
"Why don't I make you two some hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwitches?"
"Thanks Grandpa, we'll help." The threesome walked down the stairs. 5 minutes later they were sitting around the table sipping mint hot chocoalate
and eating thier sandwitches. They heard an upstairs door slam and some loud thumps of foot steps on the stairs. Stu walked in, his eyes darting around wildly.
Dil's hand for support and encouragement. At the sight of the anger on Tommy's face Stu seemed to slink down and the wild look dissappeared. Lu just turned
over another sandwitch, pretending not to notice what was going on behind him.
"I'm sorry champ."
"Oh really?"
"Listen Tommy it's not like I wanted this to happen. I still love you both and I still love your mother."
"Then why are you letting this happen?" Tommy felt angry tears well up in his eyes and he tried to blink them away.
"Well it's like..." Stu paused trying to think of what to say to make Tommy understand. "The time when you where 12 and Dil took the brakes off your rollar blades and you
didn't know until you where going down that large hill to Chuckie's. Try as you might to stop you couldn't and it was inevitable that you would crash."
Tommy rubbed the upper part of his arm at the painful memory. He'd spent a week in the hospital after that experience results. He'd spent a week in the hospital after that experiende
resulted in a head-on-collision with a passing car. He would have died had he not been wearing safty gear. Dil felt so bad that he waited on Tommy hand and foot until he was completly healed.
The topic was still touchy for Dil and he winced at the comparison. This made Tommy madder then ever.
"It isn't like that at all! You have the brakes you just won't use them. You're both self-centered, no account, good for nothing parents who don't know the first thing about me or Dil! You were to busy
reading about how to be good parents to actually get to know us at all!" Right then Tommy felt a fist in his face. Tommy toppled backward, stunned. HIs dad had hit him.
Grandpa Lu had Stu by the collar faster then Tommy could blink.
"You may be big and I may be old but you're not to big for a lesson!" Tommy sat and listened to what his grandpa said next, awed at how mad he was.
"I've been listening to your boys and between the two of them I have enough evidence to prove you're incapable of being parents. I wasn't going to use it but after the way you just lost your temper I am.
They'll go to thier closesed living relative which would either be Did's cousin Ben, Drew, or me." Tommy couldn't help but grin, even though he could already feel a bruise welling up on his jaw. He hadn't thought
of that before. As much as he loved his parents it was like he said. They were to busy reading about how to be good parents to actually be good parents. This would go to the courts and they'd both go to a family member.
Together. He looked up to see Dil's reaction to the news, but he wasn't there. Tommy guessed he'd run to his room soon after he got mad or Stu hit him. That is until he heard the squeal of tires and a frightened scream.