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"Hear." Raito said. His normaly soothing alto voice held no emotion. Rain stung at the auburn haired boy. Said boy was standing on the railing of a very high bridge. The wind whipped past him threataning to push him off and into the freezing river below.

"Are you sure about this Raito?" Ryuk asked. The shimigami floated in front of him.

"I thought I was." Raito addmitted, His now crimson eyes seemingly far away, "I was so sure I could create a new world, so sure I had taken everything into account, so sure...I'd be able to kill him." Raito snapped out of his thoughts, his face showing only resolve, "Hear." He repeated.

In the teen's hand was his death note. He held it out to Ryuk, yet the shimigami seemed reluctant to take it.

"If I take the note back you wont remember it." Ryuk repeated. His clawed hand reaching for the harmless looking notebook but still not touching it.

"I want to forget." Raito said, "I want to forget everything." His voice was barely a whisper in the howling wind around him. Ryuk's crimson eyes flashed.

"Have it your way then." Ryuk said finally taking the book from him. As he did so Raito fell. Ryuk could have sworn he heard a "thanks" just before Raito hit the icey watere below.

Ryuk waited, watching the dark, almost black, water. When Raito didn't come back up the shimigami just sighed and flew back to his own relm trying to think up new ways to aliviate the inevitable bordom that would follow.


Amber eyes opened at the sound of soft voices. The auburn haired teen sat up in the bed he currently occupied. He did not know where he was or how he had gotten there.

"Well look who's decided to join the living." a slightly accented voice said. Glancing to his right, the teen saw an elderly looking man sitting in a worn rocking chair. The voices it seemed were the product of a small radio. The man smiled good naturedly.

"So, have a name?" The man asked. The teen's head swam.

"Uhh...name?" He repeated. The teen wracked his mind but came up blank. "I-I don't...remember." He addmitted. The man's expression became concerned.

"Do you know where you're from?" He asked trying a different tactic.

"Um..." The teen's eyes narrowed in concentration.

"Nothing," He whispered, "I don't remember anything." His voice rang with alarm. The teentrembled, panic began coursing through his limbs making him tremble that much more.

"Now, now, Calm down." The man said crossing over to the bed. He sat next to the panicing teen and put what he hoped would be a comforting arm around his shoulders.

"It's alright, there's plenty of time to figure it out. Okay?" he said confidently. This made the teen feel slighlty better.

"My name's Kevin. Kevin Dawson." The man said politely, "We usually refer to people in your situation as a "John Doe". Is it alright if we stick with that till we find out your name?" The teen on the bed nodded.

"Right." Kevin said, "Dinner will be ready soon. Get dressed and join us okay." The teen, now John, smilled slightly and nodded.


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