CHAPTER 1: The Forgotten Legend

A group of people are running inside an abandoned laboratory, chased by a group of blue robots.

"Huff, Puff, Huff!" the young girl was running out of breath from being chased.

"Hurry! The Neo Arcadians are coming!" shouted a Reploid soldier.

"Miss Ciel we'll hold them off! You go on ahead and find Zero!" called out from one of the Reploid soldiers as he and his group stood their ground.

"Just be careful! And please come back alive!" shouted Ciel, teary-eyed, as she and a few other Reploid soldiers left the others behind.

"Alright men, this is for Miss Ciel!" say the Reploid soldier with all the other soldiers shouting "Yeah!" in unison.

The Neo Arcadians appeared and started their struggle with the Reploid soldiers. After a few minutes exchange fire, a strange siren was heard.

"What the hell is that noise?" asked one of the Reploid soldiers.

"I have a real bad feeling about this..." replied other Reploid soldier, and he was right.

Suddenly a giant Mechaniloid Golem appeared.

"Dammit! It's a Golem! Everyone retreat!" shouted the alarmed Reploid soldier, however it was too late.

The giant Golem fired its laser, wiping everyone out in an instant.

Ciel and her squad, after leaving the rest of their team behind, reached a large metal door with the odd sigil on it.

"Great, it's locked..." said a depressed Ciel.

"Hold it Ciel! I sense something behind here!" exclaimed Passy, Ciel's Cyber-Elf.

"Alright, stand back Miss Ciel!" said one of the Reploid soldier as he placed a detonator on the large door.


The large metal door was gone!

Ciel and her squad proceed inside the room.

The team was totally surprised. The room was all dark, wires all around the room, strange devices locked tightly. This room contains ancient hidden technology that the current world didn't know about.

But the strangest thing wasn't the room or the devices in it. It was the strange black-colored armor Reploid in the center of the room. Ciel and the others never had seen this type of Reploid before. He had brownish-orange hair, a X-shaped scar on his forehead, a broken dulled out blue gem on his helmet, and some red lines on his arms and legs. Most of the Reploid's body was extremely damaged.

"Is... this Zero? No, Zero was supposed to be a Red Reploid. Who is this?" queried Milan, one of the Reploid soldier.

"There's a computer next to him, let me find some data on him," said Ciel as she rushed over to the console.

Ciel searched the data bank, but all the data continued something like this:

NAME: Data Erased...

SUBJECT: Data Erased...

STATUS: Unknown...

INFO: Data Erased...

"There's no data on this Reploid... all of the data has been erased!" Ciel frowned.

"Huh? But why? Why was all the data on his Reploid erased?" said Milan, but before Ciel could answer the other Reploid soldier gave out a dying scream as the Neo Arcadians appeared.

"Dammit! Miss Ciel, Watch out!" cried out Milan throwing himself in front of Ciel, taking a bullet meant for her.

"Ciel hurry and get out of here!" shouted Milan using what was left of his strength to fight off the Neo Arcadians.

"But what about you?" said a shocked Ciel.

"Ciel there's no time to argue! Hurry and get out of here! If you don't lead us, who will? Beside we still need to find Zero!" said Milan, which were his last words, to Ciel as the Neo Arcadians' bullet shot pierced his heart.

Time seem to slow down to Ciel as she helpless watches her best friend falls to the ground, dying from the fatal wound afflicted onto him. Before the darkness starts away the last bit of light of life from him, Milan tilts his head to Ciel and gives her one last smile… a smile telling her to live.

"MILAN!" screamed Ciel.

As Ciel wept over Milan's dead body, the Neo Arcadians approached her slowly.

"Ciel, we have to go! Now!" shouted Passy.

Ciel didn't hear her.

"This isn't good," said Passy watching the Neo Arcadians continuing their advance, slightly panicked. Then the cyber elf remembered the unmoving Reploid and had an idea.

"Ciel!" shouted Passy abruptly, "We have to use my powers to wake up that Reploid!"

Ciel looked at Passy suddenly with a look of horror in her eyes.

"But Passy, if you do...then" protested Ciel.

"There's no other way!" insisted Passy, interrupting her.

Ciel stood there silently for a few seconds as the Pantheons slowly drew close, somehow knowing that their prey could not escape.

"Ciel!" Passy yelled in a frantic tone.

"Alright..." said Ciel with tear-choked voice.

"Thank you Ciel... and goodbye my friend..." said Passy with tears running down her face.

