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"He can. And he will," Mitchie said, confidently. They burst into laughter and walked out. When they did, they heard Tess singing.

This is real,

This is me,

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now,

Gonna let the light,

Shine on me...

"That's the song!" Shane said. He turned around and saw Tess smiling. Mitchie and Caitlyn had wide eyes.


"Whoa," Mitchie and Caitlyn said at the same time.

Tess glared at them. "Shut up."

"Tess," Shane said, amazed.

"Yes, Shane?" Tess answered, batting her eyebrows.

"That's the song!" he said.

"But that means that I'm the girl you're looking for!" Tess said in fake shock.

Mitchie and Caitlyn's jaws dropped. "WHAT?" they yelled. Tess glared again.

"That's the song-" Shane was cut off when he saw Jason in a Big Bird suit. "What are you wearing?"

"I'm Big Bird! Oh, you have to listen like the birds to hear what you're really searching for!" he said and "flew away."

"That was weird. But, anyways, Tess, that's the song. Now, I have something very important to ask you," Shane smiled.

"Yes, Shane?" Tess asked.


Mitchie and Caitlyn smiled. There was still hope for them. "Well, I um..." Tess stuttered.

"You what? I'm used to people pretending around me. It's annoying. Get out of my life," Shane said angrily.

Tess stomped away angrily and mumbled something along the lines of, "Shane... Stupid... Song... Mitchie... REVENGE."

"Hi, Mitchie. Hi, Caitlyn," Shane said.

"Hey," Caitlyn greeted.

"Hey, Shane. So, you're really committed to this girl, huh? Not even Tess Tyler could fool you!" Mitchie teased.

"I know. I fell hard for her- literally," Shane said and Caitlyn giggled. Mitchie hit Caitlyn's arm.

"Cait and I have to go prepare for dinner! See you later!" Mitchie said as she grabbed Caitlyn and ran to the kitchen. "Hey, Mom!" she greeted.

"Hey, sweetie. Hi, Caitlyn. Get started on the macaroni and chop some tomatoes, please!" Mrs. Torres said. Mitchie started to make the macaroni and Caitlyn chopped the tomatoes. What they didn't know is that Tess hid her little charm bracelet under a pile of cookbooks in the kitchen.

"I know they have it!" Tess yelled as she stomped through the kitchen with Brown.

"Okay, she has officially lost it!" Caitlyn said as she stood next to Mitchie.

"I didn't lose anything! You STOLE it!" Tess said.

"Stole what?" Mitchie asked.

"My charm bracelet. I know you have it," Tess said.

"We didn't take anything of yours, Tess! You're just mad that Shane told you to get out of his life," Mitchie said.

"Yeah right. I know you stole it. You and that thing over there are jealous that I'm too cool for you. I was born with beauty, brains, and talent. You and that thing were both ugly, dumb, and have no talent," Tess said, slightly quoting her song.

"If you were born with beauty, brains, and talent, then the mirror wouldn't have cracked when you walked in, you wouldn't be here looking for something that we didn't take, and you would've won a grammy with your mommy if you had any talent," Caitlyn mocked.

Tess glared. "Enough! Let me look around and I'll be the judge of things," Brown ordered. Mitchie and Caitlyn nodded.

"You're not going to find it because we didn't take it," Mitchie informed confidently, but that all changed when she saw Brown by the cookbooks, holding a golden charm bracelet.

"That's not possible. We just got here two minutes ago!" Caitlyn yelled.

"Do you have any proof that you didn't steal it?" Brown asked.

"Uhm.. Er..." Mitchie stuttered and looked down.

"Well, if there is no proof- WAIT! Ms. Tyler, how did you know the bracelet would be here?" Brown asked.

"Hello? It's the number one suspected spot. Woman's intuition. They would have hidden it somewhere that many people would be!" Tess explained.

"Very well, then. Since it's the end of camp, I have no choice. I have to ban you from all camp activities until the END OF FINAL JAM," Brown ordered.

"But-" Mitchie and Caitlyn were cut off.

"No buts. Until the END of FINAL JAM," Brown ordered. Tess smirked and walked away.

Mitchie and Caitlyn groaned. "This is so not fair!" Mitchie yelled.

"I know."

"How am I going to tell Shane now?" Mitchie wondered out loud.

"We'll find a way. Promise," Caitlyn assured.

"Okay. Let's finish this so we can eat," Mitchie said and groaned. They finished cooking dinner and went to the Mess Hall to eat. They took a seat next to Shane, Nate, Jason, and surprisingly Ella. "Hey guys!" Mitchie and Caitlyn greeted. They greeted them back and began eating. Mitchie let out a sigh.

"What's wrong, Mitch?" Shane asked.

"Tess Tyler," she spat.

"What happened this time?" Ella asked.

"She framed us and now we can't participate in Final Jam tomorrow," Caitlyn informed.

"That sucks," Nate said.

"It does. It was supposed to be my first time performing in front of people, too," Mitchie told them.

"Aww... It's okay Mitchie. What exactly did Brown say?" Jason asked.

"Banned from all camp activities UNTIL THE END OF FINAL JAM," Mitchie said, impersonating Brown's accent.

"Tess is so mean! I'm glad that Peggy and I finally ditched her," Ella said. Just then, Tess walked by.

"ELLA. Where were you? We had practice at 3. Are you eating carbs?" Tess asked, in need of information.

"I was avoiding you. I don't care that we had practice because I'm done dealing with you. Yes, I'm eating carbs, and they taste GOOD. You're lip gloss is STILL not GLOSSY and I want you to get out of my life!" Ella yelled.

"You sure you want to step out of the spotlight?" Tess asked.

"Nos, Tess. I'm stepping into the spotlight," Ella told her and poured her water all over Tess. "Oops. My hand slipped."

"I can't believe you did that!" Tess yelled.

"Well believe it. Now leave! You're a disgrace to my lip gloss!" Ella told her. Tess glared and walked away. "That felt good!"

"It should! Great job, Ella!" Caitlyn said and high-fived her.

"TOTALLY!" Jason yelled. "Wait, what's going on? Did someone make my birdhouse?" he asked.

"No, Jason. Ella finally spread her wings!" Mitchie said happily and hugged Ella.

"She has wings? Oh, look, a dove!" Jason said.

"Nice job, Ella. I did the same thing about an hour ago," Shane said.

"Why?" Nate asked.

"She faked being the girl with the voice," Shane answered.

"How can you tell?" Nate asked.

"I just can. I'll wait forever just to see the girl's face," Shane explained.

Mitchie smiled.

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