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It was the same routine everyday. He rushed into the house; threw his jacket on the coat rack haphazardly so that by the time he's in the next room it's on the floor collecting dust, and it will continue to do so till the next morning. He then rushes into the kitchen, washes his hands and grabs a drink out of the fridge, making his way to the living room. Once there he expertly uses his ring to take the cap off his drink, flinging the cap into the great unknown for some unsuspecting soul to find, usually himself, later with their bare feet.

He then spots the item that has been the cause of his rush and effortlessly picks it up with joy; he has been waiting for this moment all day. Sitting down, he turns on the TV, snuggles up and sits for hours just watching in awe, only getting up when dinner and nature call. It isn't until when bedtime rolls around that he takes his eyes off his affection, and then it's only so that he may sleep.

The people at the SGC knew why Jack O'Neill had quit being the main man at Homeworld Security; though his enemies didn't believe the tale when news spread to them. They assumed the man would never leave; too loyal to the cause of saving the planet and watching after his team. They didn't know how important this new task in life was to him, it's not everyday a man like Jack is given a second chance, and that is why he quit being the big man and moved back to Colorado Springs; accepting a small job at the base since his expertise was still needed. He wanted to be at home with his wife, but more importantly he wanted to be at home with his child.

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