"Passy... you are my friend... and... and I'll never forget you!" shouted Ciel as she unlocked the cyber elf's powers.

"I love you... Ciel... goodbye..." said Passy as she used her powers to revive the sleeping Reploid.

After using her powers, Passy vanished and in her place a strange light glows from the black Reploid. The Pantheons stopped in their tracks and looked away as the light engulfed the entire room radiating a strange glow. Even Ciel shielded her eyes from the sudden flash of light until it slowly got dimmer and dimmer.

As the light died down, everyone present in the room looked at the center of the room from where the phenomenon occurred, revealing a very confused replied in its wake.

"W-Where... where am I?" said the Reploid, startled from waking up so suddenly.

"Please black Reploid! Help me!" said Ciel.

The black Reploid looked over to her before looking back at the Neo Arcadians; a sudden mischievous smile crossed his features.

"I'm not sure what's going on here, but to me you guys look like a bunch of Mavericks. Attacking a human girl? Shame on you!" the black Reploid chuckled and picked up Milan's buster.

"This is gonna be fun," said the black Reploid as he disappears in a flash and in a few seconds the Neo Arcadians were destroyed.

"Too easy! Did the Mavericks get weaker or what?" said the black Reploid with a cocky grin on his face.

Ciel sat there in awe. This strange black Reploid wasn't at all what she had expected. Ciel had thought this Reploid was a strong silent type with distance-like personality when she saw the scar on his forehead. But instead, this Reploid was a bit childish and a combat freak which made him seem... cute and adorable to her. Ciel wasn't even aware that she was blushing.

"Hey, you OK? You sick or something?" said the black Reploid as stared at Ciel's reddened face and waved his hand in front of it to make sure she hadn't spaced out or something.

"Wha? Oh, n-no! I'm fine! Thank you very much... eh...?" Ciel, hesitated, not knowing what to call him.

"Axl... my name's Axl," said the black Reploid; he had acknowledged her predicament with a smile.

"I see, my name's Ciel. It's a pleasure to meet you Axl," said Ciel.

"Where are we anyway? This is the Maverick Hunter Base, right? But…where is everyone, and why is this room so dusty? Did someone forget to hire a cleaning Mechaniloid or something?" Axl looked confused as he inspected the room.

"Axl... the Maverick Hunters... don't exist anymore," said Ciel, feeling a little bit guilty.

"W-What are you talking?" Axl asked frantically, "I was asleep for a few days, right? Besides there's still Mavericks left that need to be taken care of!"

Ciel dropped her gazed, "No Axl... the Mavericks Hunters were no more after the Elf Wars which destroyed over 90 percent of the Reploid race."

"Elf Wars? What's that? And what do you mean that 90 percent of Reploids were destroyed? Wait, what year is this?"asked a panicky Axl.

Ciel was stunned. This Reploid doesn't know about the Elf Wars? Maybe he was sealed away before the Elf Wars started, but why?

"Hey! Are you listening? Please help me out here!" said Axl.

"The year is 23XX... and Axl, if you don't know about the Elf Wars," Ciel paused, doing a little math in her head, "…then you were sealed away for over 100 years..."

"Seriously...?" asked a surprised Axl.

"I'm sorry if this news troubles you..." said Ciel looking away from Axl again.

"Hmm... well now I know what year it is today. So it's all good!" said a suddenly cheery Axl.

"Wait, weren't you sad just a moment ago Axl?" Ciel was shocked by his reaction.

"It happened in the past, right? Nothing I can do about it now, all that matters is the here and now," Axl grinned.

"Axl..." said Ciel, quite flabbergasted.

"Besides there's still some Maverick's butts that need thrashing!" Axl chuckled to himself.

"Oh...," said Ciel. What a one-tracked mind he has! She thought.

"Let's get going, come on!" said Axl as he rushed to the door.

"Hey wait! Axl!" cried out Ciel, chasing after him.

But Axl eagerly destroyed all of the Neo Arcadians he saw on the way, the two soon came to a dead end.

"This is lovely, shall we turn back?" asked Ciel thinking that they might be able to get out the same way she got in. Before she could move back the way they came, the ground crumbled out from beneath her.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" cried Ciel as she fell.

But suddenly, Ciel stopped. She was expecting to fall to her death but instead she fell into Axl's arms.

"Sheesh! That was a close! You humans should start installing wings into your back or something," said Axl placing Ciel back on the ground.

