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".............So that is the reason why you should show me where my future husband is!" Confirmed the pale blonde-haired girl.

"Fine but if you're too slow and can't catch up then it's your problem." Naruto commented before hurriedly running back to her campsite.


"We're here!" Chirped Naruto as she gracefully landed back down to the earth from the tree that she had been only moments ago. Soon enough Team 10 made it to the campgrounds heaving rather heavily.

"You've could've........... slowed down, you....... know!" Exasperated Ino between gasps of breath.

"Now where's the fun in that." The golden-haired girl said coyly. With that said, Naruto led them through the vines and thick trees to a small, secluded area where they found Sasuke, Sakura, and some bizarre guy in a leotard with a bowl haircut.

"This is Lee guys!" Naruto stated as a matter of factly as she kneeled down between where Sasuke and Sakura, whom were still unconcious at the moment.

"YOSH! I AM ROCK LEE!!!!" Lee exclaimed before doing one of his 'unique' poses. Team 10 sweatdropped, that is until they noticed how in bad shape Sasuke was, especially Sakura.

"Sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wailed Ino as she puhed Naruto out of the way violently before checking Sasuke over, helping herself to admire her crushe's rather sculped body, even though he was only 12. She moved from his broad shoulders down to his lean abs. Before she could look much lower to her discontment to stupid whiskered-cheek girl had to disturb her.

"Look, I know that you really want to do the fucking teme but right now isn't the best time to start groping him. Especially when we're still in the vincity. That's the last thing I think we all wanna watch." Naruto pronounced as she slowly rubbed her head from the poor treatment it had recieved from Ino only moments ago.

"................Fine." Muttered the pale blonde-haired girl.

"Um......................Naruto-san! I must go back to my team!! They have been waiting for me for a while now!!!" Exclaimed Lee once again.

"Go ahead. Thanks for all you're help Lee-san!! See you at the tower......that is if ya make it!" Chuckled Naruto before waving the older boy off as he disapeared soon enough into the God forsaken forest.

"I need your help actually. That's partly the reason as to why I asked you guys to come here." Informed the golden-haired girl sheepily.

"Che. Figures. I knew you were troublesome from the start. So where do we help in this situation?" Questioned Shikamaru while staring rather boredly at a fly that was flying around him.

"What?! You're not actually planning to help her Shikamaru?!?" Shrieked the Yamanaka girl in protest.

"If Shikamaru wants then I'm in for it." Declared Chouji(1) as he took another chip from his potato chip bag before burping in content.

"This is a drag. Ino if we don't help their team then I presume we don't get the scroll, right?" Asked Shikamaru, to which Naruto only nodded her head yes. Shikamaru then continued.

"We need the scroll. Besides I thought you wanted to help your future husband." The pineapple-haired boy added.

"..........Fine. But this is only for Sasuke-kun." Muttered the girl.

"So what do we need to do?" Inquired Chouji.

"Well as you can see I'm only about five feet tall, give or take a little. An Sakura and Sasuke are both at five foot five. And guessing from that, that the total weight would be around 250 pounds. So I can barely carry one of them, let alone the both." Articulated the Kyuubi container.

"So you just want us to carry them to the tower. This is going to be troublesome." Said Shikamaru.

"I call dibs on Sasuke-kun!!!!" Declared Ino before lifting up the unconsious boy onto her back.

"That looks so wrong." Mumbled Naruto with both boys of team 10 agreeing with her as Chouji lifted Sakura up and carried her bridal style.


Sasuke's POV

I could smell perfume. And it was strong at that. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. This better not be who I think it is. I leisurely opened my eyes to find my surroundings blurry and blonde hair. But as my eyes refocused with my surroundings I noticed that it was the wrong blonde and it's even worse than finding Sakura. It was Ino. I shuddered in revulsion.

"I see that the Princess is up. You can let him down now Ino." Said someone to my right, to find out that it was Naruto. This idea was probably hers. I am going to kill her.

I noticed that we were moving until we suddenly came to a stop because of what the dobe said. Ino reluctantly let me go, thankfully, and they quickly told me that we were heading to the tower. Since when had we collected all the scrolls. Damn dobe. Doing all of the fucking work while I slept. She knew that I wanted to fight some people. Damn her. (2)

We managed to get to the tower within a matter of hours although I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched all the while going there. I noticed that Naruto and Shikamaru couldfeel it too.

We soon departed with team 10, which left me with an unconsious Sakura in my arms now.

"Dobe, why the hell did you not wake me up!?!" I hissed. She merely chuckled in return.

"I Didn't want to disturb your beauty sleep. Besides it was just so funny watching Ino grope you here and there. And especially here." Naruto whispered into my ear as her hand gently rubbed the area of my crotch before walking off without a word. Fucking tease. And that's when it hit me. Ino groped me while I was unconsious. I need a shower. And hopefully one fast.


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