A/N: This is my second reply to the Fluffy Bunny Challenge at HPFC. As the main character's name is never mentioned, I'll tell you that it's Pansy Parkinson doing everything told in this drabble-like oneshot, and the wedding she is talking about is Draco's.

She paints on a pursed smile, the red shade of her lipstick hiding her ordinary, pink lips.

(She loves makeup. It conceals her natural face, the features that both she and he never loved. She can rid of the sinister image her ancestors caused, and transform into a somewhat beautiful creature.)

She presses a sheet-white powder puff against her already milky skin, granting her a more eerie and hauntingly beautiful look.

(She could just use a permanent Polyjuice Potion, or research advanced spells that could change her. But with makeup, she has full control over how she looks, and she can wash away her look if displeased.)

She selects a mascara wand and laughs curtly at the name – why would someone call an inanimate object like this a wand? Brushing the liquid against her eyelashes, she holds her head at an angle to observe herself in the mirror.

(She knows she's only being invited to his wedding because their parents are old friends, but she wants to show him what he missed out on with her.)

She sticks her finger in a tub of beige-colored cream and rubs the substance onto a field of blemishes on her forehead. With both magic and makeup handy, she can brush away any mistake ever so simply.

(She'll admit that she loved him for his money, but who wouldn't want a life full of riches that others couldn't afford, making you superior?)

She debates between blue or brown eye shadow, and decides on brown, for a more natural look.

(And he thinks this is better? He's marrying a bloody Ravenclaw! Daphne's little sister!)

She takes her hair's ends and fluffs them, searching for the right hairstyle that'll bring out her face's appearance.

(They were betrothed to marry, and were promised to each other for so long at that! How can he break the match to marry that blood traitor?)

When satisfied with her hair, her eyes drift over to her wand, resting on her bed nearby. Something lit up in her dull eyes.

(It would be quick and simple. It would be easier than having to start over and find herself not only a new fiancé, but also a new purpose of life. You could start over on makeup so easily, but it wasn't the same with life.)

Her eyes snap rapidly to the clock, and then back to her wand.

(It would be easier than having to show her face at the wedding in an hour.)

Rising from the chair at her vanity mirror, she proceeds to where her wand is, wondering if she's in a hypnotic trance.

(Her parents had five other children to love and marry off. Although it's not like they ever loved her.)

She closes her fingers over her wand, hugging it to her chest, thinking.

(Death doesn't scare her. It's only a peaceful conclusion to life.)

She points the wand's tip at her chest, fixating on a spot aimed near her heart.

(It won't hurt, it won't hurt…)

Her hand is shaking, and her lips refuse to mutter out the fatal words.

(No. She isn't afraid of Death. The afterlife ought to be better than actually living, it has to be better.)

She takes a last, reassuring breath, and readies herself.

(At least she'll look breathtaking at her funeral.)

The words finally blurt out. "Avada Kedavra!" The blinding green light comes and goes, followed by silent darkness.

(It is done.)

A/N: 'Fluffy Bunny' was code for 'Kill Off Your Main Character'. I'm afraid Pansy turned out a bit more Bellatrix-like than I wanted her to, but who knows? She could have been a future Bella.

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