"Ha ha, I'll think about it," Ciel laughed nervously.

"This place is somehow familiar," said Axl taking a look around the strange room they are in.

"Well, this place was part of the Maverick Hunters Base," said Ciel.

"I see... so many memories... I love this nostalgic feeling... the first time I join the Hunters... fighting all those Mavericks... having fun with my friends... even messing around with X and Zero..." mused Axl.

"Wait... what did you say?" That last innocent comment caught Ciel completely off guard.

"Hmm? Oh, did I forget? I guess I did, didn't I? I was an S-Class Maverick Hunter, like X and Zero!" declared Axl proudly.

"That's not what I meant, you know X and Zero?" said Ciel.

"Know them? Heck, they're my best friends!" laughed Axl.

"No way... but if you were friends with someone as famous as them, why aren't you in the files?" questioned Ciel.

"Huh? What was that...?" asked Axl, and then abruptly shouted, "Ah! Ciel, watch out!"

Before Ciel could react a giant hand crashed through the rubble behind the pink clad girl and grabbed her.

"Ciel!" yelled Axl.

"Axl... please... run away... you can't beat it..." gasped Ciel tightly grasped in the Golem's hand.

"Like hell I'll run! And besides Maverick Hunters never leave anyone behind, Human or Reploid!" yelled Axl as he grasped the buster and pulled the trigger.

Click! Click! Click!

"What the hell? Oh this is great! A perfect time to run out of bullets! You pathetic excuse of a buster! My guns never did this!" shouted Axl at the buster and tossed it into the ground in frustration.

The Golem charged in and attacked Axl, but luckily Axl's speed allowed him to dodge all the Golem's attacks. Axl then went back and the grabs the buster.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you! So please give me some more bullets for me to fire at that Maverick, please!" Axl pleaded, trying to reason with the gun.

My fate... is in the hands... of him? thought Ciel to herself with a troubled look on her face.

But then a strange Cyber-Elf appeared out of nowhere.

"Huh? What's up with the freaky light show?" said Axl.

"USE THIS AXL," said the strange blue Cyber-Elf tossing over Axl's old guns.

"These are my guns, but they look different, hey thanks weird blue spirit-thingy!" said Axl giving his thanks to his savior just as the Cyber-Elf disappears.

"Hey Maverick, you're in trouble now! Eat this! Axl's Special O.K. Technique: Giga Crush!" shouted Axl as a pair of blue electric-like beams fired from his guns ripping the Golem in half, disabling the arm that held Ciel.

Just as Ciel fell, again, Axl caught her and covered her from the explosion from the Mechaniloid.

The blast faded away revealing a grinning Axl.

"That was awesome! Come on! Where's the next Maverick! I'm just getting starting!" shouted Axl all trigger-happy.

"You are definitely the strangest Reploid I've ever meet. But thank you for saving me," said Ciel.

"All's in a day's work for a Maverick Hunter!" giggled Axl

Ciel let out a sigh of relief. He wasn't Zero, but this Reploid seemed just as powerful as the Legendary Reploids, X and Zero. What was his relationship with X and Zero? And why was all data on Axl gone? Who sealed away Axl, and for what purpose?

"Hey Ciel? Earth to Ciel, wake up!" said Axl, his face very close to Ciel's.

"Eh?" said Ciel losing her train of thought.

Axl blinked, somewhat sheepish, "Sorry to bother you, but weren't we going somewhere?"

"E-Eh, right! There should be a Transporter around here," said Ciel.

"Can I ask you a question Ciel?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Who exactly are you? ...And what are you doing in a place like this? What were you trying to do?"

Ciel answered simply, "I'm a scientist and current leader of the Resistance Army."

"Resistance Army? Déjà vu," said Axl, as he scratched his head.

"Excuse me?" the comment confused Ciel.

"Nothing," Axl shook his head and started to walk away, "Let's check in that room for this Transporter, OK?"

Just as Ciel had thought, in the next room there was a Transporter and both of them returned to the Resistance Base without any further trouble.

This Reploid... I can believe in him... he can help us with his powers and help bring Humans and Reploids together, thought Ciel as she arrived.

Author's Note: This is my first Mega Man fanfic, especially here at ! I love the Zero series games and Axl is one of my favorite characters of the series alongside with Zero so I wanted to write a story version of Axl in the Zero timeline since I saw a fanfic here like this, but didn't go beyond the first chapter.

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