While cleaning my computer I ran across this...

"Jack?" Daniel asked looking perplexed seeing his best friend standing at his door holding a six-pack of Guinness and a pizza.

"Daniel." Jack answered as he pushed past his friend of more than 10 years into the living room leaving a still confused Daniel in his wake. Daniel followed his friend as he put the pizza and beer down on a slightly unorganized pile of documents; grabbed a beer out of the six-pack and expertly removed the bottle cap with his wedding ring, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to ESPN.

"Jack?" Daniel asked again as he tried to save the papers. "Not that I don't mind you being here and all." There was a slight pause as he looked for what to say next. "But why are you here; shouldn't you be with Sam?" Jack shifted uncomfortably and with a look of guilt written all over his face but quickly hid it and kept his eye on the TV, which was now showing the line up of the days college football games. "Jack, I know it's not my place to say anything but."

"Then don't say anything Daniel," Jack said in frustration as he turned up the TV volume. Most people would have left it there but Daniel he pushed on.

"Are you and Sam having a fight?"

"What?" Jack spat out.

"Well as I said its nice to see you but you only get to see Sam on the weekends, I would have assumed you would be with her all weekend, especially right now." Daniel quickly stumbled out.

"It's not a fight." Jack stated simply.

"Then why are you here?" Daniel rebutted. Jack ran his free hand through his hair.

"She's looking at cribs." He stated with a grimace.

Daniels eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Really, so soon!" Daniel asked.

"AH." Jack stated simply waving his hand in a stop motion. "If you want to help her than be my guest, she's been at it now for a month, she's researching it to death Daniel. It's just a crib."

"Just, just a crib. Jack this is where your child will be spending the first few years of his or her life. You want a sturdy crib with a dependable manufacturer and all the latest testing and hardware." Daniel said as he got up and walked with a purpose to his bookshelf pulling two books and a notebook from the shelving. "In fact I was going to bring this up to Sam the other week but I assumed it was to early to start looking at cribs," he continued talking as he started flipping though one of the books. "but thinking about it Baby Bargains did say some cribs can take up to 12 weeks to."

"Ahhhh." Jack quickly picked up the remainder of his 6 pack and box of pizza and hightailed it out the door.

Daniel calmly went to the phone and dialed a number he obviously knew by heart.

"Sam." Daniel said into the receiver. "Yeah he just left here, he's probably on his way to Teal'c's now." With the sound of a giggle on the other side Daniel could tell that Sam was enjoying this more than she should be. "When are you going to tell him that we already picked out and bought the crib?"

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