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Kevin, it turned out, was retired and spent most of his time painting the country side view from the house. He went to various parks for a change of scenery and new inspirations. Sandra was also retired and was now a stay at home wife making sure the household ran smoothly and Lizzy was a student at a nearby elementary school.

The day after John had woken up Sandra had insisted they go out and get him a decent wardrobe. Apparently she didn't like the sight of him in Kevin's old fashion clothes and despite his attempts at polite refusal, she had him and Lizzy in the back seat of the car heading for the city. Kevin had escaped the dreaded dressing room by claiming he had a painting he absolutely needed to finish and secretly wished John luck.

Lizzy excitedly bounced in her seat staring at the window as the country blended and shifted into the city, telling John how much fun they were going to have. John, mean while, had given up trying to dissuade Sandra and vowed he would pay back every penny she spent on him. For just an instant John was distracted by Lizzy when she suddenly became still.

"Something wrong Lizzy?" He asked. She was still in front of the window and blocked his view of anything past it when she smiled back at him.

"Of course not big brother." She said returning her attention to the scenery. As the car passed, John stole a glance out of the back window but only saw a team of orange clad construction workers. They seemed to be inspecting something near a deep creek next to the road. He shrugged it off as something to do with children.

"Alright, John, only a few more left." Sandra said happily as she thrust another large pile of clothes at him. Sighing softly he returned to the dressing room.

"Is everything alright?" The bubbly sales girl asked for the hundredth time. She'd been hovering around the dressing room since John had been forced to change. Lizzy started giggling as John gave her an exasperated look.

"Just fine." He said forcing a polite smile.

"Oh! Actually you can help me." Sandra said pulling the girl after her, "I just can't decide between these." The girl cast a fleeting glance back at John but reluctantly allowed herself to be lead away. Lizzy laughed again while John shook his head and returned to the dressing room.

Half an hour later John felt as though he had tried on every article of clothing in the men's section. Sandra had insisted that he wear one of his new outfits out of the store, a cream colored, button down shirt and black slacks. Now the trio was at the cashier's counter. The girl behind the counter was just finishing bagging the newly purchased clothes when the dressing room girl came up behind them.

"Oh! This is crooked." She said, her tone obviously fake as she adjusted the hem of John's shirt, "Call me sometime." She whispered. One of her hands slipped across one of John's pant legs.

"Let's go big brother." Lizzy said tugging on John's hand no longer amused.

"Right." He muttered grabbing an armful of shopping bags and following the two women out.

"Let's see…" Sandra began as they began loading the clothes into the trunk of the car, "Your shoes survived, just got a little soggy; still, I think we should get you some new shoes too."

"Mrs. Dawson-", John began.

"Sandra." She corrected.

"Err… Sandra-san, that's really not necessary. I'm sure my old shoes will be fine." Sandra shook her head.

"I won't hear it." She said glancing at said shoes on John's feet, "Now let's get going, I saw the nicest shoe store while we were walking back…" Her voice trailed off as she led the two back.

"Big brother what did that lady give you?" Lizzy asked, taking John's hand. The teen gave her a curious glance.

"The one from the department store?" He asked, "Nothing."

"She put something in your pocket." Lizzy said. Her voice held no emotion nor did her gaze waver from the form of her grandmother. Said grandmother was already several feet ahead of them talking excitedly to no one in particular.

John reached into his pockets and sure enough his fingers brushed against a crumpled piece of paper. A phone number was scrawled across the small paper with a 'Call Me' near the bottom written in impossibly curvy handwriting.

"What is it?" Lizzy asked again.

"Her phone number." John answered simply. He stuffed the paper back into his pocket.

"Are you going to call her?" The tiny girl inquired innocently. John noticed how she avoided his gaze and the way her hand unconsciously tightened on his. 'Is she jealous?' he wondered. An amused smile crossed his face before he answered.

"No." He said simply. John caught the way the girl's shoulders relaxed with shear relief.

"Why not?" Lizzy asked, her voice seemed to regain its usual cheer, "She's really pretty. I bet she'd like you to take her on a date." She finally glanced up at him with her own small smile.

"Looks aren't everything." John said, "Besides, what would we talk about? I still don't remember who I am. That could complicate things." It was true John still hadn't regained his memories. In fact the only thing that came to mind when trying to remember were small flashes. Other than that strange butler like man only random things would come cross his thoughts. Just that morning he had seen the small saucer overflow with sugar cubes when Kevin had set his coffee next to it.

"Not to mention I…" 'Already have someone I like.' His mind finished. His steps jerked to a stop. For a moment his vision went black and his heart felt like it was being crushed.


At once John's mind cleared and the pain was gone. He glanced down at the small girl still clutching his hand. Her soft brown eyes were full of concern. John gave her a reassuring smile.

"Sorry." He said, "I guess I zoned out." Lizzy smiled again but the concern was still there.

"Hurry up you two!" Sandra called. The woman had already made it to the store. John felt his face heat up as Lizzy pulled him along to catch up.

In the store John tried to talk Sandra out of getting him the new shoes. She wouldn't hear it.

The silence of Misa Amane's living room was shattered by a loud crash. Brilliant blue eyes that could shine with so much joy now only glowed with malice. Expertly manicured nails now curled into claws, the red polish gleaming like fresh blood.

The angry blonde's gaze was on the vase she had just thrown at the wall. The wall had won and the vase now lay in pieces on the floor.

Rem watched her human with a cautious eye. The shimigami had never seen Misa this upset. She wisely kept her distance as the model continued to fume and stomp to her bedroom.

"Stupid Ryuzaki!" she exclaimed, slamming the door behind her. Rem, not hindered in the least by a mere door, followed after her. The shimigami could hear the muttered curses coming from the usually cheerful girl she watched over.

"How dare he?" the model wondered aloud, "A hindrance? Me?" Rem watched as Misa went to her dresser. The blonde fumbled through it pulling out sheets of loose paper, pens, pencils, and other various items and tossing them to the floor. Finally she found what she wanted.

Rem's visible eye gleamed at the sight of the familiar black note book.

"What are you going to do?" she asked softly as the blonde threw the book open to a blank page and grabbed a pen that had survived her violent search. Misa, pen ready, notebook open on the desk, just stood there.

"I could do it Rem." She said, all emotion gone from her voice, "I could kill him right now. I remember his name." The shimigami, still cautious, waited for her to continue."

"Raito said the original Kira should be the one to kill L." Misa went on, "But he didn't. He never did and now Raito is missing. I don't even know if he's still alive. Even Ryuzaki can't find him. But I know I'll find Raito. And I know I can kill Ryuzaki. I'm sure Raito will forgive me." The pen slowly lowered onto the innocent looking page, "What if I just…"

Her musing was interrupted by a loud knock on her front door.

"Miss Amane." Ryuzaki's familiar voice called, "Miss Amane I need to speak with you."

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